Discovering Peace from Within and Creating Fulfillment in Life

“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” ~Gandhi

The feeling of inner-strength and fulfillment can be enough for us to move mountains. For the most part, we all have the desire to do and be great. It’s just a matter of finding the right pieces to put together to make it happen.

Part of that discovery process is being able to overcome the low states of energy that hold us back from finding our inner happiness and confidence. When we feel refreshed, vibrant, and able to make the right choices for ourselves, the right actions and results follow.

Like so many others, I once viewed the sources of happiness and fulfillment in my life as events that were few and far between. I’d have some good days here and there, but they were mostly based on what didn’t go wrong at work, at home, or with my finances. It certainly took a toll on my self-esteem and sense of worth.

It was hard to be great when I didn’t feel great. 

Events that I had no control over ruled my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Work-related frustration built up during the day, and nights at home were stressful and emotionally trying. I even let things like the weather and traffic on my daily commute ruin what could’ve been a perfectly productive and amazing day.

It left me in a constant state of doubt and disarray, searching and wondering when the next positive experience would come along just so I could feel good again. It was a destructive way to live, and it continuously put stress on all the important areas of my well-being.

In my eyes, I finally hit rock bottom: My finances were a mess, my personal relationships were suffering, and so was my emotional and physical health. 

When my friends or family would ask how I was doing, my reply was always preceded with a long and drawn out sigh.

Then one day, I reached a place of clarity.

It wasn’t that something had to give; it was someone—and that someone was me. It was as if someone had just flipped a switch, and my world flipped along with it.  

I arrived at a new sense of being after learning just a few simple ideas and fundamentals. Doing so has led me down the road to great fortune, better connections with the people in my life, and a healthier state of mind and body.

The First Place to Look Is Within

Early on I did not have a firm grasp on what it meant to be fulfilled and have inner strength. Most of my prior experiences with happiness were fleeting. Feeling content was temporary.

Then I’d sink.

I found myself waiting around for things like my finances, relationships, and the world to change for me. I blamed everyone and everything around except myself. The opportunities passed, along with the time, and then came the resentment.

Rather than being the conductor of my own life, I was simply a passenger along for the ride.

Sure, there were some great stops along the way, but I’d always revert back to that darker place that kept me from doing and being more. It took quite a while before I decided to get proactive, study, practice, and learn as much as I could about becoming a better person.

I found that in order for my life to change for the better, I had to change first. I realized that when I refined and adjusted my personal philosophy and behavior, more opportunities started to present themselves.

My passions and professional goals started to surface, which gave me a clear definition of who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. This enabled me to create a road map for starting my business, and execute the necessary steps to make it happen.

I noticed that the more open I was to new experiences, the more of them I found.

Feeling happy and content became a choice, rather than an occurrence. 

What I once considered problems and issues became symptoms of my own decisions and efforts. And by becoming aware of the symptoms, I knew I had the ability to treat the root causes.

The Vital Dimensions of Inner Peace and Strength

It was not long after finding this new-found perspective that I started to work on strengthening my personal boundary. This meant that I had to accept and manage the things that were in my control, and let go of the things that weren’t.

Even though I had a certain amount of responsibility toward things, like work, family, and my personal relationships, I did not have control over them.

When you let go of what you can’t control, you relieve a massive amount of stress in your life.

Strengthening your personal boundary creates and reinforces your value and worth. It also helps to keep the unhealthy drama, negativity, and suffering out.

Your boundary is made up of three distinct focal points:

1. Your mindset and emotions. 

By becoming aware of your mindset, feelings, and emotions, you can work toward finding peace of mind and conquering fear, doubt, and negativity. Having a healthy handle on emotions enables you to choose fulfillment and joy. In the opposite respect, neglect in this area can bring emotional suffering and pain.

2. Your thoughts and ideas. 

They can be a product of your mindset and emotions, or they can help to adjust them. Your ideas and thoughts are limitless, and lay the foundation for the path to achievement. When you strengthen your thoughts and ideas, you’re better able to create beliefs and attitudes that inspire you and increase productivity.

3. Your choices and actions.

Your ability to decide and act grants you power and independence. When you use your emotion and ideas as fuel to drive your actions (also known as ambition), anything is possible. Practice using your intensity and knowledge to participate in fulfilling activity which moves you toward a better future.

Finding Fulfillment Today

When I decided to work on these areas of personal refinement, it all changed for me and has never been the same since.

Refining my mindset and emotions was difficult at first, but by exercising awareness and making a habit of being in the moment, this soon changed.

Hard times fall upon us all and emotions tend to get a little haywire from time to time. But it’s accepting this and committing to changing how we deal with those troubles that makes the real difference.

When we have a handle on our emotions, it’s so much easier to think—and when our heads are clear, our creative and productive juices start to flow.

Writing has become a big part of my life. I decided to journal and capture all these great new ideas, as well as define my action plans for the future. In taking an initial step I was able to start turning my dreams and goals into achievements.

Using the momentum and celebrating each accomplishment on the way brings you once step, one day, and one move closer to where you want to be.

