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Last year, I posted a review of The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha—a compilation of blog posts from his wildly popular website, 1000 Awesome Things.

I was so inspired by his ability to recognize simple pleasures where I never even thought to look that I decided to follow suit with a post I titled 50 Peaceful Things.

Neil’s blog has been one of my favorites since he first launched three years back, partly because it’s the exact opposite of the type of writing I often do.

While I generally write a lot about all the messy things under the surface—our struggles, fears, and instincts—Neil has a gift for highlighting all the beautiful things we often don’t notice above it.

From my original review:

He doesn’t just appreciate all-you-can-eat buffets–he explains how to navigate them for maximum enjoyment. He doesn’t just acknowledge it’s cool when the parking meter still has time on it–he explains the different types of meter-feeding styles, and how awesome it is that they all exist.

The result is an encyclopedia of joy, from observations to interpretations to experiences. Some moments are silly, some poignant, some nostalgic–but everything is familiar. The book is a brilliant reminder of everything that inspires a smile without treading into saccharine-sweet, Pollyanna territory.

The Book of (Even More) Awesome picks up where the first book left off, and I’m pleased to offer two copies to Tiny Buddha readers. But first, a little from Neil:

1. At what point did you feel that 1000 Awesome Things was a success?

Ha ha, well honestly, I still don’t! I mean, when I started writing 1000 Awesome Things, I said my goal was to write one awesome thing for 1000 straight weekdays. It’s been three years and I’m only done about 750 of them!

And don’t get me wrong – I’ve enjoyed the experiences that have resulted from the blog, but hitting bestseller lists, getting millions of hits, and going on big TV shows was never my goal. Writing down 1000 awesome things is my goal. When I’m done that it will be a success to me.

2. Do you feel that you've become happier since you started 1000 Awesome Things? If so, why?

Well, I was in a pretty rough place when I started the blog. My wife and I were growing further and further apart and my best friend was battling a major depression. When I flipped open the newspaper or turn on the TV it was about melting ice caps, terrible hurricanes, and the crumbling economy.

I started 1000 Awesome Things to try and find a way to cheer myself up. I wanted to find a place where bakery air, snow days, and popping bubble wrap were the most important things in the world.

Today I’m still the same guy. I work the same office job in the suburbs, eat frozen burritos for dinner, and need to go to the gym more. But in many ways I’ve become happier because I see awesome things everywhere.

I hit a string of green lights on my way home from work and think awesome! I flip to the cold side of my pillow in the middle of the night and think awesome! And I think these little daily highs add up to longer term happiness.

3. What's something you think is awesome that might surprise people?

How about “Your almost name”? This is the name your parents were going to name you but didn’t. It’s fun daydreaming about a new life where Your Almost Name takes top billing and your nickname, identity, and major life choices are all dramatically affected.

I think it’s awesome because sometimes that name reminds us how lucky we are we to get what we got… and to get the specific frames and borders we have on ourselves.

I know. It’s a bit strange. But you asked! 🙂

4. Do you think it's possible to find something awesome in everything? If so, how?

Well, I think life is just a matter of perspective. Nobody tells you to be happy or sad or grumpy or cheerful. You get to choose your attitude every morning. You can see awesome in everything or see it in nothing. It’s up to you.

5. What advice would you give to other people who want to use the web to make a meaningful difference in other people's lives?

I say do it!

We are so massively lucky to live in this world in a time where the cost of communicating around the world is close to free. I’ve never spent a cent or made a cent from

WordPress hosts the site for free and I have no ads. Every night I get to write about sneaking cheaper candy in the movie theater, the sound of steaks on a hot grill, or pulling a weed and getting all the roots with it…for free!

And in exchange for that, I get hundreds of letters and emails every day—preachers telling me they use awesome things in sermons, teachers telling me they base classes around them, and folks from the far corners of the Earth dropping me a line to say “Thanks man. I think stepping on crunchy leaves on the sidewalk is awesome too.”

These comments fill me with joy and help give me the energy to keep going.

It’s a beautiful world.

Lori, thank you so much to you and your readers for the great chat! I hope you like The Book of (Even More) Awesome and have a very awesome day!

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  • Called someone for a repair on a countertop and even though his company no longer does such repairs, said he would come out and look at it, so he can recommend who may be able to fix it! Now THAT is caring for the customer!

  • Liz

    Awesome thing that happened today: I had a great conversation with the guy at the Bike Valet shop. I love making new friends!

  • Sleeping in and eating leftover Easter candy. AWESOME!

  • Kera


  • Awesomeness of the day:

    5:30 am: found out about the Owl City Concert
    6:00 am: learned the prices for the Owl City Concert
    7:00 am: got my mom to agree to help me pay for the Owl City Concert
    7:15 am: started to obsessively listen to Owl City

  • My 2yr old was looking out of the window during a storm and shouted ‘naughty rain!’ then sang ‘rain, rain go away’ … it came out of nowhere and I’d never heard him sing it before. Awesome!

  • Sarai Gonzalez

    I want one! The most awesome thing that happened today was that I was able to finish two 3000 words essays on time after being up writing for 2 days, now I’m free! This semester is finally over and I’m officially on vacation from school!

  • kristen m

    I could use a bit more awesomeness in my day with this book.

  • Dettalove

    The most amazing thing that happened to me was that I woke up with my health and a clear mind. I’ve learned that just the simple act of being is such a blessing. So many out there don’t have the blessing of being able move through the day with no constraints. I thank the great spirit every morning for bringing me another day.

  • Sydney

    Watching tv and chatting with family. Simple yet AWESOME! 🙂


  • This morning I went for a run and it started to rain. I love running in the rain. Makes me feel so alive.

  • I took a step closer to better fitness with another awesome training session with FitWit, and even worked in an additional run (barefoot!).

