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    Can you change? Absolutely.

    How can you love yourself?

    * Be gentle with yourself.
    * Recognise that changing, and learning to love yourself, is a process. And that resolving to change and learning to love yourself is the first step.
    * Spend time with the people who you love.
    * Surround yourself with people who make your wellbeing their priority.
    * Don’t be afraid to recognise the things that you do like about yourself.
    * Consider writing a gratitude list.
    * Try to achieve one small thing every day.


    Hi a-coleman,
    Sorry to hear that you’re struggling.
    Would it be worth trying to befriend one of your colleagues?
    It’s okay not to know what you want. At least you know what you don’t want, by process of elimination.


    Hi hopeless,
    Sorry to hear that things are so painful for you at the moment.
    You are not alone in feeling how you feel but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And you wont always feel the way you do now.
    Stay strong.


    Hope it all goes well 🙂

    I’m also thinking of starting to read. A book club would be nice.


    *Have never had friends


    Hi LookingForFriends,
    The fact that you have had friends doesn’t mean that you will never have friends.
    None of us can possibly know what is going to happen before it has happened. We can only trust that what we have, in this moment, is enough and believe that things will get better when we feel stuck. (Easier said than done.)
    I do think that it might be worth you going back to the groups with the intention of enjoying the group, rather than looking for friends. If you find friends, that’s great. If you don’t, at least you can say that you made an effort.
    You are not alone in your experiences.


    Hi bergie04,
    How do you know what the two course members were thinking when they were whispering and sniggering?
    I’m not asking to be dismissive. I’m just asking to highlight the fact that the way that you perceive yourself isn’t necessarily the way that others perceive you. And that most of us focus on the negatives, especially if we feel anxious.

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    Hi Holly,
    How is your giving up alcohol going? And have you been to your sister’s hen party yet?
    My advice would be to recognise how far you’ve come, be patient with yourself and forgive yourself as quickly as possible if you do slip up.
    In early sobriety, it might be helpful to avoid events where alcohol is being consumed and to keep yourself as busy as possible.
    You can do this 🙂


    Hi Taylor,
    Binge drinking won’t bring you the clarity that you’re looking for.
    Surrounding yourself with people who accept you as you are, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself, could be an important first step in living a more fulfilling life.
    Is there anyone you want to reconnect with?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)