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    StraightNoChaser- I hope you don’t feel as blue today as you did when you wrote this, and it seemed like you giving me advice on my post helped you feel better (I know if helped me). Hopefully I can return the favor. My mom works for the government and more and more lately government jobs and government funded programs simply run out of money. That could be the case with what you’re going through. But that doesn’t mean your dreams fell apart. You aren’t suppose to wait on any job to come through simply because they said they were interested in you. Keep putting in those applications! Doing something is better than doing nothing.

    You seem to beat yourself up a lot for things that were out of your control. I know a few people who have dropped out of college multiple times and then went back, sometimes just one course at a time. Many community colleges will work with you if you communicate with them what’s going on and also freeze the money you owe to other educational institutions. But don’t feel rushed to jump right back into school. Take your time and when you’re ready, go for it. And don’t worry so much about being able to afford it. You never know what can happen if you don’t try.

    Something that helps me when I feel like I am mentally falling apart is to take a short break from applying and worrying and do something I enjoy. For me, it’s walking my dog or watching and episode of “The Simpsons”. Find a couple things that will make you smile and take some time to do them.

    Finally, you are not a loser, you did not ruin your life, and you didn’t have past failures, but rather, past lessons. Look at everything you “failed” in and try to find the lesson you learned from it. There always is a positive lesson and once you find it, then you know it wasn’t a failure. My mother got her G.E.D at 45…an Associates degree at 48…and her first full time job at 50, all while battling depression and anxiety. If some employers were willing to overlook a 20 year employment gap with her, I’m sure they will understand a 4 year gap because you were taking care of your child.

    I hope this helps and remember, progress is progress, no matter how small.


    I wanted to thank everyone so much for your kind words to my post (I changed my screen name, so I apologize for any confusion) Every post helped me in leaps and bounds and made me feel better about my situation (even yours ramandeep singh)

    9lives- Thank you for reminding me that changing career paths isn’t so much out of the ordinary and also reminding me that I do need to pat myself on the back for deciding to make this change. I spend way too much time beating myself up and not enough time giving myself credit for the things I have accomplished. Since reading your post I have actually come up with a couple people I know who have or currently work in HR that I can reach out and talk to in the next few days.

    Indiglo- I did have this doomsday idea in my head of what would happen if I didn’t find a new job soon, but oddly enough, reading “what’s the worst that can happen?” in your response made me realize that what my anxiety driven imagination of what worst case would be is totally different to what really would be worst case scenario (which in my opinion, would be for me to go back to school before getting a new job in order to get my foot in the door) I also looked up the book you suggested; “Felling Good” and ordered it. I hope it’s as an amazing read like all the people who rated it say it is. And I am currently looking for a therapist who is willing to work with someone without insurance and your suggestion to look for someone who specializes in CBT has given me direction in my search.

    StraightNoChaser- I actually read your post before I wrote mine and seeing the kind response you received inspired me to speak about my own bumps in the road. I did look up some training programs and want to get more information before putting out the money for it, but if your friend can do it, why can’t i? I wanted to comment about your post too, but I will do that on your post. Just remember, just like how you told me that it will be okay and I will get through this, the same can be said for you.

    Thank you again everyone! You all made a sad young man smile and if any updates happen, I will keep you posted 🙂

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