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    Dear Javairia,

    Let me first say hello to you and greet you and I hope you have a good day today. I am very glad I ran into your post as I am struggling with the same problem.

    I lost myself somehow in last couple of years, I think I have been more focusing on not being alone and afraid to be alone that I subconsciously subjugate to relationship I was with and was so afraid to let go that person that I lost myself or maybe I never gave myself the opportunity to find my real me in all these years while going from one to another relationship. I am going through a 3 year break up right now and I am trying for the first time in my life to learn myself how to heal and how to deal with the pain and I must say that is very hard as my mind is just searching for solutions and not listening what heart is telling and I think that is the reason why I was drifting away from my real me.

    I would just like to tell you that have patience and reach out here whenever you need to.I wish you a beautiful day.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)