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    Thank you both for posting, anita and Inky;

    You both make really good points! I think it’s stuff I would’ve known, but I always doubt my intuition; hearing other kind souls say them sorta validates whatever line of thinking I may have?

    To Inky; I’m glad you feel like a warrior, in these trying times! If I’m being honest, my career path and my passion, video games, give me that feeling a whole lot. It’s my escapism whenever I feel down, as I like being able to feel like a hero, even if it is just for a little while. Everyone does deserve a good life, and I’ll try my best not to feel bad for the things I have. <3

    To anita; I think I might seek some medical professional about my anxiety, because at times, I do feel like I kinda deserve it? I remember, a few nights ago after I had one of my nightmares, I said something to myself akin to:

    “You deserve to be worried! Plenty of good people are experiencing what you are every single day! The least you could do is try to feel their pain!”

    I don’t know why I say these things to myself when I know I would never say it to anyone else, and I think once I head back to college, I’m going to see if I can’t talk to any on-campus therapists? In any case, thank you for your time, it’s greatly appreciated and I don’t think I would’ve sought out this change had someone not given me this kind of advice. I hope both of you kind souls are staying safe and having the best life possible! <3

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)