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I’ve often wished I found meditation much earlier in life.

Like in high school, where I once burst a stress ball from excessive squeezing, shooting little beans or beads or whatever filled the ball in every direction around my overloaded desk. Or in college when the triad of my depression, anxiety, and bulimia began to feel like the foundation of my identity.

I wish I knew when I was young that meditation could heal me both physically and psychologically and help me find a space inside my mind that wasn’t so loud and painful—not to mention the effects it would have on my relationships.

It’s almost impossible to be available to the people around you when you’re constantly on edge, quick to react emotionally, and slow to let things go.

Just like meditation creates space in our minds, it creates space in our relationships; it’s strips away our insecurities and judgments and grudges and enables us to meet each other, fully and authentically, in the present moment.

Though I wish I found meditation years ago, I likely wouldn’t have believed you if you told me, back then, just how profoundly it would change my life.

I now believe meditation is the most powerful tool for personal transformation, and I’m passionate about sharing the practice and its benefits—which is why I’m thrilled to introduce you to How to Meditate Like a Buddhist, the latest book from bestselling author and certified meditation instructor Cynthia Kane.

Before discovering meditation, Cynthia often felt anxious, disconnected, and overwhelmed by her daily to-do list. No matter what changes she made to her external world, her internal world remained in chaos, and she eventually concluded she was fundamentally broken.

Peace, presence, and purpose eluded her, until she had no choice but to address her feelings in the aftermath of a tragic loss. Self-destructing and deteriorating both mentally and physically, Cynthia needed to heal her mind, body, and spirit. That’s when she found meditation. And like me, she was blown away by its effects.

“If you had told me eight years ago that I would find peace in my life, form deep connections with others, see beauty in the world, stop judging and evaluating myself constantly, and change my relationship to fear, death, stress, and anxiety, I would never have believed you. Yet here I sit, writing this book to let you know this is exactly what happened and that beginning a meditation practice was the cornerstone to this way of life.” ~Cynthia Kane

And thus begins How to Meditate Like a Buddhist, a book that teaches basic meditation practices and their benefits from a Buddhist perspective. By the time you reach the end of the book, you will know:

  • What meditation is and what it isn’t
  • The simple tools you need to practice
  • The many types of meditation you can choose from
  • Some of the obstacles you’ll encounter when practicing
  • How to incorporate meditation into your life with a meditative outlook

Each chapter begins with a Buddhist story or teaching and ends with hands-on practices to help you bring the benefits of meditation into your everyday life.

The book even includes structured programs for a 10-Day Meditation Challenge, a 30-Day Meditation Challenge, and a 1-Day Home Meditation Retreat.

Comprehensive yet easily digestible, How to Meditate Like a Buddhist outlines everything you need to know to start a meditation practice and create mental freedom.

We can’t change the past or control the future, but we can always come back to the present moment, releasing our worries about what’s behind us and our fears about what’s coming. It’s not easy, and we’ll likely still struggle at times. But that’s why it’s called a practice. And the beautiful thing is once we learn how to meditate, we can always come back to it, no matter how much time has passed.

The Giveaway

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**Click here to read an excerpt from How to Meditate Like a Buddhist and to sign up for a special live video workshop, taking place on June 22nd, available to anyone who purchases the book, in any format!

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