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    A famous painter
    A famous model
    The famous pose
    The famous brush
    The famous art

    Famous model “I look hideous, this is terrible, I am blue, I am deformed, how dare you, destroy this atrocity, NOW”

    Famous artist “It’s a masterpiece, you are beautiful, I am beautiful”

    We are all beautiful.. I love it… if any man stops seeing the beauty and any woman stops to see her own… we will live like stones under stones.

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    I’d love to sugar coat this, offer you kid gloves, but I can’t.

    All I hear is love is pain to overcome.
    And that is your belief.
    That’s your’s to hold solid, like rocks.
    Also I have to add you have jealousy issues.
    You must realize that if you want to embrace your own female self you must love us all, all of your sisters.
    You also rationalize much. “oh, he’s not like that really”
    But maybe, just maybe…….
    and the last time I checked in on reality………
    I believed the words and reacted appropriately to my self worth.
    And alas the surprise, was indeed, the words were truth.

    “I like you, but am not inlove with you”
    “I’m not sure how I feel”
    “I need my space”
    “You’re this….. and I don’t like it”
    “I’m thinking about moving to another city”
    “I got a call from my ex, who wants to meet up”

    I let them go freely, I know I am not here to regulate their existence, their future, their path.
    I also know when my safety of emotions is concerned, I turn inward, outward and then forward, like a wind and sometimes like a tornado.

    in reply to: will he like me even after i rejected him? #45446

    How did he feel your distance, your inner cold, your inner shut outness?
    Did he feel the same? Did he experience your emotions?
    Is that possible?
    You put too much importance on yourself, too much of everything.
    He was probably going “meh, no answer, so John want to play some pool”?
    Life when taken as a simple glass of water, is just a simple glass of water.
    There is nothing more than the moment of refreshment, thanks and you put down the glass and go do something.
    We’re all in motion, at all times, like flowing water.
    I say rinse twice and go with the flow.

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    Dragging the tongue out of the tigers mouth.
    Is impossible, as it’s tongue so ruff will lick the skin from your bones.

    More later…


    When things go badly, like a broken relationship or an abusive situation, I remember my Shakespeare. All the worlds a stage.
    I pretend that the situation was a play a movie and I was the star, its great being the star. I pretend I received an Oscar for my performance. The movie ends, the act is over, the curtain closes. Now on to the next play, the part, the role.
    As both Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford have said “I never see my movies, I never remember my lines, and I just go on to the next movie”
    So, those “academy” performances line up in my mind like tall strong Oscars.
    Yes, I am the star, the spot light is on my life. A new adventure begins. Delighted and Enlightened I dance my way onto a new stage.

    I thank my leading man, all the other actors, directors, writers.
    We part.
    The emotions of the play, the act, the scene dissolve as I search for a new theatre.
    Life mimicking art.
    I have the choice of which part I wish to perform.
    It is in my hands in my control.

    I also think of the partnered actors who could never work together again.
    I think of the ones who did. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.
    They danced in perfect harmony. I think of my leading man whom Iā€™d dance with
    and I see that dance in my mind.

    I am also content in knowing I am an independent artist.
    I can go it alone and evolve through many roles.

    Either is beautiful and acceptable.

    I learn my lines, research the part and perform better with each take.
    There will always be a part to play.

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    Walk into the nearest Nursing Home. They’ll love that you came even if they don’t know your name. It’s where you need to go.
    Spend time and explore the deterioration of the body the mind.
    But if you spend sometime, you will see something else.
    Now look at your future sitting on those beds, in those chairs, see the zen, see the acceptance, see the reality of your future.
    So now you leave through the doors with your youth and you think. WOW oh WOW
    What am I going to do today that is FANTASTIC……….

    I have an ex boyfriend. Well, I have many of them.
    But one asked me to have surgery to tighten my lower belly.
    To him I said

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    As my mother said after ordering too much on the menu
    “your eyes are too big for your stomach”

    in reply to: haunted by past loves #45436

    The ghosts of relationships past.
    Oh don’t scrooge yourself out of the beauty you created or can carry with you.
    Dissolve the negative and retain the good stuff.
    The good stuff can be the stuff that makes you find better stuff.
    So stuffing is good.
    A good place to set your table
    A big table of love and fun and treats and laughter
    A bitter pill is hard to swallow
    But good stuff sinks into my bones, by soul, my heart
    So stuff it HA
    Get your Jiggy Pudding On.

    in reply to: can you fix a destructive relationship? #45435

    Relax, sit back, close your eyes and look at this relationship and let the joy you want from it expand and grow and see your futures together. See all the bliss you want to see.
    Now slowly, look into his eyes at his face and allow his face to become your face. Look into your eyes, see the bliss, the life, the future you have built. Now kiss yourself. Smile, laugh, hug.
    Do this once a day until you learn to love that inner being, that is you. Don’t worry or fret about the past. Just do this one thing, all else will fall into place as if by magic.

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