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    Hello Anita,


    It’s been a while.  I hope you are doing well.

    I have been a bit stressed & seem to be turning into a recluse.  I like being alone with all the bad things going on.

    When it rains, it pours.

    I want to move so bad, I have no friends here except 1 & we mostly talk on the phone.  She treats me better than my sister ever did.

    My neighbor which I thought were friends invited me to come over to a Football Party she was having a few weeks before the party date and I told her I would come.  I got sick with a 102 temperature & had gone 7 days and couldn’t eat.  My Dr. called in something for me and it took a few days.  I am feeling better now.

    She hasn’t called since the party.  I am not playing games with her.  She is 70 and is acting like a spoiled teenager.  I am glad I found this out sooner than later.

    And I don’t and haven’t called the 20 yr. separation friend.  He still texts me every day telling me he misses me & he always has a smile on his face when I text him back.  I want him as a friend.  I guess that’s what we are.  Friends that never see one another.

    He did stop by a few weeks ago and we had small talk.  As he was leaving he paused and turned around and said you have no idea how hard it is to leave you.  I want to rent a place and get out of the mess he is in except he can’t due to his choice to stay.

    After that I did hurt for a few hrs. and put my big girl pants on and told myself enough is enough.

    I feel safe knowing he is there even if I don’t see him.

    My washing machine quit working & needed to have someone come  look at it.  I called 5 different places and was told it would be at least 6-8 weeks.  I did text him and asked if he knew anyone and he said he would stop by on his way to work and look at it.

    He said it was not an easy fix but maybe someone could fix it rather than purchase a new one.  New ones are so cheaply made and don’t last.  With his call, someone was here in an hour.

    I have discovered it’s his power I like.  He knows everyone in town and he makes a call like waving a magic wand & someone is available for him.  Even if they know I am friends with him I get better treatment.  Sad, but true.


    Does that make me keeping him at arm’s length by texting him back when he sends a text using him?  I know the answer “YES”.

    I take Stash my sweet baby that has a heart condition to have him bathed and shaved.  His hair is so long that he throws up hairballs.  I know he will feel better once he gets it taken care of.  He will be scared but happy when he gets back home.

    Take Care My Friend,







    Hi My Friend,

    This was an awful experience for me a while back~I was in the grocery store and bumped into a man who was 80yrs. old.  First too old for me except he seemed nice & lonely and asked if I wanted to have a seat in a small area the store has if you purchase food & want to enjoy your sandwich in the area.

    We spoke & he gave me his number.  The girl in the customer service area which I know because I usually pick up my groceries in the store said he comes in a lot and was a very nice man.

    I called him and we spoke for a while and decided to meet at a restaurant.  When I got there he said he wasn’t really hungry and he lived a few miles away & would I like to come by & talk. I also don’t like cheap people & I felt that from him.  Also, his house was filthy and a mess~

    He lived in an area I was aware of and had close neighbors to his home. I didn’t see any harm so I went.

    He told me he rented one of his rooms out & his wife passed 16 yrs. ago.  Then he asked if I wanted to watch a movie & I didn’t feel comfortable because he kept trying to hold my hand and touching my hair.  I told him I didn’t like my hair to be touched and was uncomfortable.  He asked if he could be honest and tell me something & I said sure.  I almost fell to the ground when he said he had been dating and not found anyone he was interested in but had an attraction to me which gave him an erection and I was disgusted.

    I told him I made a mistake by going to his home and felt what he said was very disrespectful to me & I was repulsed.

    He actually asked if we could get together again and I told him absolutely not.

    Why do men do such things?  I know girls that sleep with men only because they felt an obligation because they paid for their meal or they thought the man had money and will sleep with them thinking they may get some type of security from the guy.

    I have avoided all of these situations and feel I may be alone with my babies until the end of my life.

    People have changed & most have no idea how to communicate or treat you like a lady.

    Being old fashion, I want to be courted and respected.  I would not feel any type of obligation to sleep with a man because we went out.  I definitely don’t like being touched.

