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    Hey Steve,
    That’s why you have to take advantage of the fact that “it seems like some women get kind of weirded out by that”… you have to use that in your favor, by that I mean that I’ve noticed that women are more susceptible to getting attracted because it’s something that they don’t expect, so they don’t know how to react to it… that’s why you have to NOT get weirded out yourself. You have to be ready for that weird/freaked out reaction by women and you have to know how to work that out, and make them feel comfortable and trusted, so the first step is getting their trust/confidence and of course make them laugh.

    I do this because it is indeed fun. Yet, you will of course get rejected many times but you have to deal with that and just let it go, but don’t let them discourage you… You should try it out, just for the fact of having some fun, you should start even doing it with girls whom you are not attracted to, so you don’t feel that pressure, and it will help as a warm – up, practice, and of course you’ll gain confidence.


    Thank you Stilllearning,

    Your words are rich of wisdom…. What I find strange is that I think about playing soccer, I get a strong desire to play soccer when I’m really upset, when I feel depressed, alone, because I feel soccer to be a refuge, but I mean when I’m emotionally really down… crying and stuff… or either when i’m furious about someone or something, or when I’m extremely happy… but otherwise, like on a daily basis I don’t feel any of the aforementioned strong emotions that will “motivate me” to not only play but to enjoy it,when depressed, lets say due to a girl or something like that, i feel it like an escape a refuge… when furious… i go running at 100% and also shooting, and competing with anger like it should be (even when not furious, therefore all the time) or when I’m full of joy for something thats happened in my life I enjoy the game, because its a happy game,like its supposed to be, “the beautiful game” but when I’m not in any of those emotions I just don’t give it all, I can’t give it all for some reason… and I also happened to instead of enjoy it, I’m more stressed out about it…

    And yeah, indeed, you are right, its an obsession, but you know… perhaps I could not try to become a professional soccer player and go to a “happy life” but you know…

    If i go for the soccer career, i might be less happy, live difficult situations, lots of stress, but at the end, it will bring me satisfaction… something that living just a “happy life” in the ‘market’ won’t bring me…

    and I can’t imagine a life without satisfaction, and by satisfaction I mean personal fulfillment, I don’t mean it to be famous and claimed by the crowd… just to feel realized… and even though I might not enjoy many moments when playing soccer, I’m sure it can bring that satisfaction


    Hello Steve, well, it depends in what sort of “atmospheres” you like to meet women?

    What I enjoy the most,and find the most efficient – in terms of percentage, is just talking to any girl I’m interested in wherever I see her; if I’m walking down the sidewalk, on a park, going for a coffee and happen to like the waitress.. supermarkets.

    But if you are more of the guy of meeting people who you see repeatedly, people who you see more on a daily basis – at work, and classes like someone mentioned above… hmm

    Why don’t you become a coach of something, in case you have experience/passion for some activity, and you can teach children, and lots of mothers will be there (of course, approach the single ones)….

    But you know, this is a common question for every guy regardless of the age… thats why I roll on the streets, I think its more original trying to get a girl interested if you just talk to her out of the blue, some of them appreciate that and find it quite attracting.


    Thank you Yue for your response; just to make something clear: I not only enjoy it when scoring – but that is the highest, the climactic feeling of fulfillment… i also like the fact of playing, I’m usually not a goalscorer due to my position; i love assisting others…

    but yeah, the problem is that… the training process, getting there, thats what makes me not know if i really wanna it or not, if i really enjoy it or not…

    it is a never ending dilemma… and i totally agree and thank you about the: “One of the common themes I’ve noticed in both your options your focus on the outcome rather than the process”

    And, well, if i go in the business field and stuff, i might like it, but i don’t think i will be passionate about it, neither about any other educational career…

    its just something so confusing


    At the end what everyone seeks is love… even though girls or guys just wanna have fun, and when they are young they just wanna get laid with hundreds of different girls – in respect to guys…

    well… about your topic: yes, online dating, and those online applications and even social networks – fb – are used by girls just to boost their ego and make them feel like someone worthy.. you see girls with 300 likes on fb pics and they think they are princesses, celebrities, and stuff. This is just my opinion, i don’t want to offend any girls here.

    You should never tell a woman directly: “I came clean after a while and just simply said that I was attracted to her.” even though she gave you her phone number and “It seemed like she was attracted to me.” why?? because you kill the attraction.. be physical, not verbal… demonstrate that attraction by doing physical moves… you know what i mean… if you tell a girl your intentions, or that you are seeking love etc,, they freak out… girls just wanna have fun, thats the first step.. you can’t jump directly into rapport and saying that you are looking for that missing part of your heart… make her laugh, chill… and they will eventually fall in love with you if you follow everything correctly… but the more ‘needy’ of love you come the worst the outcome will be. And remember, girls are looking for a male, they are the emotional ones, so if you come up very emotional at the beginning and stuff that is a major turn off.

    And about the woman who gave you her number, and whom you said to that you were attracted to her… its common that she was attracted to you and for that reason she gave you her number… but that is just the beginning… its just a green light of many…just because she was attracted to you, it doesn’t mean she will go out on a date with you, it takes more than that.. and you know, girls, put on trial every single guy, and you happened to respond with “I came clean after a while and just simply said that I was attracted to her.””… that was a major turn off, she was looking for someone different, someone original, funny… hope this helps

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