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    hey Sonja,
    I think you problem is not a serious one. This is a usual thing happening in nowadays life style. There are many reasons for it.But whatever may be the reason, we need to fix it. The main point is there is a quote that “If you seriously love someone, that person should feel free and he/she should have to think of you when he get a spare time from work etc. ” . So one need to behave and love in such a way that utmost pleasure and happiness is already with me and i dont have to wander any more to grab it.

    the solution to your issue is let us try a new life.Accept his apologies and give him a chance. Then love him whole heartily so that he cannot even look on another woman just for a fun as he will be criticized in his inner mind that he is doing wrong to his better half.

    Then also if he is not changing you no need to worry because, you are not loosing anything, only he looses a person who loves him whole heartily.

    So the point is lets begin with positive energy, think you are the super hero.All power is within you,.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)