  • Jill Seidelman

    ooohhh… i do something sorta along those lines to boost my mood… #selftherapy Can’t wait to read the book!!! #lovewins

  • Sysilia_t

    Met kids in my neighborhood when I was taking my dog for walking. Those kids always follow us and ask : what is his name, why he so small, is he scared with us, how beautiful is he. Well, though i don’t really like kids sometime but this short interview can boost up my mood 🙂

  • I took a step closer to better fitness with another awesome training session with FitWit, and even worked in an additional run (barefoot!).

  • Jenletham

    Congrats Sarai! That is an awesome achievement!

  • Wrote two special notes for the one I love <3 One on the bathroom mirror and one on the front door. Can't wait for him to find them 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I got up early so I could fit in 1/2 hour of yoga and 1/2 hour of cardio. I didn’t want to do it, but afterwards I felt great!


  • Dominictufo

    I woke up and both my 4yr old #twins were still sleeping. Now that’s awesome. Mellow tea time for dad.

  • I sat in traffic for 3 hours! To begin with I was frustrated and impatient to get home. Had no choice but to just sit…. looked at my surroundings , the people. Had a little dance too, which made a few others smile, and had chats with a few new people , who I knew i’d never see again ! Amazing what just being can do, makes you think about the core of everything….slow down, where’s rushing getting you but stressed?????

  • RAReed0219

    While taking the train I discovered a previously unknown stretch of urban forest that I definitely will explore! I’m glad I didn’t read the newspaper as usual.

  • Elderly woman’s jacket got stuck in the seat on the metro when the doors opened for her stop she cried for help! Even though I ripped part of the belt on her jacket, I got her unstuck so she could leave unscathed. Do something for someone else today…it’ll make you feel awesome!

  • Jenletham

    I have my nine year old little girl home from school today with a sore throat. I have been looking for work, but today I am relishing in the ability to stay home and care for her and enjoy her. Pure awesomeness. This is time well spent! <3

  • Alex Boogie

    I remembered that I have a long-awaited reservation to M Well Diner in LIC… I can’t wait to share my gratitude, food and drink with loved ones!!!

  • Dineen Corey

    Looks like a great book. Excited to pick it up.

  • Missy S

    Woke up this morning with the sun shining right into my bedroom window. Beautiful and Awesome. It’s going to be a good day!

  • I love these books

  • My awesome thing today: I hit play on my iPod while getting out of the apartment and a GREAT song came in. It made me feel like I was in a movie.

  • T_say

    Something AWESOME was receiving emailed pictures from my 9 year old twins while they are on a vacation with my parents. They labeled each one. There were pictures of animals, each other, the train that they went on…but the one I found most awesome was the picture they took and labeled “Horizon”.

  • Sleary1954

    I found a book I had misplaced and randomly opened it. I opened it to the only page about Shamanic healing, which is a subject I have been researching! A lovely message from the Universe.

  • Awesome Today- I managed to spend quality offline time with friends by book shopping and ice-cream chit-chats! I love it!

  • Josh J.

    I woke up to find this. I love Tiny Buddha and The Book Of Awesome. My awesome thing was being able to witness my 93 year old grandmother hold and adore my 3 month old niece. I took a picture of the moment and plan to give a framed copy to my grandmother for 94th birthday. We are very blessed to have them both.

  • Great things happen everyday. But the one happy thing happened to me today that I was skating to clear my mind, though I had so much thought going on in brains. When I looked around me I realized I had skated so far out of town, that on the right of me I saw the sea and on the left a beautiful peace of nature. I stopped for a moment and felt the wind through my hair and on my skin. On that moment my mind was clear and the tense in my stomach disappeared. Then I realized that nature is so underrated and that people forgot to be one with it. If people would, the world would be so much peaceful.

  • Askkanakuri

    Today I was feeling a little down before school started and my friends texted my other friend about it. My other friend came to school with my favorite food- shrimp cocktail! It was so good and I’m so grateful that my friends care about me so much. <3

  • JP4ALL

    I recently quoted some products for a start up company which they are planning on reselling. The quantities were small; therefore, we were not making much money out of this deal. After my meditation this morning, I decided to give them the news that we were gonna give them the products almost at cost, so that they could get a good profit out of it and help them start up.

    Seeing there joy, is how I really got paid for! A small way of sharing all the blessing I have; there is nothing like living in harmony!!!

  • sarah nean bruce

    I think it is lovely to stand next to my coffeemaker each morning and smell the awesome aroma of freshly brewing coffee. It reminds me of times when i walked into a coffee house in Seatlle or London or Lisbon or Paris or Rome or Los Angeles to order a fresh cup of coffee and then sit down to enjoy and savor it… Everyday ~ rain or shine ~ I can get this pleasant sense memory at home.

  • CarolynW

    we’ve had crazy wether here – sun, rain, wind – so traffic was super slow, I like to channel surf on the car radio, got to sing JLo’s new hit song “On The Floor” 3x in a row at the top of my lungs – plus do a little bit of car dancing 🙂

  • CarolynW

    we’ve had crazy wether here – sun, rain, wind – so traffic was super slow, I like to channel surf on the car radio, got to sing JLo’s new hit song “On The Floor” 3x in a row at the top of my lungs – plus do a little bit of car dancing 🙂

  • Kapri1028

    What a great concept! I love it!!!

  • Chad Hubner

    I’m going to have to check this out. Sounds awesome.

  • Naportal

    I saw a rainbow early this morning. Made me forget the bloody heat in the morning (:

  • Oomfoofu

    Breakfast in bed today! SO awesome =)

  • Very nice. Tight sit Dharma Sista

  • Bonnie

    I’m itching to get my hands on that book! Just sitting down and reading things like this brings me peace and inspiration. And I’ll tell ya, this is definitely one of those days I could use a bit of both!

  • For reading today’s commentary about how I focus on making mistakes and feeling great about it. Then to make it even better I shared it with some friends who told me it really helped them get through the day.

  • Trisha Dodson

    I noticed a dragonfly the color of my shoe sat with me outside at two different times so far today. I am not sure if it was the same one but I thought it was awesome to see one near me. And this book reminds me of a quote I read early today by Nietzsche: “For happiness, how little suffices for happiness! … the least thing precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a wisk, an eye glance – little maketh up the best happiness.”

