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    Molly McCord

    We have more resources and opportunities to expand our spiritual understandings than ever before. I find the “category” keeps growing to include more people and more definitions that were not even known ten years ago. What definition about spirituality currently resonates with you?

    Frank Ra

    Good question! Spirituality is all that is, and could be.

    Reality is just a sub-set of spirituality. One of the many ways it could be. So there is no duality between spirituality and daily life. Daily life is part of spirituality, but there is more to spirituality then daily life.


    Kenneth Vogt

    I like how Frank put it that “reality is just a sub-set of spirituality”. People often think of reality as “over here” and spirituality as “over there”. There is no “over there”.

    Rather than make spirituality bigger though, I like to make it smaller, more succinct. So spirituality boils down to this for me: love, joy, peace, goodness, faith, kindness, mildness, long suffering, and self control.

    Sabrina Bolin

    I’d love to boil it down even further @Kenneth Vogt – to me, spirituality is love (recognizing that love, being a vessel for that love, receiving that love) :).

    Jamie Alexander

    I don’t really know, but I love reading about how we are just awareness.

    Some of the stuff is very interesting.


    This is one my favorite questions, because my answers are never identical. I see life as a box in that box is information that has been processed. Very similar to processed food.  The ingredients are  Life = learning and learning = programing. Were born into a society of beliefs, beliefs that are passed down from our parents, teachers, ministers, politicians, etc. Box, box, box, boxes. “Hello corn flakes.”  So religion is a big box that is boxed conveniently with information that has limits. This box has rules that you have to abide by to stay packaged in it. If you stay in this box, you become boxed in mind and you pass the material onward to invite others into your box. Spirituality is box-less in my opinion. Its not governed by religion. Its foundation is mostly philosophy and the exploration is endless. There are no conjured images passed down by ancient prophesies.   It allows you to change your mind when your first theory doesn’t work for you. There is no jealous deity that gives you choice between heaven and hell. It gives a direct call to find the spirit in you and not the mighty. power hungry  spirit outside of you.

    Jacki Dilley

    Frank’s words “there is no duality between spirituality and daily life” speak to me. Other words that also express spirituality for me:

    • May I be an open channel for love and healing
    • Seven times down and eight times up
    • Treat other people, animals, plants and the earth with respect
    • Be here now
    Loran Hills

    For me, spirituality is going deeper into the meaning of life, exploring sacred realms with curiosity, forming a relationship with that which is greater than me.


    I feel spiritual whenever I am able to get rid of the “I” in any situation……….it could be enjoying the rainbow whenever the skies are lit up,, or giving a lecture to my students where i am in connect with them, or even a lilting music that tends me away from me, ………..there are many ways to attain spirituality but in essence all of them melt away the “I”…….
    spirituality is within us , residing inside all the time..the moment we remove the “I” it lights up!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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