Shakya Handicraft: Buddha Statues, Tibetan Jewelry, Meditation Gifts, and More

As someone who appreciates handmade Buddhist gifts, and enjoys giving and receiving them around the holidays, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Shakya Handicraft.

They’re a group of Newari artisans—the aborigines of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal—that are keeping centuries of tradition alive by making beautiful Tibetan and Nepalese handicrafts.

All of their products such as Buddha statues, Thangka paintings, Tibetan jewelry and rugs, singing bowls, and meditation gifts are 100% handmade and can be customized—and blessed by a monk at the Jyatha Buddhist Monastery for an extra fee, which helps keep the monastery running.

At the current time they have a special buy-one-get-one offer running for Tiny Buddha readers only.

Purchase any item on the site, and you’ll receive a free sterling silver and coral Red Love Knot Pendant. All you need to do is enter your name and email address here to unlock the promo code, put both the necklace and item of your choice in your cart, and enter the promo code before checking out.

After opting in, you’ll receive a wide variety of promotional offers, including discounts for specific categories like $40 off statues or 10% off rugs.

Though many items on their site, particularly the Buddha statues and Tibetan rugs, are on the higher side pricewise, they offer a wide selection of affordable gifts, many under $100, and more under $50. Some of my favorites include:

These beautiful pieces of Tibetan jewelry

Browse all Tibetan jewelry here

These gorgeous malas

Browse all malas here

These striking singing bowls

Browse all singing bowls here

These wooden décor items

Browse all home decor items here

 These meditation gifts

Browse all meditation gifts here and prayer wheels here

And if you have a little extra to spend, you might appreciate one of the many striking Buddha statues, paintings, and rugs on their site. Here are my favorites:

Browse all Buddha statues here, all Thangka paintings here, and rugs here

I know it’s been a tough year financially for many, and you may have a tight budget this holiday season. Or perhaps you limit your spending every holiday season because you’re always budget-conscious and want to focus on the spirit of the season. I hear that! I’m generally a bargain shopper, myself.

But if you’re looking for handmade Buddhist and meditation gifts, for your home or altar, or for someone you love, you’ll find a wide variety of stunning options at Shakya Handicraft. And the prices are more than reasonable for the quality handiwork they provide.

Shakya Handicraft ships items via expedited shipping within two business days of receiving your order. Custom charges are subject to your country’s rules and regulations, though they can send items as gifts so that you benefit the tax exemption on gifts.

It typically takes five to seven days to receive an order, and you then have a fourteen-day return window.

You can browse the full Shakya Handicraft collection here. I hope you’ll enjoy their offerings and find something you love, for yourself or the spiritually inclined people in your life!

**Though this is a sponsored post, you can trust I only promote companies, products, and services I personally love!

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