  • kimmie

    I woke up this morning to an inspirational text from my mom that said ” god is in control, you must believe.” Right then and there I realized that he would not let me fall. I have to just keep living every day to the fullest and stop worrying about everything. It causes too much strain on my life and I refuse to be unhappy. Thank you mom and god!

  • Lotus and Honey

    My awesome thing of the day: Finding out I will be able to spend a weekend away with my husband for our anniversary. We never get time together, so this is very, very awesome!

  • Jenna

    The sun finally came out!

  • Today is awesome because my children are happy and healthy. The sun is shining through the storm clouds, and we are all here to enjoy the simple pleasure it brings to our day.

  • Algvtma

    what’s awesome about today is that i turned a frustrating situation into a positive and i’ve been able to do that more and more lately. a friend canceled plans at the last minute and i turned it into an opportunity to go home after work, have a glass of wine and work on the blog that i started two days ago.

  • Behaviourlady

    I took responsibility for my healing today. 🙂

  • A24karendiamond

    Every day is awesome and a blessing and yesterday I celebrated 28 years of sobriety.

  • Stephanie A.

    One awesome thing: throughout all the storms, our apartment is still standing. Thankful!

  • First awesome thing that happened was when I found my debit card in my wallet. I went to buy breakfast but had to cancel the order because it wasn’t where I normally place it in my wallet. I panicked because I couldn’t remember the last time I used it. I called my girlfriend to ask her (she pays more attention to these things than I do) and she told me to call the bank and cancel it. Just then, I found it placed in a side pocket that I normally use of emergency money. I rejoiced. I returned for breakfast!

    Second awesome thing that happened today was shortly after. After being scared off by a dog, a kid bolted into the street (with traffic rushing both ways). I feared for his safety and was relieved by his luck. The event wasn’t so awesome as thrilling, but the fact he came out unscathed and the drivers’ response prevented a horrible situation. And that alone was awesome.

  • Holly

    Today was awesome because I am getting back into my creative work after a break. It feels good to sit and write and illustrate once again. Truly an awesome feeling! 🙂

  • Mistangelique

    Today I was stressing over finances. Our new van broke down and tomorrow is my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She’s really excited about it, but we just don’t have the money to fix the van, eat for the week, and celebrate. I was getting really down over disappointing my daughter, and my best friend went to the store to buy cake supplies and ice cream so we can have a little celebration at her house. It was awesome because I was so touched by her thoughtfulness =)

  • Sarah

    My best friend’s coming to visit me today – she’s been struggling with depression/anxiety for a year now and she’s finally in a good place. We’re having a girl’s night out! I also have a gift for her – I made her a painting and on the landscape wrote a quote from tinybuddha, “A hard fall means a high bounce, if you’re made of the right material!”

  • Dryalantha

    The most awesome thing which has happened here today was the moment when I woke up from a dream in which I saw the big bang… everything cropped together and then KABOEM!! huge explosion. And that was the beginning of every…single…thing… in life. 🙂
    (Dryalantha at Twitter)

  • Ann

    Today is an amazing day because I realize how blessed I am to have beautiful healthy children and as hard as times are, to be able to stay home with my youngest is a true blessing!

  • kateaspencer

    I had two past coworkers express their concern for me being laid off. They both offered their help in trying to find me a new job. I thought this was AWESOME.

  • Thaibebop

    My awesome started today when I watched students protesting funding cuts to the schools takeover the School Board meeting, peacefully, and shut it down, saving for now their schools. When education is under attack, fight back they chanted. These were high school students. I watched and felt comforted that the future of my country is in the hands of these intelligent, civic minded teens. When we come together to perform good deeds it effects the world, what is more awesome then that?

  • Arielacr

    The universe reminded me that perspective is the secret to a good life. In the middle of an admittedly minor personal crisis, I got the news that my cousin and his wife – who have been married for 3 years and trying to get pregnant for a year – are expecting. The baby’s heartbeat is strong and 2 wonderful people got exactly what they deserve. Everything else is secondary.

  • Praveer Shukla

    Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. I just know there are going to be great surprises in this book!

  • Robertayles

    One awesome thing about this is my daughter shared the book with her teacher and now the teacher has the class all writing their awesome observations. I think that is awesome that my daughter shared the book and the teacher recognized a terrific opportunity.

  • Awesome #1 – The first Thunder and Lightening of 2011 took place today. (I love Thunder Storms)
    Awesome #2 – Spring is felt and smelt in the wind today.
    Awesome #3 – Was given the opportunity to win a follow up book to one of my all-time favorite books (The Book of Awesome)
    Awesome #4 – I have a chance to win.

    I’d say it’s a pretty awesome day 🙂

    Hoping your day is just as awesome
    Socially Yours
    Erin Ryan

  • Hayley_stovin

    I got a cheque from the government!!

  • I’m not sure its awesome, but I’m thankful for it… Our hot water heater earlier today shorted out and caused a small fire. My daughter (who is 2) went to the bathroom (she’s being potty trained) and came out to say “Daddy, there’s a yucky smell”. I figured the worst (you know, #2) but it was even worse. The hot water tank was sparking and smoking. Thank god for my little one, and even more so that it was day time because that could have been real bad if we were sleeping. Such a smart little cookie I have. So my awesome thing for today is my daughter, who at such a young age helped daddy before things got worse!

    My retweet:!/wisekal/status/63691281557237760

  • Noonshyne

    Met a new friend today.

  • One awesome thing that happened today is that the sun is shining and we’re all safe. <3

  • Elisa

    Something awesome that happened today – It’s been snowing all day and the sky is slowly turning blue…AWESOME!

