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    Hi April

    While there is validation to the feelings you have, what if you say to yourself: Yes, I have all those ugly things… accept that is is nothing but just and nothing more than “opinions” you need not become what others think of you not so? Question for you: What scares you about looking into the other side of you? The special side of you… well everyone has one… that is a fact that can not be argued… look into it… Beauty is in the soul, you are special, you are beautiful and that is what you should be telling yourself every morning, do it for 21 days consecutively everyday… and watch the miracle when you believe that you are! You will never look back. 😉


    Hi Leia

    I lost my dad I was 13, my special and best friend Sara 2 years later, and later on my baby… you know what? it was only a loss for the length of time I though it was a lost. I thought it was… But is it not in the real sense… in the heart the truth is in this poem I read every time i feel down…
    Look Mum
    I am a butterfly
    I am the stars in the sky… I can not die…
    Watch me, now I am free… look and see…
    Hey mum, I am the air that you breathe, I’m the
    birds in the trees, I’m the flowers and the seeds
    Look mum, I’m deep in your heart, we’re never
    apart… I’m all around
    Look mum, I’m a butterfly, I’m the stars in the sky…

    Because someone you love is in heaven, you have a little bit of heaven in your heart!! Fell it, believe it… and let the door of opportunities open up for you. Life presents is to you but you just need to want to… Blessings to you 😉


    Hi PG

    While everyone has it’s own legacy, life experiences… some resonate more with ours than others.
    The beauty of it is that there is choice this something we all in one way or another have in common, we all have that power.
    Change is difficult but change is wonderful too. When something bothers us… it’s time to make a change and it looks like you craving for that. The best definition of fear I have come across to is F (false) E ( evidence) A ( appearing) R ( reality), do not fear rejection… for those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter. Be faithful, truthful to yourself I find this brings great peace to my heart. The voice of the heart is a whisper… talks to us gently, does not force it’s way, the mind does… listen to your heart let it guide you. It is a wisdom to be able to say No, and accept a No too when your heart feels pain… remember it is just a NO, after all. I remind myself that not always who puts you in that predicament wishes you bad… but as valuable too is that not always those who say yes to everything wishes you well either… You can! Free yourself from guilt you are an amazing human being, past experiences make special and beautiful people like you 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)