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    Why are you here?

    Ask yourself that now…

    You are an infinite source of being, you always have been, and always will be.

    Just that, infinite, you are everyone you see, everything you see, all at once,


    There is good reason and purpose to not feel these things all the time, that is why a lot of us are here on this planet right now. Your soul/consciousness chose to come to this place, with a mission, with a vibration, with passion and purpose. It can be simple and/or complex, each one of us have specifications on how we go about our purpose which is for you to find within you because it is there, dig a little deeper.

    But, all of our purposes are one in the same, they tie back to love.

    Through being of service in all aspects, through self healing to healing others, through divine expression to shine awareness to other beings here, to help them remember.

    On the other side of this, playing a role of intense negativity onto other or others in all ways, family, partners, children, anything and everything. This role is significant because there is no light without dark. Because that negativity being projected is trauma, in the course of ones life to be worked through, challenged through, and healed. And in that journey there is the remembrance of who and what you are, and why you are here, and to share that with others.
    If there was no pain, negativity, confusion, feeling “lost.” The greater plan of the ascension of the Earth and your being would be totally different if not even close to the same.
    You are strong enough to get through anything that comes onto your path, otherwise it wouldn’t have come onto your path, this struggle you and I feel, enables us to use that infinite fabric within, that love within,to push through that limitation and lack that comes up.
    These hardships help us to find us

    Remember, your soul essence chose to come, anything that tells you otherwise is of the mind, which isn’t the brightest, most authentic you.

    I love you and you are more than capable of anything you dream of, and you deserve all of the love in creation

    You are that love, allow it to come in <333

    Simona Adina


    I full heartedly agree. I lived and experienced everything you are describing.

    My advice  to all who feel lost- start a journal- write everyday – analyze yourself – ask those important questions of who am I, why do I like or don’t like this and that – keep digging – the answers will be found


    Just remember it is a journey – it doesn’t happen overnight – but it can be done.


    You can discover your true essence and your purpose in this life.


    And YES it is about LOVE and giving back – Helping others find their way as well – once you find yours.


    Take Care

    Simona Adina


    Hi! Thank you <3


    Hi Brayden,

    The purpose for which we are here is to learn the lessons of love and those lessons can be very painful.  Some souls choose a more difficult path than others, some choose to remain closed off from spiritual awareness and others, perhaps like yourself, choose to enlighten others.  Not everyone has the inner strength to overcome the difficulties they encounter which is why so many people feel the need to end their lives.  They do not know how to value themselves, they have never been taught that they have a value.  Everything must come from within.  Only when you have learned to love yourself, can you truly love others.

    I believe that we are all connected to each other through the Earth and other planets that we share, through the air that we breathe, through the common thread of humanity and our very nature.  It is far too complex to decipher what each one of us has to teach another and we should, therefore, stay as far away from judgement as we can.  We may be living those lives that we have judged others for one day.

    Thank you for such a great post.




    Excellent thread. If anything this pandemic should awaken each & every soul. The least we can do is inwardly assess our contribution to the world. What kind of humans are we? Who do we associate with? We are in control of our future. This will give us purpose.

    Look at yourselves, really introspect deeply.If As a human being how can I help others at this time?

    If we overcome this pandemic and get through to the other side, then each soul should ask do I want to be the exact same person?

    Wake up humans the time & opportunity to reinvent oneself to be a better human and inspire the future generations is NOW!

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