  • The most amazing thing that happened to me today, is a little simple something that sort happens almost on a daily basis, when I was a child, there were a pair of morning doves that my mom, sisters and I used to feed. And one day our neighboring cat came and attacked them. My mom, then in her own way cared for the bird and had named her. Then she was okay and came back and ate again over sometime, before she disappeared for awhile. Then every once in awhile we would see her. Well now that I am more grown and away from home, in a new city. Every morning I wake up and I see the doves about singing sometimes right outside my window. And this morning one of them landed right in front of me before flying away. I believe that bird is the same one my mom saved. And for some reason or another felt like it was such a blessing to wake up every morning just to continue my day.

  • Kelliahickerson

    Butterfingers brownies! Awesome!

  • What I made for lunch came out really good. Awesome.

  • Wendie

    A customer account that I barely saved about 2 months ago just placed one of the largest orders we’ve seen in quite some time. Loving that good things come full circle.

  • Awesome thing for me today: woke up with great improvements from shoulder pain I’ve been having this week. Happy to have full range of motion back!!

  • Congratulations!!

  • Shyanncherub

    Today is awesome because I have love, life and peace ~ I am moving into my new place and finals are over at school. Life is always good. Peace and love to all <3

  • Missy Bentley

    ALL of my friends in Alabama are accounted for & safe. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.

  • Kyohtee

    After all the storms, my yard is now blooming full of unexpected wildflowers 🙂

  • Chenice Louise Clarke

    Wow, just one awesome thing that happened to me today? I would definitely say the most significant was when I received some good news from my doctor. I was told last week, at 18 years old, I had a liver dysfunction, which as you can imagine left be devastated. Thankfully, my doctor has said the dysfunction is not severe and with some tweaks I will be just fine.

  • I’ve been making some awesome clothes for my friends & family since money is a bit tight these past couple years for everyone 🙂

  • Candlemaven

    I woke up and I woke up happy!

  • Marisa

    I don’t think it is very awesome that you have to have a Twitter account to enter this giveaway. As I don’t have one 🙁

    That being said, its still an awesome topic and I’ve enjoyed reading the other commenters posts.

    As for me – something awesome that I am doing today is volunteering at a dinner/auction that is raising funds for an organization that “invests in and advocates for women and girls”. Feels good to support such a worthwhile cause!

  • Woke up to a clear, sunshine-y day after a day & night of the most awe-inspiring winds I’ve ever enjoyed standing in. SO thankful we all made it through the storms safe, sound, and in our own home, when so many others within miles of us didn’t. My thoughts & prayers are with the families who have lost family members & homes!

  • K8e

    awesome – how infectious the happyness feelings are leading up to The Wedding…

  • My awesome thing today…had a friend offer me up some books on CD so the hubs and I can have something different to listen to on our upcoming roadtrip. Very cool since I don’t usually bother with audio books.

  • Jess

    I got to spend time with a bunch of my closest friends!

  • Amobailar

    The sun came out after nearly 10 days of icky, gloomy weather!!

  • Christa Avampato

    The awesome thing that happened to me today: I found an amazing dog trainer to work with me and my rescue pup to help him get through his separation anxiety and become a more relaxed little dude! And he offered to help us for free! 🙂

  • Hi Marisa,

    Don’t worry–you’re still entered! If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can’t follow that step so a comment is sufficient!


  • Archieleach23

    My 3 1/2 year-old daughter told me today that I’m her best friend…it doesn’t get any more awesome than that 😉

  • I have spent years focused on the awesome, or so I thought. I have to up it a notch, as I realized TODAY that I have not been as focused there as I should be.

    It’s soooooo easy folks.

    Thanks for the article!

  • Mairi

    The awesome thing that happened to me today was that a very special friend simply sent me a message that read ‘hi’ and it made my heart sing 🙂

  • Oboeboy

    My house stood through the tornado! Very thankful.

  • kim

    Today was the last day of my awesome internship for school! Awesome!

  • Rodrigo Espinosa

    One awesome thing: tomorrow is my 30th bday and im feeling younger and stronger than EVER!! 😀

  • Joe Baker

    Life is generally good, I have great health and appreciate each day.

  • I love this idea, I had heard of the Book of Awesome yet never went to check it out. It’s now on my reading list on my eReader as will this one be, but to have an actual copy would be even AWESOMER!

  • Connecting with really cool stuff like this post on tinybuddha is just ONE of the many awesome things that has happened to us, today :)))

  • Awesome thing today was – I found some way to and back from my new job without crossing one velo-bikers un-friendly bridge. And I`m getting to know that district better and better every day.

  • Massey Kate

    I set my alarm a little bit later so I could enjoy the pleasure of waking up refreshed and ready to tackle Friday 🙂

  • I have decided to make a life change. I am practicing being more positive and verbalize at least one thing I am grateful for everyday–sometimes 10 things. I feel awesome!

  • My grandma is coming home from the hospital today. (She took a spill on the stairs on Tuesday, and it’s nice she’s cleared to come home.)

  • A24karendiamond

    Thank you Nikki. *Hugs*

  • Lizsousa83

    It’s so important to give thanks everyday for the simple things we take for granted which is why I love 1,000 Awesome Things an tinybuddha =) .. Congratulations on the book!

  • Aimee

    Today I could feel the sun and the warm wind on my skin without shivering! As my flu (and fever) finally disappeared, the weather started to be so nice in here… Isn’t it wonderful?

  • Today’s awesome = finding a treat I’d hidden in the kitchen cabinet – a crunchy, big-sized, super dark pretzel. just the right amount of salt and crunch. Even more awesome = as I stood outside, basking in the blue sky and breeze after a fretful weather day, I dropped said awesome pretzel and the dogs got a surprise treat. It IS just awesome.

  • Yenlinh Chung

    Can’t wait. This book is so inspirational!!

  • Yenlinh Chung

    Even though I was offered a job then accepted and then the job retracted all within 5 days the sun is shinning and I am listening to Abba on public transit and it’s a beautiful day. Try to look forward to the future and constantly moving forward

  • I was telling my husband about my fave children’s book last week, and today it was in the front window of the thrift shop for 99 cents.

