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    Will Moss

    Never ever apologize for being honest! It’s the one thing that everyone should always strive for.
    You both still love each other, right? Maybe it’s good to talk to each other about why your relationship ended.
    Can I ask why you haven’t left your current marriage if there’s no more love in it?
    And can I ask why there is not more love in it? Maybe it’s time to be honest in that relationship first before you go seeking love somewhere else, you loved your current partner at some point, how did this fade, what can you and your partner do to make that spark heat up again?

    Will Moss

    Thank you Matt
    This will definitely proof to be useful.
    You’re right about being grateful they are always teaching me things about myself and life!
    I will definitely meditate on that.

    Love and hugs!

    Will Moss

    Please don’t hurt yourself!
    Know that you are loved by many people and that you have a special place in many people’s hearts even though you may not know that!
    Maybe it is even someone you don’t expect!
    You are worth so much!
    Everyone is worthy of living! If others are sad around you, you should be happy and inspire them to be happy and live life to the fullest, accepting what is, while trying to make a brighter future!
    You are loved! Even if just by 1 person (which I’m sure it’s more than that)! You would do them much harm by hurting yourself!
    Life is wonderful, even in the dirty/sad/horrible parts, because what is goodness without evil?

    Will Moss

    Hey Bren,

    I have been dealing with low/high swings and depression myself before and sometimes still tend to slip into it when I remember something awful from my past that really is still affecting my mind now sometimes.
    For me, being around friends who accept you for who you are and your past has really helped, along with mindful meditation where you accept what has happened in the past and that you can’t change it. The past has made you a stronger person, so embrace that.
    As for the job, show them how much you want that job and how much you’ve changed/want to change and work for that job, that’s all I can say to that.
    For the ex-boyfriend, I hope you try to see things from his perspective and listen to him too, maybe he’s not so bad anymore; people change all the time. Check his motives and trust your gut feeling. Will this make you truly happy or will it just satisfy only a part of you and then leave you empty on the rest?
    I hope you find some peace, my friend.
    Much love and acceptance!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)