It’s with those simple fundamentals that I started to find myself empowered in situations where I once felt weak and helpless.  I’d successfully transformed the world around me by transforming myself.

I found that my personal and professional lives were enriched in direct proportion to the amount of reflection and action I took.

It may seem dark out there to you right now and miles away from your reach, but I know you can do it too.

Nobody can make it happen but you. It’s my sincere hope that an idea or two here will resonate with you.

Perhaps it will move you to make the right kind of decisions and find the right kind of strength to change your life.

Photo by Paulo Manala

About Jason Anthony

Jason Anthony is the founder of EvenMinds. He shares ideas and philosophies with others and believes that when you become a person of high character, integrity, quality, and truth, your life will be respectively enriched.

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  • Mike

    Great post. I’m currently going through a lot of the stuff you went through and for over a year have been seeing lots of positive changes. Nice to know change is possible with dedication and effort.

  • Beautifully written, Jason!

    While reading this, my mind kept going back to “living in the moment”. Unfortunately, current society is so fast-paced that we never allow ourselves a moment to truly live in that moment. We rush about and try to accomplish more because that’s what we are taught. In the end, you become resentful and bitter – blaming everyone for the bad things that happen for you. But, if you just take a moment to truly feel and see everything around you, you can move through peace to make the right choices that lead you to a more fulfilled life.

    Whenever I find myself being consumed by the “rush” of life, I think back to those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books I had as a child. Every page we read, we would take a moment to breathe as we read our choices at the bottom of the page. We took clarity to understand what path lay before us and what “adventure” choice would move us closer to where we wanted to be.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Cynthia

    Thank you for the beautiful post. I would like to know specifics of how approached/worked with/work with 1, 2, and 3. 

  • Isn’t it crazy how easy skipping over life can be?  I definitely used to be caught up in that rush, and still find myself winding up there from time to time 🙂

    Choose Your Own Adventure books were awesome!  It is all about making that choice first. 

    When you’re driving your car down the freeway and you want to change lanes, you always signal first, before switching lanes.  Not doing so can have disastrous results.  Applying that same type of habit to our decisions and actions in life can be very beneficial.

    Thank you for the kind words, Shannon!

  •  It certainly is possible, Mike.   Glad to hear your moving closer towards your goals and growing along the way!  Thanks for reading and sharing your comment.

  •  You’re very welcome. Cynthia.  Without boring everyone with all of the details, specifics for 1,2, and 3 are very much rooted in the understanding and studying of ourselves – and learning how our own biology and psychology affect us.  Lots of great books and resources in those areas to explore 🙂

  • Gale

    I’m in a time in my life that your words mean so much to me. Thank you

  • Sasssandy5

    Great post! I feel like I could have written this myself as today I’ve been contemplating so many of the points you make. Your post has reaffirmed so much for me. Thank you. 

  • Brent Grispy Weaver

    Well you have just inspired this guy

  • Xbluejayx

    Thank you for this wonderful post. It has helped me to understand what I can’t control. I will heal, & move on in my personal affairs in life.

  • Nice post, Jason. I especially liked how you emphasized the combination of reflection with action as being a key to inner growth. Can’t have one without the other. Well done. Thanks. 

  • Great post Jason. You have clearly described the territory not just the drawn the map. 

  •  Thank you, Hannah!

  •  It definitely helps to take that look inward, Bill.  Thanks for the compliment!

  •  Honored to provide the inspiration!

  •  You’re welcome, bluejay.  There’s a lot going on, externally, that is just beyond our ability to control –

  •  Glad that it found you at the right moment! 

  • There’s no thanks big enough to hear that!  Thank you

  • Kismet12

    thanx so much jason,,i read your post with great interest,,,all this words are like therapy to me..i really enjoyed it,,,

  • Jason, great message. I think your realization of what you can and can’t control is true wisdom. Being able to let go of things is hard sometimes especially when we want to actively participate/control every part of our life. Getting to that point is a challenge but all the things it did for you is exactly the reason we all need to let go more in our lives:) Thanks for sharing this message.

  •  Thank you, Kismet!  Great to hear you enjoyed it!!

  •  It does take discipline, as well as patience, but the results are amazing.  Thank you, Vishnu!

  • Tinarose29

    Very touching, takes me back to the dark place I was in, which is not bad because I know I am not there anymore. The first thing I had to learn was to let go of things I had no control over, at first it was hard because I felt if I had no control I was worthless, but now I realise that there are better things to have control over like my happiness and well being.

  •  Thanks Tina! Glad you’re in a better place and you enjoyed this, thanks for reading and sharing with us!

  • susan

    I want peace badly!!

  • juan

    hi jason, your post brought tears to my eyes. i have been struggling with almost the exact stuff for years and years… you inspire me, and i shall be reading your post again and again to find my way. thank you for sharing such wisdom

  • Kootney

    Helpful read when in need indeed. Thank you for sharing your words, I hope I can make a transition within myself relatable to yours.

  • Iyani

    Your message hit so close to home for me. This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you for taking the time to share this piece of your journey.