  • toni

    Today, I got to talk with Cynthia, whom I met on the first day of college. In a couple of weeks, we are both turning 60, and it is awesome that we have known each other all this time, through so many transitions in our lives, and that we have followed each others’ stories and given support and caring along the way.

  • Awesome book & giveaway, hope to win

  • Cheryl

    Something awesome that happened to me today was….I got all my work done and was out at 5pm (my actual time to stop work everyday) and I’m usually there until at least 7pm!! I stayed focused today, I tried to stay positive and I spent the day with my sidekick “Chloe”….our little French Bulldog, and ANY DAY with Chloe is an awesome day! She also has made great progress with training on her leash and that’s amazing in itself!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing Thursday moment: Having an office-wide bonding/bickering moment over American Idol with all my co-workers – laughing so hard we could have peed our collective pants.

  • Debbie

    I live by Simple Abundance no matter how my day unfolds. At any given moment our lives could change. I choose to live in 30 second increments. I am a dreamer and I believe you can manifest your destiny…


    Today was awesome because I was able to finally resume work on a stone sculpture that I started last summer.

  • Karen

    This morning it was awesome to leave home 5 minutes earlier than usual (8.25am) and realise that everyone leaves to take their children to school at 8.30am – the roads were practically deserted!

  • QuirkyGal

    Going to an awesome warehouse sale & sharing Bestie times laughing & sharing our luv of our purchases!

  • Bob

    Awesome today: My daughter got a job offer phone call, from out of nowhere, to help start a company. If all pans out, this would be her dream job come true and answer to my prayers.

  • Chrissy

    Awesome: how every day, no matter how rough the day was, my dog is soooooo thrilled to see me that she runs around and licks my face and makes this weird half-wimper/half-bark noise, like she’s so happy she can hardly contain herself : )

    The love of a dog… that’s awesome : )

  • Not having any cavities after a dentist appointment.

  • My awesome event was to discover 3 new job announcements when I was losing hope of finding employment again (wish me luck)!

  • Chrissy


  • Jonnie Rock

    The most AWESOME thing happened to me today. I found a friend on Facebook that I haven’t seen or heard from for about 20 years! I got an email from her and I could just see her smile as she wrote me about her family and kids. It was so great to be able to get in touch again with an old college friend. It makes me smile just to think about her happiness.

  • My awesomeness of today – seeing the perfection of my new grandbaby. And having my mom – her great grandma – also watch her today for those few precious moments as she fell asleep in her swing to the sounds of a rainforest.

  • Matthew LeDrew

    The most amazing thing that happened to me today, was that three different clients thanked me for doing my job. I don’t here it often. So it was very awesome. Awesome # 2 my parents will be visitiing me in two days time!!

  • Annie R

    I have 3 lovely daughters, almost all grown up now. I have bought them up on my own and when I look at them and take a moment to realise what kind, beautiful people they are, and think about all they have achieved so much in their life that is awesome and I am truly grateful.

  • I really like more awesome! This is OK that ‘awesome’ is a noun, right?

  • Lucia

    I had a horrible night, woke up with ahuge headache and in tears, because today we were to visit my mom & dad and take them on a little road trip, because she is very sick and depressed, and I wanted to lighten her mind a bit. So I felt horrible, especially because I had had to cancel appointment last minute with her too many times already… (I too struggle with illness) So I called, dreading the dropping feeling of abandoning and disappointing again. And she was so sweet and honestly nice: It’s OK, no problem of course, don’t worry, I was not feeling well anyway. I don’t know, that made me cry, and lifted the long night of struggle and self hate… Sounds pretty pathetic right…

  • Danielle

    Today I wake up to a day off where I can take some time and appreciate my life!

  • Mvs027

    Everything my cat does is awesome!

  • Mvs027

    Everything my cat does is awesome!

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  • cindy

    I think it’s awesome when I wake up and go to the bathroom thinking I need to get up-then I look at the clock and it’s two hours earlier than I need to get up and I get two more hours of blessed sleep!

  • Cheryl

    The most amazing thing that happened to me today, was to be able to wake up….FREE OF ADDICTION! I am a recovering heroin addict (used for 19years, clean for (4) years now….and ANY day free of addiction is an AMAZING day!

  • Marisa

    Thanks Lori! Now THAT is awesome! 🙂

  • Kaname650

    Today I finally figured out how to fix something that I thought was broken beyond repair. It is a tool handed down to me by my father who passed on several years ago and it means a lot to me to be able to use his old tools.

  • StephR

    I think it’s awesome that my pilates teacher gave everyone in class a rock. It made my day!!

  • J3SS1C4

    Something awesome that happened to me today… Sleeping in cuddled up in a super soft coral fleece blanket, with my man cuddled in beside me… No need to rush off and do anything, just enjoying lying together

  • My AWESOME thing happened the same day I read this post (and I promise I’m not sucking up) but it was finding the topic of the article in the other day’s Tiny Buddha turned out to be EXACTLY what I needed to hear that day. I’d had a rough morning and was beating myself up, so when I opened up the Tiny Buddha that day to read the article about the spiral staircase and not beating yourself up – it was… AWESOME! 🙂

  • I awoke at 7:30 [my alarm has been set for 8 lately as i try to teach my body to wake by 7am] and didn’t feel tired. So I went downstairs and did my housemates washing up and generally feel awake and alert. It’s 9:45am and already i’ve done so much =)
    For me, that is an awesome experience to be experiencing today

  • I woke at 7:30am [45 mins earlier than my usual alarm time] with a clear head and ideas for my thesis already buzzing. So I went downstairs and did my housemates washing up and everything’s so clean and the day just feels fresh. It’s a light experience to be experiencing so close to a deadline that’s been worrying me

  • Tony Escobar21

    Awesome thing: getting paid to rest. Love it!

  • Hacotton_3

    The awesome thing about my day was watching the sunrise, hearing the birds chirp at about 5:30 this morning since I was still awake from the night before. Even though I was exhausted after such a long night, there was beauty reminding me that each day is marvelous.

