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    The girl I met the other night was as loose as I am, and we did had sex right through to about 7am after getting p*ssed together.

    Something interesting to note about the evening however, was that I found myself comparing her to the other girl I messed up with. This was new to me, I don’t recall ever thinking about someone else whilst I was with a girl, but in a way it kind of makes sense since she had been on my mind so much recently.

    Whilst this girl was nice and talkative and bubbly, on a few occasions I couldn’t help imagining how much I wanted it to be the other girl sitting there, and how different they are. For me, the other girl oozes more sex appeal than most if not all other girls I’ve been with, in her persona, mannerisms and even her accent. I shouldn’t have took that sh*t for granted.

    Even the sex, whilst it was fine, was nowhere near as good as with the other girl. The girl from the other night was even slightly prudish in some respects, although some of that’s most likely because she’s not long out of an 8 year relationship in which sex had probably become rather mundane. It was fine, but not the best I’ve ever had (that credit goes to the other girl).

    I’ve got a feeling this could potentially be the case as I go through multiple more girls (I know that doesn’t sound very honourable but I don’t lie to or deceive anyone).

    Despite all that, it was still the essential distraction I very much needed.


    Thank you Anita.

    I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.



    Thank you so much you caring soul! I was thinking about you too actually, and your kind words and the quotes you shared with me.

    She’s still on my mind but it’s been eased a little bit thanks to this new lady I’m talking to and have a first date with on Friday night. I know some might consider it too soon and all that, but I need this distraction, and I’m not going to deceive anyone.


    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for sharing. I will check your profile out later.

    I pretty much did give her my declaration that I wanted her more than I want anyone else, and she dismissed it telling me she didn’t want to be serious with anyone. It wasn’t just that one weekend, she’s gradually, slowly but surely drifted away and stopped communicating with me. She knows my feelings, and there’s no more chasing I can do.

    A part of me does of course hold out hope that it isn’t the last we see of each other, but this is not something I’m able to influence or make happen. I tried multiple times to meet up with her since our last weekend together at the end of November, and there’s no point begging.

    If she comes back, she comes back.

    In the meantime, I have been talking to another attractive woman (met online) for the past few days and we have a first date on Friday night. This has been a very welcome distraction because the girl I lost was on my mind 24/7 and I was going insane.


    I didn’t do the flowers thing, you were right.

    I’ve basically just come on this time to express how I’m feeling. I am really feeling the burn right now. It’s heavy. I’m going to have to cry this out.

    At this point I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t thinking about this girl 24/7. She’s just there in my head, all the bloody time.



    Thank you Anita, that’s a great quote and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this book.

    I wonder if it would be a stupid move to send flowers or something to her for Valentine’s Day. I mean, in my head it would be a be-all-and-end-all last ditch attempt at winning her over.

    Although the other side of me is also very aware that I still have the Christmas present I never got to give to her, and here I am considering buying more stuff.

    Any thought on this idea?


    It has hit me quite hard in the last couple of days. I’m really feeling the burn of rejection and heartbreak.

    But I’ve just discovered this term “Unrequited Love” last night, and now that I know what I’m suffering from, I think now I have a point from which I can start to rationalize it and try to make sense of all. Having discovered a name for what I’m experiencing seems to have alleviated the burn, at least for now.

    Basically, my initial thoughts are, “ok, so this is an Unrequited Love, this is a chapter I’m going through, this is simply going to turn in to a story based on my first experience of this”

    I downloaded some books that are apparently relative and helpful for heartbreak.. “The Alchemist” and “Tiny Beautiful Things” and I’m also reading The Art of Seduction.

    I’m happy that I’ve found this term Unrequited Love to meditate on and explore.


    Thank you Anita, you’re always so sympathetic and caring.

    I think it’s my own fault anyway. After we both agreed back in October/November that the intimacy levels had increased between us, it wasn’t too long before some of my behaviours became a turn off. I didn’t become totally “needy” but I wasn’t the cool guy I always am. I became somewhat infatuated with her and I’m sure it showed.

    That’s the point where the person on the receiving end of that love and affection starts to pull away. They know they have you if they want you, and their attraction for you drops. I’ve been on that receiving end before, so it’s almost tragically poetic that I’m now on the opposite side of that.

    I think if she was going through some things I’d understand her wanting space, but if you’re into someone, you don’t reduce and then cut contact with them, no matter how hard you’ve got it. You still communicate, because well, you’re into them.

    It may not be over forever, and arguably nothing existed in the first place for anything to BE over, as we’ve never been exclusive, but if she was off seeing someone else and decided to come back to me at some point, I think I’d feel some pretty strong resentment for both her and whoever she was with. In fact the idea gives me those feelings now.

    Anyways, I’m not letting it mess with my goals and career and aspirations and dreams.


