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    Thank you Anna and thank you Anita for replying. I’m a bit better knowing that it’s a part of the process I must face myself.


    I’d like to add something I found on a website. Hopefully it will help me to forgive myself which is the hardest part of this healing.

    “All of us have experienced trial and pain. All of us are living life wounded and scarred. We learn to deal with our wounds and press forward, but whether we acknowledge it or not, wounds and scars change us. There are no perfect parents. There are no perfect friends. There are no perfect siblings or spouses. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect humans. We lash out and hurt others because we are broken and in need of healing.

    One of the most critical spiritual exercises we can undergo is allowing God to heal our past wounds and guide us to a lifestyle of forgiving present scars. Without healing and forgiveness, other people’s mistakes will affect our future. Without the inner working of the Holy Spirit, we will live in continual suffering from the sins of others.”


    Bless you all . Best regards and thank you once again.



    Hi there

    I love it. It’s beautiful !!! Keep writing  your songs You’ve got it right!

    Nothing better than real feelings put into words in a song. I wish I could hear the melody also.


    Best regards. Gr8


    Hi Anita

    Thank you for replying, I do really appreciate it.

    What I am looking for is a person who had a spiritual awakening and started to heal this life past traumas.  Someone who could bring more calming light to my situation. It is not about traumatic experiences I went through, its about the healing of the past, how long it could take to fully heal the fear and anger and all other deeply hidden feelings connected to this.   Just needed someone talk to who might have went through a similar healing process.

    Little upgrade: I went to see medium psychic and I’ve found out that it’s the next step of the awakening journey. I’ve meet my spirit guides which are my mum, great grandma and a gentleman- which could be my dad but I am not sure as the characteristic description does not fit to his.

    Anyway I feel much better today and one main trauma has almost been healed. I cried as much I could and allowed myself to feel it all over again. Now the other almost same traumatic experience is looping in my energy field which is not as scary as the first one but still – trauma is trauma.

    The sad part is that honestly is here no one who went through this, am I the only one ?

    Best regards. Love and light for all.




    Dear Tannhauser


    Calm your mind and don’t ovethink it.

    You’re missing clarity and to me it seems like you have got all the pieces of the puzzle at place but you’re blocking your clarity about it all.


    When you will reach the fully understanding of unseen force and religions as a whole – without judgemental ego assumptions.  You will find your balance and peace.


    Work on that and you’ll be fine.


    And don’t lie that no one offered you help because you may check our conversations in you kundalini blog and then rewrite your truth.

    Love and light(clarity ) for you.


    Best regards eight x


    By the way Tannhauser I have got a spare kidney if you’re interested B rh-, east midlands UK  I can also give you a shelter and hot meal for as long you need, my room is big enough for two .  Goodnight



    Hi again.

    First of all I am happy that you guys engaged together pretty well. I must admit I can not leave the topic without adding some words of my inner wisdom.

    Tannhauser obviously I’m invisible now and my advice here is not required but it’s hard to ignore your buzzing mind, which is the main issue here -no offence. Let me explain: your curious nature and overstimulated brain makes it much harder for you as I can witness myself.

    Awakening is to transform your own faults which will help you to raise your consciousness higher. But you must let these emotions just be – if you feel like crying CRY as much you need until you will cry it all out.

    When the sadness, fear etc is experienced fully, then you finally release this emotional pain, vibrational energies will shift and physical pain triggered by this emotional pain also will disappear.

    From my experience the awakening shed the light on the special to my heart scenario. I’ve went through the loss of my mum 11 years back and it took me couple of years to put myself together, the hardest lesson back then. Gracefully to GOD and the Light and Love  I must go through it again but with such an ease  knowing that  this  is  not  the  end  and  both of my great Parents are now together and what a heck of a great job they did, raising such a woman like me.

    Knowing the unseen changes everything.

    You may want to know how did I get here – I only have unbreakable trust and unconditional love.

    God bless All  * I love you all * Thank you All




    Hi for the last time

    Of course the purpose of the Great Awakening is to isolate you from the world you know from the day you were born and that is the hardest part of it , being alone physically but not alone for the unseen.

    To me it was quite easy as the world around me did their best to stab my back hundred of times , yes they did  a hell of a great job THANKS TO THEM.  No matter how much I would feel lonely I would not go back the old ways just to simply satisfy my need of closeness with other  or  tolerate wrong when it no longer matches my beliefs.

    ”If this is an awakening, then it is unspeakably cruel on the likes of us.” I wont even comment that cause I might say more crap but I am sure you will find someone to talk about it anyway.

    I can offer you another code for your tummy problems I think it might be a solar plexus chakra ( 80 03 011  to optimize and balance the energy of the third chakra- solar plexus ) you may  try or not to google it for more information and see if it resonates with your symptoms.

