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    Danielle Lynn

    For me, it’s the thought of sharing and creating ideas and worlds that existed only in my mind before.

    But on a more ‘triggered’ level, when I experience a profund emotion or something that really gets me thinking, I suddenly feel an urge to write a few lines about the experience.

    Sometimes it stops after a few words, and other times I’ll look up and see I have a few pages down!

    Reading something another person wrote is like exploring their mind.  It’s fun and thrilling!

    What about you?  What inspires you to write? What gets your pen hand itching?

    Jacki Dilley

    A love of the process of writing inspires me. I write because it’s fun.

    When I first sit down in front of my computer, I never feel like I have anything to say. A little free writing for a few minutes gets the ideas flowing.

    Living mindfully is important to me, and I write about that. My meditation teacher says the most wonderful and practical and profound things, and I’ll take something she says and riff on it.

    What you said about how reading something another person wrote is like exploring their mind is so true. When someone lets you read their journal, for instance, you get a whole new insight into them that you don’t get from conversation.

    You were talking in another thread about copywriting — are you a professional writer? I study copywriting because it helps my blogging. And because it’s cool.



    I share your inspirations for writing, sharing ideas, emotions, and stories with others – I’ve always appreciated my ability to write, as folks have told me over the years that writing is difficult for them.

    I think the expression of words, the feelings and ideas and questions I have power my writing – for me, writing is the inspiration. Writing connects me to myself and then with others. I often look at my writing as an art form, my creative expression.

    Everyday life, the moments of joy, the wonder, even the frustrations and sorrows, inspire me to write. I write about whatever I’m thinking and feeling. I write to clear my mind, express my spirit, and share with others.

    It’s an interesting passion, writing.

    Ken Wert

    Great question, Danielle.

    Ideas matter. They change lives and lift people and improve conditions or they do the very opposite. I’m inspired to write because I’m inspired by the prospect of helping change the lives of those living somewhere south of their potential. I’m also inspired by the art and craft of writing. I love the creative outlet writing is for me. So when you combine the creative side of writing with the meaning and purpose side of helping others live with more courage, wisdom and happiness, I’m hooked, driven and inspired to keep at it.

    Danielle Lynn

    @ Jacki Yes, I’m a copywriter and brand consultant 🙂    I think it’s fantastic you study copy to help you with your blogging.  When I started learning copy, it really helped me tighten up my other writing as well.

    Great idea about the ‘free writing’ when you sit in front of your computer.  I find I have to use that exercise a LOT!


    @ Midge That was beautifully put.  I’m glad you have decided to share your writings with the world, I’ll bet you have a nice audience enjoying what you write!


    @ Ken  Using your writing power to bring good into the world – I love it.  The fact that you’re passionate about it makes me think this must be a true calling for you as well.
    Great stuff guys, it’s really inspiring to hear what motivates others to write.  There were times when I first started that I was scared to write.  It felt like I was baring my soul to the universe… and what if the universe didn’t like it?

    But after a while having a positive  driving inspiration helped me push past the fear.   My hope is if someone is reading this who struggles with writing anxiety, they’ll find a reason that resonates with them – and start filling up a blank page!

    Keep ’em coming 🙂

    Nat Nanton

    Great question!

    I was just sitting here being grateful about never experiencing writer’s block because the topics I write about (goals, overcoming obstacles, inspiration, creativity, and parenting) are constantly showing up and taking form in my own life.
    This is what inspires me.

    Experiences, both good and “bad”, have so much to offer for personal growth. Writing is my way of sharing my story. Something, I struggled with all my life…until I started blogging. 🙂



    Sheila McCann

    Self expression and connection to others.

    Danielle Lynn

    @Nat  I find that beautiful.  It’s wonderful you have a pool of inspiration to draw from!  Ironically, I was dealing with a  block myself the other day.   So instead of fighting the energy I went with it and ended up creating this post http://theclearcopywriter.com/copywriting/what-to-do-when-you-dont-feel-like-writing/  When i re-read it I can practically feel the resistance in the writing slowly letting up to acceptance and purpose.  It was an interesting experience!  What is your blog? I’d love to take a look at what you write about.


     Very aptly put 🙂




    I think mostly it’s everyday life that inspires me. The little observations that I make about the weather, about nature and about people. I in inspired by how resilient people are –that they can find something to smile and laugh about even in the bleakest of times!


    Hi Danielle,

    In my case there’s a lot of reasons that motivate me to write. I write most of the times as a catharsis, because sometimes it’s a bit hard to find the right place or even the right person to express what I actually feel, and when I do this, it’s funny, it’s like I can’t stop writing hehe. In other cases, I write to myself about the things I’m experiencing, places to know.

    Well, I think that writting is way of self knowledge because what we write is the reflection of our being, so, sometimes sometimes I do it to know better myself. I use to write, let the paper on the desk, and come back and read it. I feel often like I’m writing a text written by another one, that really opens my mind to who I really am :).

    Nice to know Danielle.


    Hello Danielle, thanks for asking that, is an amazing question.
    For starters, I get impressed by almost every story I read or watch – be a movie, a book, a videogame, a blog or any other kind of expression makes my mind wonder and just start to unravel stories of its own: I just write them or at least keep them close to my heart and write when I feel is right. I feel relieved and happy when I write, is like I am really speaking with my own voice, I might get trouble with accepting criticism (self-confidence is at stake there) but I cannot help to get more inspiration and write more and more.
    Best wishes.


    A lot of times I am struck by a word, phrase, or picture. One book I wrote was based on watching an old Buster Keaton silent film. I took one of the women involved in that movie and started wondering what would happen if she and her movie partner were suddenly living out a series of real life cliffhangers. The other book I wrote was based on a real life unsolved murder in Minnesota in the late 1930’s. St. Paul was a gangster haven in the 30’s,so I tied her case into that scenario and started writing away. My current one is because I was reading a biography of Henry VIII an noticed that the Duke of Norfolk from that time looked strikingly like my late father. Seemed like a fun idea to have them both haunting each other through time. Occasionally I just start writing and see what happens. Predicting how the muse strikes me is tough.

    The time absolutely flies when I get in “the zone” and if I hit a prolific stage I can do a few pages a day easily. That’s when its the most fun. When I struggle in life, I find my creativity suffers too.


    If a picture paints a thousand words, I can write 10 thousand.

    I feel a fire inside………
    I feel the chatter rising………..
    I feel the angst of withholding………
    And there is no rest until it is spilled into blackness……………..


    Awesome thoughts…
    Yes, my father RIP, could have been Vincent Van Gogh’s twin.
    strange days, stranger minds.


    So many things inspire me to write, but the problem is I never finish what I start! I could have an elaborate story in my head but once it comes to writing it down, I just never actually get it all done.

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