Whose Mind Is It Anyway? Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Life (Giveaway!)

Whose Mind Is It Anyway CoverNote – This winners for this giveaway have been chosen. They are:

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A few years back, Tiny Buddha contributor Lisa Esile wrote a post about negative thinking that was incredibly eye opening.

Titled 3 Reasons to Stop Worrying About Your Negative Thoughts, her post suggested that instead of trying to suppress negative thoughts or replace them with positive ones—as conventional wisdom suggests—we should observe them, choose not to believe them, and let them naturally pass.

Brilliant, I thought. Don’t feel bad about the thoughts that go through your head (which adds guilt on top of the stress that comes from constant judging, assuming, worrying, plotting, and controlling).

Instead, create space between you and your thoughts. Stop fighting your mind and start understanding it.

Stop struggling to let thoughts go and instead, let them be.

Ah, instant relief.

I know what you might be thinking: If we don’t listen to our thoughts, how will we know what to do? How will we solve problems? How will we figure out what we want and make a plan to get there?

Lisa tackles all of this, and more, in her quirky new illustrated book Whose Mind Is It Anyway? Get Out of Your Head and Get into Your Life.

Co-written by her husband, Franco Esile, Whose Mind Is It Anyway touches upon how our thoughts can drive us crazy, how our beliefs can sabotage us, and how easy it is to find calm—once we stop thinking our way through life.

It’s a quick read, but don’t let that fool you: Within seven short, fun chapters, Lisa and Franco have succinctly explained how we can not only find peace from our thoughts, but also be at peace with ourselves.

I’m a huge fan of Lisa’s work, and I couldn’t be more grateful that she sent me a copy of her book and offered two free copies for Tiny Buddha readers.

Whether you win a copy or choose to grab one today, I recommend keeping it somewhere you’ll see it often and flipping through the pages whenever you’re getting stuck in a web of thoughts.

Start paying attention to how your mind works and you’ll notice this happens a lot!


To enter to win one of two free copies of Whose Mind Is It Anyway?:

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Good luck!

Want to grab a copy now? You can order Whose Mind Is It Anyway: Get Out of Your Head and Get into Your Life on Amazon here.

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