    56  51  521 * to cleanse and balance the chakras , to open and heal them at once


    God bless you

    Best regards gr8



    Hi Tannhauser

    You’re the one who started the topic  I’ve offered my helping words to you so you would not feel isolated or mentally crazy sick, and now you’re accusing me of ‘talking crap’. Thank you it is really helpful for me to stand even more solid in my truth and all that is happening around me.


    I can not doubt it anymore so I am grateful for people like you , keep doing what you doing. I pray /wish you all the best in future and now.


    Best regards gr8


    Hi there Tannhauser


    I was off for some time while the planets and their energy was making  a mash  pure with my brain. Another heavy days bringing up the worst denial and anger with fear in tears and desperation.


    I totally understand your point of view all I can say is well done for opening up and as soon as you realize what’s your undoubted truth you will begin the more pleasant phase but you need to get to your own truth.   No one can tell you your truth.


    It sucks at times I know but remember it’s a one way ticket -the more you resist, denial,resentment more difficult it becomes.


    Some people go through this phase multiple times until they mastered their own truth so take care of your shit and the sun will rise.


    Best loving healing energy for you. I believe you can be on top of this , have a faith don’t give up.


    Regards Gr8


    Well but this world has nothing to do with the other ones right.

    There might be many who cares for us up there but to what degree?!  Helping to catch a breath while we no longer want to breathe.


    If we came here to experience all this worldly pleasures and pains why are we limited so much.


    If anything is possible then tell me why Tannhauser we do this sacrifices and still it’s not enough.


    Best wishes x


    The Holy Guardian is actually your Higher Self , the Holy Spirit . In Christians this journey represents the Holy Trinity

    “Without a conception of the true Trinity in humankind, we must fall into the snares of the modern psychological doctrines. The lack of perception of this primal “secret of number” has brought much confusion into the world for a thousand years.

    Man needs to get to know himself in the constant interplay of the three systems, the Sense-nervous system, the Rhythmic system, and the Metabolic system. There is no revelation, no manifestation, without the sway of the Godhead behind it. Hence behind every duality there is a hidden Oneness, a hidden unity. Therefore the Three is nothing else than the Two and the One – the Revelation and the Godhead behind the Revelation.” Rudolph Steiner.


    What the Chart of Your Divine Self shows is that each of us has a Higher Self and that each of us is destined to become one with that Self, whether we call it the Christ,the Holy Spirit  the Buddha, the Tao or the Atman.


    Best wishes x


    Tannhauser one simple explanation I have got for you take it or not it’s your choice.

    As I’ve mentioned before you’re connected to someone energetically that’s why you have all this sexual or other weird feelings. But it’s only on energetic level , you may have also a telepathic connection as well.


    Same like Anita mentioned about cat crawling feeling I currently live in a house with two cats and they’re crawling on my tummy while I am in bed. Lately I can feel some animal near my legs may be cat or dog , I’m not sure.


    But I know for sure that the telepathic connection is real as I’ve heard an old friend voice saying my name in my head and his hand on my shoulder and he wasn’t anywhere near me on that day.


    Do you think there might be someone who you felt strong connection with and you’re no longer in touch?  If yes try to reach out to that person, see if something is happening to him or her too.


    I don’t know how much more I could lighten this up for you.  Try also next time to ask with your own voice to show you who is this or to visit your dreams maybe.


    Best regards x  light for all x


    Dear Tannhauser

    Thank you for an update. I appreciate that you’re back here but you got me worried to be honest. I know that you’re far above your confusion and no matter how much your days are darkened by hate you are feeling now , know that it shall pass soon and you will be back fully yourself again.

    It’s just a part of the process all the nasty things are coming up, just so we could realize it and be aware of what needs to be improved or what lesson need to be learned. Please don’t give up on God have a faith and hope always.

    I am not an expert but listen to me this time and know that you’re not in this alone.


    Love and healing for you xxx

    Best regards  8



    Hi there.

    I could be the only one who and if goes out to clubs ,goes simply to assure or remind myself how much I love spending time at home and anywhere else than clubs. Music is what I love and I can have a glass of wine anywhere I want.

    When I used to go out I went because I enjoyed the music,dance and that was only reason why I went. I loved it even when had a drink or two and it unlocked my mind smoothly so I’ve  danced  and every time when someone unknown and drunk approached me I wasnt very happy because they disturbed my special time.  Laugh or not but it’s true.

    With age comes wisdom to many (hopefully ) clubbing  is for certain amount of time and occasionally it is good to go out and again remind myself that there is various ways to spend friday or saturday evening with the loved one near you instead of getting drunk and anxious because of those who disturb your peace.  Never too late  to learn and enjoy things you love in a new way.


    Best regards Gr8


    Hi there

    I love when people say what comes to their mind and all what you said above  touched my heart very deep.

    Life itself is a university without instruction and to make it best for our own sake is that we all do need to work very hard  on it everyday.

    Love and passion radiates throughout your post. I can feel it it’s really nice of you to share it with us. Thank you


    I hope and I’ll pray that your special lady will come back to you. You seem like you have found what everyone wish to have but they too easily giving up.


    Love and light for all

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