  • I’ve been really lonely and depressed lately… Yesterday I decided I need to make a work of art everyday. Whether it be a doodle, a painting or a scrapbook page. Today, I woke up, and sat down at my desk and made an old lamp I was about to throw out into a whole new beautiful lamp that I’m proud to have. I feel so much better and it’s such a simple demand that I’m going to enjoy this challenge. And eventually be surrounded by beautiful things made by me! 🙂 Art’s my way of healing.

  • Rdjinx69

    I watched my children navigate the world: exploring it’s gifts and challenges and learning to accept and appreciate both.

  • Wren

    I got to spend some quality time with my mom, doing “nothing special” over a diner breakfast. <3

  • wickedcat

    We could all use some more awesome!

  • Kerri

    Today I was able to have a delightful homemade and leisurely breakfast with my husband ~ a rarity in this busy life lately. It let me appreciate this wonderful person in my life and the home we share.

  • Melinda Sabo

    A true Spring sun is shining, even though the weather called for gloomy grey clouds and drizzle. : )

  • Kris Poledragon

    I woke up and the dull ache in my back was an awesome reminder of the surgery I had last Tuesday that means I can now walk without pain. And it’s doubly awesome because the ache is a little better everyday and soon I’ll be pain free! And able to go bike riding with my children again, dig the garden… everyday is awesome 🙂

  • Celtictiger

    the most amazing thing that happened to me today was that I was able to meditate in peace and it really helped me to relax and take things easy.

  • Rishi Chauhan

    This collection of awesome things looks like an awesome read. I wish I had a copy.

    Anyway, something awesome happened today. I helped my mum with the gardening even though I have a hairline fracture in my foot!

  • Tba

    My sister & her son didn’t fight whilst I was there …that’s amazing!

  • Put a little bit of awesome in your life every day.

  • De Bw62

    Realized how awesome it is to live in country as great as Canada.

  • mrrunnerdude

    I helped out at a 5K today and some of the runners thanked me.

  • Tori

    I took a nap on the couch with my 15 month old!!

  • Anonymous

    I rode my bike for 12mi despite feeling too pooped after 8mi! Awesome!

  • Cheer_leader411

    One thing amazing in today was my dogs happy disposition when I came home from the store. It never fails to put a smile on my face and I truly appreciate the fact that he acts like I was gone for years. His love is unconditional and I thank him every day!

  • Emily K.

    I got some good exercise and had an enjoyable walk early this morning in the sunshine.
    I made lots of new friends and received amazing valuable feedback on my work in writing workshop. Their input made me feel amazing !

  • Babysoftail

    Today many things awesome have happened. My niece walked for the first time today! It was so exciting and amazing.

  • ddebsays


  • Today I got to walk with my dog, a blonde retriever named Sunny, and my housemates other three dogs. One of the other dogs is Booka, the bulky, compact, adorably kinda blonde English bulldog who makes me laugh almost every moment. He was waiting for us to get moving again after we stopped at a hill looking for two of the pack who had gone to chase some small animals, and he started to roll over on his back. While he did this he started sliding down the hill, still a little damp from the morning dew, and he approached us closer and closer until his bulky body hit my right foot. At that point I was giggling uncontrollably and reached down to rub his belly which caused him to roll over and over in an even happier state than before! And the day is far from over with him!!

  • Jenn Heibein

    Waking up, rolling over this morning and opening my eyes to my dog sitting on the bed looking at me wagging his tail in anticipation of that very moment! LOL

  • Paisleyblossoms

    Today is awesome because I will get to spend time with family celebrating.

  • Sukh

    Wow that is incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing. Here’s to life…

  • Sydney

    Something awesome today? When I ordered lunch, they forgot part of my order. When they went back to get it, I noticed they hadn’t charged me for it in the first place. They brought out the missing part of my order, no charge. I’m a regular there, and it was nice of them to “make up” for their mistake. That’s about all I’ve got today. There’s severe weather everywhere, and it’s really affected my community all week, so at this point, free tater tots ARE awesome. 🙂

  • Today was awesome because of hanging out with good friends enjoying live, laughing and love,

  • Neel S Shah

    I unfortunately burnt out while studying, but then I called my fiance, and all the stress washed away. Definitely an awesome feeling having someone by your side who can help take away all your stress.

  • It’s the little things that counts. Someone called me “sexy” . makes me gigle like a little school girl again. 🙂

  • I tried a new recipe, Apple Spice Cake! New photos on facebook and a deliciously awesome recipe to add to my favorites! =D

  • something awesome about today… FAMILY TIME =D

  • @poppylwood2 here mmmmmmmmm something awsome well… i found out my mum really thinks i would be able to sing, dance and perform in a live performace of camp rock !!!!! yayayaya i love randomly awsome stuff

  • Djanstee

    The first meeting between my beautiful girlfriend and my family! It went amazingly!!!!

  • Dgkilian

    Went out to dinner with dear friends

  • today the sun is shining ….awesome!

  • cornrug

    Hugs from my kids are awesome…especially my 17 month old as he recently learned how to give hugs first!

  • I was at the corrals this morning with my friend – and there were some new lambs in the corral next to hers. I walked over to get a better look, and one of them came over to nuzzle my hand. It was beautiful – and I will remember it forever. 🙂

  • Tabbyclegg

    Despite all the stress and tough times going on today was awesome as I simply took pleasure in decorating my son’s bedroom and my office, plus a great walk. Clearing of the mind and organisation: awesome pleasures.

  • Dreamwvr1414

    My awesome thing today was planting vegetable seeds for my garden – I absolutely love the smell and feel of working in the dirt! 🙂

  • qiwang

    Today I got the “the world’s best boss” mug which is awesome.

  • Shivani S

    This was such an enjoyable read and a lovely insight.

  • Tammycarew

    being given the chance to receive this book as a gift is one really AWESOME thing of today!! 😀 (mixed with the million other things.. like, for example: finding shoes for my 2 yr old with Peace Signs on them! eek! lol)

  • Spending time with a good friend.