    It takes a good 6 months or longer to really know someone you just met & I have no past boyfriends I would want to date again. Most may have passed because I have not seen them in so long.  Guess I am a loner and sometimes I feel I am on my way downhill instead of spending my golden years with someone.

    I have one girlfriend I trust and we are so much alike.  She worked at the Sheriff’s Dept. and is disabled now.  We talk on the phone.  Besides writing to you and speaking with her on the phone I am basically a loner.  Also, my trust in people has come to a halt due to all the deception I have experienced.

    Back to the dating scenario if a man tries to get emotionally involved on the first date I can only imagine what their past was like and don’t care to waste my time sharing my life.

    I didn’t sleep well last night, for some reason I feel so disappointed in people these days. Too much deciet and intitlement is what I feel from people.

    Maybe it’s me?

    Have a Beautiful day!

    Your Friend Shookie~


    Hi My Friend,

    I believe I have a good gut feeling about things which I should have listened to in life decisions.  I believe & feel Cherokee beliefs  & Values and also Buddhism totally are connected.

    Many in my area are high rollers & go to church walk out and turn in to such a hypocrite.  Many don’t understand how I can live alone & be independent.  I don’t believe you go to dinner and invite a man into your home.  I would always meet in a public place.  I know within less than a minute if I will get along with someone.  Men say things that repulse me and I call them out on it.  That is why the 20yr. old was intrigued with me.

    Maybe I will be alone forever.  I am ok with my fur babies and myself.

    Your Friens Shookie~


    Hi My Friend,

    It is 8:23 & I just got home from the car shop.  I took it a few weeks ago to have a new battery installed & the oil changed and drove straight home.  I used the key fob & pushed for the trunk to open & nothing and then pushed again to lock the doors & nothing except the pleasure of the alarm going off.

    On the way home I had to drive 10 m.p.h. on the interstate with my hazard lights flashing and headlights flashing off every time I hit or went over a little bump in the road due to the transmission would not change gears and it was on 7rpm which could blow the transmission or motor.  I pulled over & shut it off and noticed transmission oil leaking from the passengar side.

    Finally, I made it home also my electrical system was showing low anti-freeze and no tail lights.  I am safely home & all the parts have to be ordered~It will be 2 weeks until all parts will be in and I made an appointment.

    The owner said it was going to take about 5 hrs. and did I want to drop it off and come back to pick the car up?  I laughed and told him only if I could teach my cat how to drive by then.

    Then I found out I have 3 closet lights out and 2 sockets that do not work.  I won’t even begin to say what needs to be taken care of outside. Only a lot!!!

    I took my Dalai Lama’s book of Wisdom to read while I waited and it was so interesting & as I was reading several things made me feel you were there enjoying the read with me.

    The only thing I found out was Indians believe if you are burnt after death you remain in purgatory which I need to research more on that subject due to I want to be cremated.  I have always detested basements and anything locked up in and put in the ground.  I would rather be put in a pine box (absolutely “NO” autopsy.  I do not want to be taken apart like a side of beef.  I want to go like Robert Redford was buried in the movie “Out of Africa”.

    I believe the flea issue has been taken care of with the exception of an overload on Stashe’s system.  I will know in a day or two.  Not much of a choice, It broke my heart every time I saw them scratching.

    I’ll figure out where to start next in the morning.  I am exhausted~

    I purchased a movie called “White Nights” which has Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines, and Helen Mirren which I think is so elegant.  The dance scenes are incredible.  I also watched an old interview with Mikhail which was so interesting.

    I hope you had a pleasant day with your walk. How was the weather?  It was 65 here today.  Weather is forecasting a warm wet winter.  I also don’t like humidity.

    After reading this now I know why I am single…Too independent, picky, and too many people don’t understand me.

    I hope you have a nice evening and wake up tomorrow happy with a smile~

    Your Friend Shookie~


    Good Afternoon & Happy New Year Anita,

    The meds. have all been given to my babies & one of the smallest Izzy is still scratching.  I don’t understand with her weighing the least.

    I have 2 more of the flea solution tubes except I am hesitant to give her any more.  I will wait 30 days.  I may bathe her if she won’t rip me to shreds.

