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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for your replies and sorry I haven’t answered sooner! It’s currently 32 degrees here in the UK and am melting away. Phew!

    Hi Peggy,

    Thank you for your reply! I am ok thank you! How are you today? I believe that too, I feel like we all have a spiritual core in us trying to find purpose and meaning. I think I am just having to accept more that even if my nearest and dearest don’t fully accept or understand me or my spiritual growth, its okay. As long as I try and live my life in the highest light and love then all will be well ❤

    Thank you about the health issues. It’s been very hard going and broke me this year. Have to crumble I think so I can build back up again. I will do the divine light exercise and get access to more healing services. I have started doing this so just need to keep it up now. I also need to heal the past traumas for that flourishing to take place.

    Citrine is such a gorgeous crystal, I bought a big cluster the other day!

    Best wishes,



    Hi Anita,

    Thank you so much and for your reply on my previous post too. Hope you are well!

    It’s funny really looking back at what I wrote all that time ago. I can see that what all I’ve gone through is brought me to this moment in time, its meant to be I’ve gone through hardship because it’s brought on this massive change in me. Some things I still need to work on / haven’t changed (critical of appearance, still feeling the wounds and trauma of those past events). I’m in a job which doesn’t resonate or fulfil me any more which I struggle with a lot mentally and physically so feel I need to let that go to.

    Anxiety has 100% been a huge cause for concern and definitely one of the biggest factors that’s lead up to this crumbling and hasn’t been healthy for my body at all.

    I am so glad you agree. It just doesn’t feel right to me when I have people saying ‘if you don’t believe in what I believe in, you’re wrong and it’s a sin’. It is for me 100% the lack of love, respect and kindness in the world which is the problem. I agree completely. The climate crisis is a big worry and I think its a crime humanity is not doing more to love and health Gaia more than they are. 💔

    I have been for a while been looking at using products which are more ecological, against animal testing, vegan, recyclable, biodegradable and not harmful to the earth and made good progress but definitely could do lots more. I’ve had to stop watching and reading the news ad much as I used to because it makes me despair and makes me lose faith in people.

    And so, anyone’s criticism of you (for engaging with ideas and practices that have to do with love, respect, kindness and compassion) is a result of extreme narrow mindedness: not looking at where the real danger is.

    Thank you so much.

    Please do all that you can to minimize your anxiety/ stress level. Continue your current spiritual quest and do not make it contingent on the approval of people.. who disapprove of it.

    I will follow this advice! Thank you! I’m glad I’m back here as its been great to connect with like minded people who are on this journey too.

    Best wishes



    Hi TeaK

    Thank you for the reply and how are you?

    I too deeply believe that God is love, and that you’re not misguided in your spiritual quest for highest love. Also, I believe that you aren’t bad or sinful, or should fear punishment, for having a broader view of spirituality than your own religion does.

    Thank you for this. It’s lovely and comforting to hear you and Anita and Peggy agree. Even though there’s no need for validation from anyone ultimately, it’s still be lovely to speak to people on the same wavelength. God for me is so much more than just creator of the universe, it is the highest love that’s not judgemental, wants the best for all creation and a beautiful balance of all.

    It seems to me that you’re afraid of being judged by your family, your in-laws and friends, and that this is what keeps you from being yourself and living authentically. How about your partner – do you feel supported by him in your spiritual quest and free to express your beliefs in front of him?

    Oh 100%. I am trying to be more independent from others opinions and not let it affect me as much as I do. For it not to rule how I am around people but the hard truth is, is that it still does. I really hate it when people say things that I’m sensitive about or make.judgemental remarks as I try to avoid confrontation at all costs if I can… but think I just need to respectfully own my boundaries and speak my truth without fear. I want to live authentically, carefree and live life so full and peaceful.

    My partner is agnostic so he doesn’t know what he believes in, but he was raised with Evangelical / Baptist / Roman Catholic family. His family have accepted me I think but would prefer if I was Christian even though I’ve respectfully said that religion is not for me. I go with what feels the highest love for me and accept that into my spiritual beliefs.

    My partner’s the ‘odd one out’ so to speak. It’s funny as he gives doesn’t care at all what people think and let’s go of many things really easily. He doesn’t really fully understand or get the spirituality stuff but he is supportive of me believing in what I want to believe and says I’m one of the kindest people he knows which is enough for me. He’s accepting and that’s all I need. We’re actually off to Glastonbury next month which I’m super looking forward to and he knows I’m being called to go there so he’s a good one overall. 👍

    Best wishes



    Thank you both for replying. It’s helped and it’s very appreciated your suggestions for books too Dange. Anita, that’s a very humbling thought indeed and it’s something I’ve been contemplating recently, how I accept life, how I feel life moves quickly and that one day I will cease to exist in this human realm. It scares me but also amazes me at the same time. I feel I have too much to live for and my life, if anything is only just starting. I need to let go and know all will be well and through yoga, meditation and self study of books I’m reading I’m coming more to that understanding.

    I’d say at the moment my confidence in my ability and how I feel as a woman, but one small step at a time to self improvement isn’t it? 😀

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