The Book of Awesome: Review & Giveaway (Autographed Copies!)

The Book of AwesomeUpdate: The winners have already been chosen for this giveaway:

We all know the old adage “enjoy the little things,” but how many times throughout the day do you stop to actively enjoy them? Not just notice them, but absorb yourself in them, without letting your thoughts wander to something else you need or want to do?

When a baby unclenches his chubby fist and gives you high-five. When you see someone barbecuing and really selling it, like his skewers are his paintbrush and your burger the Mona Lisa. When you catch someone singing in the car next to you, and you both laugh and connect more than strangers usually do.

How often do you let go of everything else and submit to small pockets of awesome?

The Book of Awesome (adapted from the award-winning blog 1000awesomethings.com) identifies hundreds of these moments.

But Neil Pasricha does more than just list them; he notices more awesome details in each experience than most people observe or remember.

He doesn’t just appreciate all-you-can-eat buffets; he explains how to navigate them for maximum enjoyment. He doesn’t just acknowledge it’s cool when the parking meter still has time on it; he explains the different types of meter-feeding styles, and how awesome it is that they all exist.

The result is an encyclopedia of joy, from observations to interpretations to experiences. Some moments are silly, some poignant, some nostalgic—but everything is familiar. The book is a brilliant reminder of everything that inspires a smile without treading into saccharine-sweet, Pollyanna territory.

Despite my instinct to read a few entries each morning to start the day with a smile, I read the entire book in one weekend. Curled up in bed, hunched over on the elliptical, immersed in a hot tub, riding shot gun to a family function, and late at night, when I should have been sleeping.

I know I’ll read it again—and I’m thrilled Neil has donated two autographed copies so you can enjoy it, too.

The Giveaway

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Readers can enter until midnight, PST on Wednesday, April 15th (when the book is available in stores). I will announce the winners in a post on Thursday. If you can’t wait, order a copy now!

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