    I have always been able to bathe most of my babies until I found a groomer that would wash & shave them for $50.  I called 5 months after the last grooming for Izzy & Stash and the price went up to $150 each.  I asked the girl why such a hike and she said products.  All they use are clippers which I know have not gone up because I replaced mine a few months ago.

    Shame on them for using this C-19 disease to rape people on prices.  Stash has been throwing up so many hairballs I may take him outside if it warms up to at least 60 degrees this week and shave him myself.  Blu has very thick short hair and Takeda has long beautiful fluffy hair and he does not throw up hairballs.

    My Big Boy Stash is laying on my chest as I am writing & he looks so content.  It saddens me to imagine him gone.  I feel he was meant for me the second I saw him & he is part of my soul.  When it is his time I know part of me will go with him.

    I just read there is a new article that China has a Highly Immune Evasive Omicron XBB.1.5 variant and is quickly becoming dominant in the U.S. as it doubles weekly.  Great, something else for the Feds. to keep their boring speeches and interest rate hikes killing the economy.  I don’t have T.V, glance at CNBC on the computer to see what disaster is keeping the Feds. with a high-paying job.

    I lived in China and know how nasty it can be but this is getting rediculous.

    I only go out when extremely necessary.  There is nothing I want for right now except some cereal & milk.  I have more cat food then anything else. (LOL) Chewy has fast delivery & they are so kind.  Great Company.

    I’ll throw on a ball cap & sweatshirt and go to the store while everyone is home with hangovers from their New Year parties.  I was pet-sitting for 2 neighbors and didn’t leave my neighborhood.

    Just a guess, I bet many will get sick in the coming weeks, and the News will blame on too many gatherings over the Holidays.

    You sound like me my Friend, keeping to yourself, caring and loving the wildlife we have been given to watch and see how good-natured they are.  Animals kill for survival. humans kill for sport. The only reason I would ever kill or have an animal put to rest is if there was absolutely no way they could survive and were in pain.

    Karma~ I really don’t care for many people. So many are self-centered and feel such entitlement which is not the way I was taught and I am thankful for my Precious Father bringing me up that way.

    I Loved my Mother as deeply as my Father just in a different way.

    I feel my Father & I are kindred souls~

    Have a Beautiful 1st day of the year my Friend and you are always in my thoughts.




    Good Evening My Friend,

    It is amazing that we have never met & I feel your kind caring presence around me.

    I started the cleaning process starting with meds for all the babies & I hope what I ordered today comes no later than Saturday.

    All bedding was washed & put outside.  Vacuuming rugs & floors.

    I had no idea of all the boxes I have when being board and not able to sleep and shop online.  I packed it all up & took it to the UPS Store Drop off and then the USPS~ The lady laughed when I asked for a trolly because I had so much I had ordered.  I found some items from over a year or longer.  Not even opened.  I had to open all up & repackage with the new way of returning items.  I will express how much better it feels to have most of it out of my way and sitting in the trash buckets for the trash service to pick up tomorrow.

    I still have 2 rooms to go through mostly old receipts and papers.  A few unopened boxes which I have absolutely no idea what is in them. (LOL)…Surprise- surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say…My Father loved that show, he was SGT. Carter to me. We both actually watched and laughed together.

    I can’t believe it, as I am writing to you my 20 yr. debacle is sending the same old repetitive texts~Not even wasting time anymore with that mess.  It was fun I thought at first & wanted to be loved.  He would never be able to share the type of spirit I have.  He has questioned it a few times which I don’t say much about.

    I despise texting & usually keep my phone off unless I am expecting a call or I use it for the calendar.

    Starting in the kitchen tomorrow and working my way to my back bedroom where I may put a stick of dynamite & just blow that room off. (LOL)

    After all is clean I am going to use my sage sticks to rid all and any evil spirits in the house and I already have put Dream Catchers throughout the house.

    Sending good vibes to you and keep a smile on your face.

    Evening my Friend~






    Good Morning My Friend~

    It has been a disaster since last night when I discovered all of the vets visits with the 3 healthy kitties and my precious Stash which has heart issues and other debilitating issues.

