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    Maybe I’m wrong, but here I am out on a limb… hanging in reading between the lines.

    But I can’t tell you what I read, too long, too long for my time..or yours

    I would ask you to do this one thing and see how things change.

    Go up to your “narcissistic, sociopath” student. and say this “I am so glad to know you, you may be a challenge, but fact is you’ve really helping me with so much”

    That’s it that’s all..

    WHY? because I read the words that are never written…


    Smoke Rings and Other things.

    Well, I’m a closet smoker too. Also a housecat but am also very extroverted. Clubs, friends, sports races, I run, Ha.. go figure.
    I just don’t smoke when I’m out and about, in bars I use those vapor smokes, their really cool, very techno future.
    I can go for long periods without it. Say 6 hours.
    So you must know your limitations.

    How long between smokes can you go. Then start with outings, clubs, events, for this amount of time.
    Don’t feel guilty about the smoke, guilt will kill ya faster. ha. Why, ’cause it creates more stress, where at least the smoke declines it.

    However, just start small and say Whoo hooo.. Alot, say Whooo Hooo often. ha, it helps too.

    The job, mmm.. wish I was an engineer, whoa.. that would be so cool.
    I say tutor students, excellent for them and you’ll feel encouraged by their valuing your knowledge.
    And look awesome good on an application for management.

    My friends mom had 3 smokes a day, died at 94.
    Life is DNA and Attitude.
    She smiled alot, read alot, played piano alot, always had a great joke to tell.
    She was ……. mmm…… happy

    But she said to me, “find one thing a day and talk to it, doesn’t matter if it’s your car or a pencil, smile and thank it” Than life will always be good



    But by who, someone you “TRUSTED MORE THAN YOURSELF”

    That was your ONLY mistake.

    But hey, I wasn’t even reading much of all of that.
    I was into “My company”, “My Studies”, “My family”, “My travel” WOW woman, right on !!!! you have the life I want !!!!

    As for your STUFF… mmmm I’m thinking (opportunity to confront him)
    I’ve left hundreds and hundreds of dollars of STUFF at ex’s homes.

    One of my ex’s even dropped my stuff off. kudo’s to him, but nope, never got passed the door bell to talk to me.

    Once gone, it’s ALL GONE, I will never go back for ANYTHING especially STUFF. My hardheaded dignity is the STUFF I’m made off, not the sewn stitches in time.

    Now forget about the STUFF and make us all proud out here in Viture City I’m rooting for you, he’s got alot of oats to sew and bills to pay.. Meh.. let him..


    Well, seems you have met your inner Buddha and it’s screaming “SAVE THE ANIMALS”
    A life path perhaps?

    But how many animals can you save?

    Perhaps you must start by changing the hearts of their keepers?

    How would you go about doing that?

    Remember, always remember THE POWER OF ONE

    Your other choice is to silence the whisper and live with that karma… ah… so know I ask,, who is the hanging elephant in the corner?


    Go somewhere alone and scream at the top of your lungs


    Now smile, rejoice, God, Buddha, Allah, whomever, smiles upon you.

    That is the mystery you will then discover.

    I know this, I’ve been there.


    A women walked up the mountain to visit a monk.
    “please, she said, I need to learn everything there is to know”
    The monk brought her to a cave and gave her many books to read.
    Before leaving he turned and hit her with his walking stick.
    The next week he returned and gave her more books to read.
    Before leaving he turned and again hit her with his walking stick.
    This went on for many more weeks
    Then one day the monk raised his cane to hit the women
    and she grabbed it and shouted STOP HITTING ME WITH YOUR CANE!
    He looked at her and said.
    “You have learned everything you need, you may leave”


    Look up this “left my abusive husband” Read what thousands of others in abusive relationships have to say after putting in years and years of abuse.

    Also read up on self worth and self esteem. Read up on “why women stay in abusive relationships” and realize you might be there already.
    Which is very dangerous.

    Love is not hate, love is not violence !!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are anyone says “i’d do anything for him” KNOW and KNOW NOW, it is not love, it is something else. That something else is rooted in your past.


    Bonne chance


    Read “Co-Dependence No More” best read you’ll ever have.
    Go to Co-Dependent groups. They’re everywhere.
    You have to take back you life, but it’s a slow process.
    But you can do it.
    Do not demand or ask anything of her.
    If you’re a workaholic, great for now, stick with work while you work this out.
    If she causes any “legal” trouble let her go through the authorities.
    Also be careful “legally” what “common law marriage” is in your town.
    Here it’s 3 months. Then either of you can sue each other for 1/2 of everything.
    And I mean EVERYTHING!


    The trap is of your own doing. Set your virtues higher. Self worth, dignity.. Know where the traps are in your mind.


    Ok, you both were in the process of ending your relationships. But where not completely finished? She walked in on you both and there was no argument?
    Seems, this MR. Buddass. is a grand manipulator, player. etc..
    You go on to mention that you’re over your head in passion. That is not a clear place of love, that is lust.
    You also talk about his virtues as being a rich homeowner a passionate kisser and loves you. But does he love you when he says, “relax go with the flow, don’t think about it”
    Well if that isn’t the definition of a player I don’t know what is.
    Men have said this to me and what was my response. “Sorry, but thinking about my life, my future, my self worth and my direction, I never “Don’t think about it”
    If you think good wine and sex set me up to sign on the dotted line of your harem, forget about it I will! I’ll go with the flow alright, as I flow out of the door and back into my life.”

    Also you should write solid foundation characteristics you want in a man. Integrity, honesty, loyalty, etc.. get out a thesaurus if need be.

    What would Buddha say “The traps you get caught in, often mean we have to leave a leg behind.
    What leg do you want to loose because you don’t see the trap?


    2 birds 1 stone

    Your fiance took advice from your ex?
    Seems you just got very lucky to find out your fiance doesn’t have your back.
    Who needs a man who doesn’t stand up for his woman?

    You are out of the danger zone with both these men.

    Rejoice and think well of it all.

    As for what others think. None of their business. None…
    Tell them that and gain respect and strength.
    There is nothing more powerful, than silent knowing.

    Buddha sits still and smiles, you do not know why, but it comforts you anyway.
    Sit still and smile, to thoughs who are uncomfortable, let them find the answers to their own mysteries.


    Awesome thoughts…
    Yes, my father RIP, could have been Vincent Van Gogh’s twin.
    strange days, stranger minds.


    If a picture paints a thousand words, I can write 10 thousand.

    I feel a fire inside………
    I feel the chatter rising………..
    I feel the angst of withholding………
    And there is no rest until it is spilled into blackness……………..


    Contracting the Law of Love

    I give I give I give
    NOW ‘give me some candy!”

    This is a tort. this is “twisted”

    The law states:
    I make an offer, it is accepted.
    If not accepted
    There is no contract.

    The Law of Attraction states

    I do nothing but hope and things come to me

    The law states:
    I do ME, the BEST ME, the bestest, bestest me and good things come to me.

    There is the work……
    There is the rub…..

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