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Paula M. Jones is the creator of Small Epiphanies: Subtle Insights for Profound Change, a website dedicated to inspiring its followers to live better, more self-aware lives and to experience greater happiness. Her work has been featured on Lipstick&Politics, Positively Positive, and BlogHer. She previously authored Staying Connected, the Hoffman Institute Foundation’s newsletter. Learn more at

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Why Some Things Trigger You Emotionally and Others Don’t

“If you’re hysterical, it’s historical.” ~Anonymous

I had been having problems with my email. I dreaded calling technical support, since my experience in the past involved sitting for a long time on hold and listening to someone reading from a …

What Causes Panic Attacks and How to Stop Them for Good

“You empower what you fight. You withdraw power from what you release.” ~Alan Cohen

Panic attacks can seem to come out of nowhere, without any warning. There is no obvious logical connection between a panic attack and what is happening …