    I took all of them and had flea medication and tested & also gave them 2 types of worm meds, which nothing helped.  I have to find other meds which I researched last night & just ordered.  Should be here Saturday.  (I Hope)~ I am starting to wash all the linens and all of their beds are outside in the sun.  Not sure what that will do except get them out of the house.

    I am spinning trying to do all I can.  If these double treatments on my Sweet Stash it may cause him an overload it will crush me.  I have spoken to many vets and they all want new patient blood work-ups.  He is my favorite I will admit.  Can’t imagine the broken heart I will have, a few tears as I am writing, he is laying on me & resting.

    I don’t understand why the veterinarians products are not working.  I placed an order with chewy first thing this morning for items that will help.

    I have a long day ahead of me with all the washing & cleaning for this terrible flea/worm problem.  Which comes first chicken or the egg??

    Also it has meade me realize I am done with the 20yr. debocle. All texts are about the same/ drama/same problems over & over~ When I checked my texts this morning the same text.  Very generic and exactly as you said (living a young couples life) sick of hearing about his family drama which is non-stop.

    I need to focus on myself so I will do what it takes to keep my babies healthy and me happy to get them better.

    I am going to meditate, calm down and start doing all the things I have been putting off.

    Not going to ask anyone for help, I’ll do the best I can.

    A bit frustrated but I am going to put bad energy away and pull out the future and hope it gets better.

    All I really care about are all the furr babies in the world being in a better place.  So many people would put them out as if they are a piece of temporary fun. I will never understand why they are so poorley treated.  Apologetic for venting, I feel you are guiding me and Bless you for that.

    As being part Cherokee I feel your beautiful spirit~

    I need to start washing and cleaning.  I will send a read and give you an update.

    Are you doing well?  How is the weather? I am sending good vibes to you today and always My Friend~




    Hi Anita,

    It would be nice to have you as a neighbor~  I feel we have a lot in common and I enjoy so much the reads we share~

    I have been pet-sitting for a few of my neighbors while they are on their cruises and trips around the world.  They show me pictures and there is so much I feel I am missing.

    I have always wanted to have at least 10 blissful years with a person I truly Loved, trusted, and cared for.  Many people don’t know how to communicate these days.  I am so sick of cell phones and texts~

    I am so fed up with the 20 yr. man…LOL, His new name…He keeps texting and I have not reached out to him.  Finally, I responded with are your fingers broken as a response to his last text~ Within about a minute he texted again & asked if he could call and I was polite and texted yes.  No longer than laying my phone down he called.  He said do you realize it has been 11 days and 10 hrs. since we have spoken.

    He left me a giant Candy Cane on a chair I have outside.  I laughed so hard because I had never seen such a big candy cane.  It was about as round as a silver dollar coin and about 2 feet long.  This morning he left a box of candy.

    I don’t really understand him and his thinking.  He leaves so many texts letting me know how busy he is (I really don’t care)

    The other night he called & I had fallen asleep listening to Alabama Christmas music.  I cried, it was a good cry thinking of Christmas when I was little and how excited I was about Christmas.  Of course, Christmas was a favorite Holiday for me and my Father.  I Love and miss my mother also it was different with my father.

    I don’t talk to many people and my neighbors probably think I am a hermit which I am not.  I don’t like gossip or drama.  I will say I live in a nice neighborhood where I really don’t fit in with most of what I call dime-store millionaires.

    Most of the people here can afford to hire people to do their maintenance whereas the women do their little jogging in all of their labled W@#&% clothing while I am in shorts and a tee shirt mowing grass/cleaning my gutters and chain sawing tree limbs so they won’t  hit my house.

    I would like to move to Montana, another dream.  I have so much running through my head as to the thoughts of moving.  I have my home and a few acres of land which I am going to sell as soon as spring hits.  I don’t feel I would get a decent price for it now.

    I am in a bit of a strange mood today.  I feel a bit lost~

    I’ll put a good movie on and try to feel better.

