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    Sabrina Bolin

    Michele, I can sense your intuition guiding you in this, and it sounds like you have beautiful clarity on the choices you ultimately want to make right now.

    The only thing I want to add is to surround yourself with love right now to continue supporting yourself as you honor that intuitive feeling – your family, your friends, and perhaps even a support group if you begin feeling confused or stuck again.

    I googled and found this organization that looks like a great resource (I personally don’t have experience with them but again, listen to your intuition in guiding you to the right support):

    Marianne Williamson speaks of relationships saying that all relationships are lessons; allow this to bring meaning to the relationship you had while you honor where you are now in moving forward.

    Sending you so much love,


    Sabrina Bolin


    Thank you so much for sharing so openly here…that takes courage, and I hope you have taken a moment to recognize that you have that inside (even if it is hard to see it).

    I agree with so much that Danubelle has shared above, especially in the acceptance of the impermanence of it.

    Life is always changing, in every single moment, and the Universe is merciful enough to give us infinite new moments to make new choices and to experience new things if we are open to it.

    The only antidote to the ego’s paralyzing voice is the voice of love. It is your intuition, and it is within you. Listen to her – she is the voice that reminds you that you are PERFECT. You are love. Your life is meaningful. Your actions are worthwhile.

    Allow yourself to practice hearing this voice in as many new moments as you can.

    I use the word “practice” as that is what it is – not a magic pill, not an overnight change, but a knowing that you are connected to and supported by Infinite love and that the more you allow your spirit to remember this, the easier it will become.

    Another practice that really helps me is writing a daily gratitude list (I do mine nightly in my journal). You might just start with one thing, but again, with consistency and practice, this too will become easier where you will find gratitude for those things that might surprise you. I have even found myself writing gratitude for opportunities to grow – a fight with my boyfriend is an ideal example (because choosing to learn and grow gives that event meaning).

    The more you practice, the more you’ll find that even on those days where you may have felt crappy, you can see the flickers of light in your day.

    Please let me know if any questions, and I’ll be sending you so much love in the meantime.


    Sabrina Bolin

    I’d love to boil it down even further @Kenneth Vogt – to me, spirituality is love (recognizing that love, being a vessel for that love, receiving that love) :).

    Sabrina Bolin

    Great topic Jodi!

    I have a reminder system in my email that prompts me to “check-in” with people on my contact list.

    At first I was just using this for “business connections” but then realized what a great opportunity it was simply to let someone know I was thinking of them!

    Sabrina Bolin

    What a great topic!

    Interestingly enough, I noticed I felt resistance to the phrase “mastering anger” as if anger were a skill to cultivate.

    I like the way @Roo Mulligan puts it – “honor my own anger.”

    I believe that our emotions are not who we are but rather signposts from our body that something needs attention, so honoring them as messengers makes more sense for me!

    And the way that I honor my anger is to get compassionately curious about it – why am I so charged? What’s underneath of that? What’s underneath of that? And how can I fully feel into it without getting hooked?

    It’s a practice and a process, but when I approach it this way, I find it’s much easier to embrace these “ugly” feelings when they come rather than try to push them away.

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