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Rylie Robinson is a freelance writer and blogger. Her passion is to help transform lives by delving in to spiritual topics and bringing them in to the practical. She writes on personal growth, focusing on helping people to become aware of and improve the inner being. She blogs at “the Inner Seer.” You can also follow her on twitter.

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What to Do When People Always Underestimate You

“You can’t base your life on other people’s expectations.” ~Stevie Wonder

Being blatantly underestimated is simply a part of my life.

No matter what I’m doing, the ordinary will seem extraordinary, and the extraordinary will seem insurmountable to those who look at me for the first time. There is no way I am contributing the same amount to society as the rest of the world.

These are not drawn conclusions on my part; I have been told these very things straight to my face. People perceive me this way because of the white cane in my hand, the badge, letting …