    Have a nice evening & I will be in touch soon My Friend~







    Hi Anita,

    I think of our communication which I miss.  So much going on, the broken car my power has been out all day & it is only 12 degrees.

    I wish you a Beautiful Christmas my friend~



    Hello My Friend,

    Isn’t it unbelievable what the univererse gives us and we have no idea what it means?  Also, if you are doing something and it’s 11:11 that is what you are supposed to be doing at that moment.

    I used to work with my local Humane Society which was trained for and the Sheriff’s Department was very helpful.  It was when this little town had no specific place to meet.  The volunteers would get together at designated places when we could find places to meet.  I was married at the time and my husband would go with me if we felt there was going to be trouble and often the Sheriff would also go or he would send someone.  It was terrible. It was over 30 years ago when the police wouldn’t do abuse cases, which now all you need to do is call the Sheriff and they will go out if called.

    My Balinese baby’s head is finally healing and looks a lot better.  I was researching the other night about how to use natural remedies and found out the best thing to do is flush it several times daily with a homemade solution of sea salt and hot water to melt the salt, let it cool to room temp, blot gently with a kleenex.  He was such a good boy as if he knows mom is helping him.  I was using peroxide/ bactrician ointment after I flushed it with a liquid antibiotic solution then I ran out of the ointment and put some Neosporin on the wound.  While I was reading about the natural remedies it stated “NEVER” put peroxide, ointments, or bacterial flush on a cat wound it is toxic to use on cats’ open wounds.  I prayed and felt so bad, luckily he was not affected by it.  He was truly blessed.

    It amazed me the mindset some have with animals.  I did it for 2 years until it got to the point I couldn’t sleep and knew I would end up in jail because of those cruel sick people. (Not bragging by any means, I was an expert marksman in the Military and got my canceled weapon and did a bit of competition shooting, except there was too much traveling to matches) and most were in the middle of nowhere and the only motels available were like the Bates Motel. (Not for me and usually I was the only female). I believe I enjoy shooting because my father had a collection and enjoyed shooting.  My mother was horrified by weapons. I wanted to learn and do most of the things he did.  I would give anything if he knew how I have followed in his footsteps.  I know he would have the biggest smile on his face and be so proud. I lived for him to be proud of me.  Why?  I don’t know unless it was because I loved him so much and was his little shadow which he liked.

    Sleep well my friend and when I wake up between 3-4 I will walk outside on my deck and look at the Stars and send you a Big Smile~

    Your Friend,




    I will look forward to your post!



    Hello My Friend,

    The time here is 11:35 & I had the urge to let you know something I was unaware of and I hope it will put a smile on your face even if you are sleeping.  I can almost feel you smiling. 🙂

    I don’t sleep much and watch many documentaries.  I will take an educational guess and write you are aware of what Angel numbers are & if not you are Blessed and an Angel is with you when you wake up between 3 am -4 am, also 4:44 and 11:11 which is the most popular because it is the only time of day all 4 numbers are the same.  I usually wake up between 3-4 even when I fall asleep for a bit if I am totally exhausted.  I notice 11:11 at least 5 times a week am and pm.

    As most of the time, I don’t sleep well, happy or not.  I have listened to my Dr. and am doing as she asks me to do by taking over-the-counter sleep aids which do about as much to help me as drinking a glass of warm milk. Blah, I do not like warm milk.

    She is very Religious and asks me to go to Church as my Best friend whose dog passed a few days ago. I care for and Love her so much, except she preaches to me as my Doctor to start going to a good Church.  Who knows what a good Church is unless you know everyone and they are sincerely there for Worship.

    Each and every person on GODS earth may believe in what they want.

    I do Pray and Thank the Lord above for the Beautiful gifts he has provided for the world which is such ashamed man is the only creature that gets enjoyment from killing them whereas animals kill for survival.

    I detest seeing animals mounted on walls in homes some people live in and they seem so proud when a lot of times the animals are trapped and killed or kill older zoo animals who are not cute and snuggly as they were as babies taken from their mothers in the wild.  Shame on them!

    I learned all of these things when I was doing animal abuse cases.

    I am a spirital person and I do not go to Church.  I Thank GOD without sitting in a building when many are there for show.