  • Scott B.

    I went for a 75 minute run today and stopped half way to look and touch a tree that caught my eye. It had one base, but six separate trees jetting out of it. The bark felt airy and plastic-like, and the buds were just starting to show. The uniqueness of the tree and the feeling of a new season beginning left me inspired and deep-thinking the rest of my run.

  • Camlilymaree

    Something awesome that happened today – being woken up way too early on the weekend by my daughter, but appreciating the awesome cuddles that we shared while the world was still asleep 🙂

  • I am happy to have got to know that in the state of BW(baden wurttemberg) , Germany, education is made free for everyone. Though i might be selfish, it sets a precedence for other states and countries to follow and brings the question “why should anyone pay for education?” back into the table. Afterall, the best things in the world(sun,rain,google,etc..) come for free.. its time education joined the list everywhere in the world..apart from that, i am going to save 1000 euros !!!! so yay!!

  • Thanks, I enjoyed this! My something awesome that happened today: I mowed the lawn!! Mowing the lawn as exercise+therapy=AWESOME. Because the sun is finally out here in Western Washington, which is also AWESOME!!!!!!!! ps. I will Tweet this from my publishing company page. We are Synclectic Media, and would love a copy of AWESOME. 🙂

  • Laughing Yoga Mama

    Snuggling and giggling with my sons in bed this morning was lovely awesome experience. At their ages and with busy schedules we don’t get the time to do it very often anymore. Little moments of bliss. 🙂

  • Robin kilburn

    Every day I have, I have learned that life is unpredictable. once today is gone there is no getting it back no changing it tomorrow. So enjoy it as it unfolds there are wonderful treasures just waiting to be discovered

  • laurie

    today I went to an beautiful dharma talk, meditated, connected with wonderful people & loved my dog! Everything about today is awesome!

  • Awesome: Confirmation of bald eagle chicks peeking up over the edge of the neighborhood nest! Even more awesome, the magic of the telescope that makes it possible to watch them from a mile away!! But most awesome of all: A beautiful sunny Sunday in Seattle, that enticed me to look outside!!! 😎

  • Sick in bed today. However, windows were open and I was serenaded all day by glorious birdsong from white throated sparrows, catbirds, chickadees, cardinals and robins (singing their beautiful rain song). Feel better now. 🙂

  • Hair4Stars

    For today I will be concious of looking for the awesome in everything and will make an effort to keep doing it everyday. Thank you, Kathe (Brian -my if I was a boy name 🙂 )

  • A surprise sunny Sunday in Seattle is also part of my Awesome for today!! Such an unexpected blessing!

  • Martin Medina

    I had an impromptu “me” moment when asked a question that forced me to face myself and remember my fallibility, reminding me that I am only human.

  • I made May Day baskets with my 6 year old daughter and shared in her excitement as we delivered them to her friends’ houses.

  • Internette

    I worked really hard in the yard yesterday — well after the sun went down. Since it was dark, I couldn’t enjoy the fruits of my labours — but this morning I came downstairs and looked outside… Wow! It looked amazing. And there was even a little hummingbird just outside the window looking at me. So magical!

  • i TWEETED!

  • Neil

    Seeing the first flower buds on my first tomato plants grown from seed is what was awesome for me today!

  • Allison9034

    Love this! Something awesome that happened to me today: I got to sleep in and wake up next to the man I love and now I get to spend my evening writing!

  • Sweetruered

    I enjoyed this. I have something awesome every day. I appreciate everything in my life. Today I got to speak to my son. I haven’t got to talk to him in several months. That was the most awesome thing today. I also got to talk to the rest of my family. That was awesome as well. I have beautiful flowers blooming in my yard and a loving boyfriend. I have good health and happiness. all are awesome.

  • Eggan1

    Breakfast with hubby. Worked outside. Neighbors over for dinner.

  • I went to church at the National Cathedral and yoga. I didn’t sleep well last night because I couldn’t quiet my mind from the stress and anxiety running through it. I decided I would invest time today to renew my spirit and calm my mind. Sometimes, we can turn our struggles inside out and make them into awesome opportunities for growth.

  • Something awesome that happened today: I was able to see and hang out with my Dad for the first time in six months,as he just got back from his winter home.

  • Janefrankish

    the awesome thing I made pancakes for my daughters sleepover, so breakfast was ice cream cake and pancakes!

  • Iangeri

    I painted on my acrylic in my little studio area set up in the corner of my bathrrom… As soon as I woke up I stumbled out to the easel. Eyes still half open I mixed some colours and found it filled me with contentment.

  • I love falafels. Problem is I live in a small town, nearest falafel is over an hour away. When I make them myself, they are too dry and crumbly and kind of suck. I have wished for falafels for 3 1/2 years now. Today, at the grocery store, near the veggie crumbles, was something I’d never seen before: Veggie Patch Falafels! They may not be 100% authentic from the gyro place, but to me, they are seriously awesome.

  • The sun shone, that’s Awesome. My kid gave me a hug, that’s Awesome too. My wild garlic is in flower, that’s really Awesome. I pulled up a couple of buckets of weeds (no idea if I got ALL the roots or not) – but my chickens thought that was Awesome!

  • Stephanie

    Too many awesome things happened today! The best thing was that the sun and warmth have finally arrived in Vancouver; basking in the sun with tea and a book added an incredible amount of awesomeness to my life!! I retweeted the posted line above under “stephiepb”! 😀

  • Tina Davis

    Two awesome things today. Fixed a toilet without having to call the plumber and mulched flower bed and added some new additions. My 3 year old neighbor asked why I have so many flowers and I told her “because they make me happy”.

  • Moorechez67

    I cut my neighbors grass without saying it was me. – @absit_invidia

  • Sheilagh Lee

    Watching spring arrive today as the grass is dampened with the late spring rain and the flowers are slowly arising from their wintery slumber;smelling their light frangrance in the air was awesome.

