Having Faith: Why Do We Expect the Worst in Tomorrow?

Having Faith

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” ~John Allen Paulos

Over the past few years, as I’ve settled into my late twenties, life seems to have opened the flood gates to a number of lessons and realities. With each of these hardships or challenges I’ve overcome, I’ve taken with me a lesson of new wisdom, deeper compassion, self-awareness, humility, and empathy for others.

On that same note, I have also noticed that with each experience, I seem to begin treading more carefully in my approach to future situations, treating them fragilely and with caution; unconsciously trying to protect myself or others from perceived disappointment or hurt.

Recently, my husband and I decided to purchase another home to take advantage of the current real estate market. Impatiently awaiting our final loan approval, I refused to allow him to pack a single box until we had a hard approval in hand.

Even with the lender stating that we were pre-approved and very well-qualified, I still wouldn’t budge one box or belonging until I knew for certain, 100%, that the loan was ready to go with zero speed bumps in the process.

I then started to ask myself why I was so rigid to move forward. At what point, in anything that we do, is the road always paved and a guaranteed 100%?

In reflecting on this past year, I’ve witnessed that the only true 100% guarantees we can expect are that our surroundings, feelings, emotions, comfort zones, people, and material possessions will always endure change.

As I still awaited the final loan approval, with less than two weeks to close on the new home (and four-plus years of possessions to pack up in our current one), I realized how my dwindling faith had physically manifested itself into this incident.

The doubt I had in our situation had been filled only with anxiety, more so than facts.  My “being cautious” thoughts were deeply laced with fear and intertwined into an expectation of the worst.

Looking at the dozens of boxes awaiting to be packed, while having a conversation with a close friend, I realized my cautious fear had clouded any faith I had left, and had left me feeling stuck and confused. It was shortly after this that I began to understand that treading carefully is actually done by keeping faith…

People often say, “Take a leap of faith.”

Faith doesn’t have to be a blind leap. It can be what we carry with us in each step we take of our daily lives, as the rule and not the exception.

It is with faith that we can accomplish our dreams; it is with faith that we can build visions of new beginnings filled with possibilities; it is with faith that our creativity grows; and it is with faith that we can take hold of the energy we need to carry us through all the changes we will encounter.

So, how do we restore our faith in situations?

I recently printed the following five faith statements from a favorite author of mine, Napolean Hill. I keep this in front of me daily, as a reminder:

  • Understand faith is awareness of, belief in, harmonizing with the universal powers.
  • Faith is a state of mind which must be active not passive, to be useful in achieving lasting success.
  • Close the door to fear behind you and you will quickly see the door of faith open before you.
  • Fear is nothing more than a state of mind, which is subject to your own direction and control.
  • Faith will not bring you what you desire, but it will show you the way to go after it for yourself.

Take a deep breath, rejuvenate yourself with the letting go of fear, and grasp onto the security of faith in our ever-changing surroundings.

With that, I’m well on my way to packing for our new home, armed with vibrant faith for the future, and visualizing this exciting, new beginning of our next chapter.

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About Cat Li Stevenson

Cat is an explorer of the human journey and a lover of well-being. She is living and practicing at an urban Zen Center in San Francisco, and working for Wisdom 2.0, an organization that strives to bring wisdom and awareness into the digital age. You can add her as a friend on FB or find her writing on Medium.

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