    It’s almost comical that I’m a qualified student of human behaviour yet I went and lead myself down the path of no return with this girl, despite me knowing better. My attraction and increasingly strengthening feelings for her came to the point where I made the mistakes I should not have made. My heart overruled my head.

    Generally when people say they just don’t want to be serious with anyone right now, what they really mean is not with you. Harsh, but 99% of the time it’s true. I’ve even been the one saying this many times to various girls I was seeing, whilst the truth was that I’m always open if the right girl came along, but no-one is ever that honest in those circumstances now, are they.

    I believe she’s almost certainly getting attention elsewhere. She’s a very attractive blonde so there’s no doubt about that. The last time we text was last Thursday when I asked if she was free on Friday night. She said she actually might be free that evening for a few hours. I told her cool let me know and I’ll come and collect you. She never got back to me. She was also free all weekend as her kids go to the father once a month. Meaning she was doing whatever with whoever, and it wasn’t me. It’s almost like she’s making it clear without saying anything.

    Although we aren’t friends on Facebook, her relationship status has went from “single” to “no relationship info to show”.

    I realised the other day that I haven’t actually seen her in 2 months. So I’ve obviously decided that as much as it hurts and I hate having to let go and move on from a girl when I feel so strongly about them, it needs to  be done. I will not contact her again. If she contacts me on Snapchat (our usual method) I won’t reciprocate, whereas I’d normally compliment her or whatever.

    I decided at the turn of the month it’s gotta be total radio silence… Not to try and get a response or anything, just that there’s no point chasing anymore. It may make her come back some day, it may not, but I’m just gunna proceed with life regardless.

    Just trying not to get spiritually angry with her at the minute. I sort of feel like “You little b*tch!”.. although that could maybe help me get over her


    I still haven’t seen her face to face, unfortunately.

    I told told her yesterday over text that I want her more than I want anyone else, and asked her if she’d met someone else.

    She said she hasn’t met anyone else, but that she didn’t want to be serious with anyone at the minute.

    So that’s where I’m at. I do have bigger problems in my life but this still does hurt a bit.

    However, I’ve laid my cards on the table. That might not be a good thing, because when one person has the upper hand, it can affect the dynamic going forward, but there’s no taking it back now.


    I don’t see any residual pain intensifying in fact I see it softening even more. In the last 6 years I’ve turned away from up to 10 potential relationships with girls. One of which, during 2018, I came to really regret, but she had moved on to someone else. I was too late.

    This time I’ve been giving this a lot more consideration. I miss not being with her, and have even had butterflies on occasion when thinking about her (something I didn’t think you could get after 25 years old haha). I’m quite confident that the next time we meet, aside from any potential conversation, how we feel upon meeting and embracing, will tell all.

    Happy New Year Anita


    Even though the conversation was over text, we then felt that increased intimacy the next time we met up a few weeks ago.

    You could be right about something deep inside holding me back. I’m no longer in the mindset that I once was, but the pain of that time hit so hard that it wouldn’t be very surprising if there was residual pain within my soul.

    Having said that, my girl got in contact with me last night. I was right about her having some personal things going on. She sent me a picture of her glass of champagne and I sent back a picture of mine with that caption “Same to you beautiful xxx” then a little later she text me and literally said “Thanks babe.. I’ve had some things going on lately, that’s why I haven’t been in contact, sorry xx”

    This has alleviated some of my concerns. I still haven’t seen her yet obviously, but I will. And then when we do meet up, we can have that chat about relationship exclusivity. I’d be very surprised if she doesn’t expect this conversation to arise.


    She left my place that day and then later on that evening I texted her my thoughts about the previous night. I can’t recall word for word what we said but it was along the lines of me telling her that I felt the level of intimacy significantly increase between us, and she said she felt it too. Then we agreed to see how it goes. I didn’t want to ask her to be my girlfriend at that exact moment because it would have felt like I was asking just for the sake of it (probably should have though).

    Another reason for my current situation could be that she got impatient waiting for me to bring up the discussion. But I wanted to wait until Christmas time so it was more intimate, meaningful and emotional.


    I’m not entirely sure why Anita. Perhaps it’s a pride thing. Perhaps it’s something she wants to keep to herself. Perhaps she will talk about it with me but just not yet. Perhaps it’s about me and it’s difficult to approach me about it.

    It’s the not knowing what’s going on or where I stand that’s killing me. I just want to see her and talk to her.


    She never responded at all. There are only a few possible reasons for this..

    1. She has some personal problems she’s dealing with.

    2. For some reason, she is no longer interested in me.

    3. She is interested, but is waiting on me to make the move (however, I want this to be face to face)

    The most frustrating thing at the minute is that I wold have really liked to be going in to the new year with her as my girlfriend.

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