  • rebecca neale

    today is awesome… simple…. I am just grateful and lucky to feel so alive and happy…x

  • Frogsrule22

    So many awesome things today but the best was taking in some vitamin D with my teenagers! In Maine we needed it! Pasty isn’t pretty!

  • Margaret X Pak

    Today was a beautiful May Day. It started with an invigorating long run along Chicago’s beautiful lake front path, followed by a lovely brunch at the finish line with a friend, then a glorious Sunday afternoon nap, and quality time with my husband.

  • Angela

    This morning it was finally warm enough to run out and do cartwheels in the backyard.

  • Fk5756

    My comment about what made me happy today.

    My son who has been ‘searching’ came for a surprise visit today. He actually wanted to know who I am. So often mothers are just that…mothers. He had so many questions about the whys, whens, and wtfs-he told me to keep talking.

    THEN, he had his moment to share his story. I was so pleased to see how well he’s turned out, good head on his shoulder and he’s learned from the mistakes of his past (and is still learning NOW as he lives his life).
    I was exhausted when he left, but he actually left some of his clothes behind saying he’s be back soon.
    Who would have thought that I’d (any mother, any ex care giver….) be overjoyed to wash his dirty laundry???

    New memories-will he come back next week to b with me on my 55th B-day?
    I will ask the powers that be-if you think that you can make it ‘be’, then let it ‘be’.

    Thanks for giving me this space to do my daily journaling, I have SO much more to this moment that will ‘unfold’ as the days pass. BUT, I’m happy 🙂

  • Oop… me, too. Spent an AWESOME sunny day on a Lake Washington cruise, followed by dinner at a great Greek restaurant near the lake front, that was a fantastic new find for us.

  • Nik

    When I took a bubble bath tonight I was serenaded by spring peepers in my backyard pond, awesome and relaxing.

  • On a day like today, what ISN’T awesome?! The energy of people enjoying one of the first warm, sunny days – awesome! Driving with the top down, letting the sun and the fresh, crisp air mingle with great “happy day” songs – Awesome! The quick, swoopy feeling of the boat going over a wake, throwing up a sudden, sparkling spray of water into the air, causing kids to shriek and giggle – AWEsome! Sharing this happy feeling with anyone open to it – AWESOME!

  • It was SUNNY in Seattle!

  • Hughesbaby

    Today Osama bin Laden is dead. This is absolutely Awesome!

  • I had a delicious lunch & a delicious dinner, plus I got to spend this lovely day with my husband & son!

  • Humanisticcounsellor1

    I shared a private moment with facebook friends and the burden of those thoughts lifted my spirits

  • Mary

    This is the first time I’m hearing of this book. It sounds like something I need in my life right now. Something awesome that happened today was being able to take a walk and enjoy that. We don’t have a working car anymore and had to walk quite a distance to the store, but that gave us the chance to be outside in the warm weather and get the chance to talk more. I think that was pretty awesome.

  • This is the first time I’m hearing of this book. It sounds like something I need in my life right now. Something awesome that happened today was being able to take a walk and enjoy that. We don’t have a working car anymore and had to walk quite a distance to the store, but that gave us the chance to be outside in the warm weather and get the chance to talk more. I think that was pretty awesome.

  • This is the first time I’m hearing of this book. It sounds like something I need in my life right now. Something awesome that happened today was being able to take a walk and enjoy that. We don’t have a working car anymore and had to walk quite a distance to the store, but that gave us the chance to be outside in the warm weather and get the chance to talk more. I think that was pretty awesome.

  • Cathy G

    I look forward to opening my Facebook every day and reading Tina Buddah. I am always sharing quotes with my friends and it is amazing how many times I have been told “that is just what I needed to hear today”!!! Thanks for being there for all of us!!

  • Something awesome happened today. I realized a really interesting connection. I realized that the Star of David is actually a tetrahedron star. Now I finally get it. Also, I have Mountain Dew and it’s warm outside. Yay for life.

  • BeejalShah

    Making art with my 4 year old daughter in the garden with the sun shining and a light breeze. I feel like I bond with her more every time we do something creative together. For me that is awesome!

  • imagewatom

    Hi All,

    Well, I don’t know if this will count or not, but even if I don’t win the book at least I get to share a small moment that made me feel really good(during a sad time for me), by helping someone other then myself.

    Quick note: My Cousin Terrence @ the age of 55, died unexpectedly last weekend. He meant a lot to me… Hence the sad mood I was in…

    Ok, so I was driving around today(Monday, May 2, 2011) rushing to get things organized so as I would be prepared to go at a moments notice to my Cousin Terrence’s funeral(Oh, I live in Canada, the funeral is in Yorkshire, England) so I was crazy stressed, losing my train of thought, etc for most of the day while… Well you get the idea…

    & while I was just about ready to explode with a medium amount of ‘road rage’ due to heavy traffic(something I normally can deal with calmly) I noticed that an SUV’s left brake-light was burnt-out driving ahead of me.

    So I took a deep breath, managed to pull in the lane(going a little out of my way, but not much), pulled up alongside the SUV(luckily @ a red-light), rolled down my window, honked my horn to get the driver’s attention, & told her that brake-light was burnt-out. She thanked me & then I went on my merry way…

    It truly filled me with a moment of joy, not for long, but enough, that I felt good that within my ‘self-centered anxious, sad mood’ from most of the day(feeling mostly negative), that by helping someone who I didn’t even know, it made feel better & filled me with positive energy. Even up to the time I write this, I still feel that positive energy, & it truly amazes how doing something so simple to help someone else can make one, or at least myself, feel so much better then the dark, depressed, & anxious mood I was in just a fraction of a sec. before I did what I did.

    Good Luck to you all 🙂


    – T

  • imagewatom

    Soooo. Am I just really tired or what?

    Where are the winner’s posted or listed?

    Either way, I’m happy for all those who won 🙂


    – Thomas

  • Hi there,

    I emailed the winners directly yesterday. Thank you for entering!


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