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Through his research on the human mind, Dr. Gupta has discovered the manner by which to transcend the mind. He travels the globe teaching audiences to transcend the mind in order to transform their life into a true living. And their work into a masterpiece. Dr. Gupta and his work can be found at

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When YOU Disappear Your Masterpiece Appears

“Happiness is absorption.” ~T.E. Lawrence

During my years in university, there was a cook that I remember to this day. He worked in the university grill. He was well known amongst the students and staff. For his happiness.

Whether it …

When Life Doesn’t Meet Our Hopes and Expectations

“Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.” ~Elliott Larson

I was recently watching my younger son play in a golf tournament. We had extensively prepared for this tournament over a period of several days. His technique was finely tuned. The game …