    I have seen many leave Church and start talking about playing poker and getting drunk later on when our local Elks Club opens at night for their enjoyment.  Yes, another one of my part-time jobs when I was in my 20’s.

    I may have forgotten if I told you what my full time jobs were excluding all the part-time jobs.  I was a Flight Attendant/ U.S.A.F./Cosmotologist/Estatician and Reflexologist.

    My Sweet Mother used to tell me she had never seen anyone with so many different jobs.  LOL

    I like Uniforms, Probably due to I always saw my Father in his dress blues.  He was proud of himself as he walked out the door each morning, he always looked high and tight.  His pants always had a break in them and his belt was always lined up to his pant zipper.  He always had his Dress Blues Hat holding proudly pressed to his side because you are only supposed to wear them outside.  In your home it was fine not to.

    It feels so good to write to you my friend and I have missed our contact.  I will get back on schedule when my babies are better or if I hear from the Ex first which I don’t think will be too long.

    Sleep Well,




    Good Afternoon Friend,

    Can’t believe I just woke up. LOL~ I have a hard time sleeping right and taking care of my babies.  One is doing very well, one is incurable & my Balinese head looks a bit rough because he keeps trying to pull the scabs off and it opens the wound again.  I am going to let it air out today since he wanted outside to play,  except tonight I will flush it out wash & bandage where he can’t pull it off.

    He is such a good boy, didn’t fight or try to get me to leave him alone like he knows I am helping him.

    So happy your weather is better and I am so happy for you.  It has been about 30 years ago & I was living behind my parents, and our property lines touched with the exception we were 15 acres apart,  A huge fire started which was about 30 miles away & burned so bad it was terrible because we had never experienced a catastrophe type of weather like that.  Fire/smoke & being told to evacuate.  I could only watch and smell the smoke and see fire burning the trees.  I knew how many animals were losing their homes and felt helpless since there wasn’t anything I could do to save them.  It was the worst fire recorded here due to our mountains burning so bad and seemed no relief in sight.  It took years for new trees to start growing back.  Not far from the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC back in the 80s I believe~  Those Mountains are so Breathtaking.

    As I started traveling and going to other countries I have learned how many natural disasters are out there, even now with all the crazies out there now talking about nuclear war.  So sad people with power use it in destructive ways.

    My ex has been texting & calling nonstop since yesterday afternoon.  I turned my phone off.  I just turned it on and he is still texting and leaving messages.

    I was shocked at how desperate he sounded in messages as I read the text.  I believe it is more of a pride thing because he can’t control me.  I didn’t block him but I did remove his number from my phone and delete all messages after I read them.  That was I would have to make an effort to call back because his number won’t be in my phone.  I am capable of looking at old cell phone bills for the number but will not.

    I don’t like causing anyone pain even if they have caused hurt to me.  He will get over it.

    Will be looking for our next read.  Once again, Thank you so much for helping me to get my smile back and life on track.

    You are a very giving and caring person and have helped many.

    You are truly Blessed with compassion and Caring for others.

    Until the next read.

    Your Friend,



    Hello My Friend.

    Not anything related to my ex as I have cut him off completely.  Since I have done that he has started calling and texting me several times daily.  I did send the last one a few days ago and texted him a response of I will not dignify any of his texts with an answer other than asking what block I was available for on his schedule as it was filling fast. I asked what have I ever done to be degraded with such a question!!!!  And sent a picture of a quote and a picture of LAO TZU reading “Time is a created thing.  To say “I don’t have time” is like saying  “I don’t want to”.

    I felt soo good! (Smiling)~

    My Best & only True Friend that GOD put in my life a few years ago her Chocolate Labrador out of nowhere started falling down and having strange facial uncontrolled movements.  The veterinarian told her to wait 2 weeks and see if it stopped before bringing her in which was insane.  She waited 2 days and said “Enough is enough and took her anyway.  The veterinarian said the dog probably wouldn’t make it home.  What was she thinking??  I am a weatherman, not a veterinarian.  The dog lasted 2 days once we got her home.  We put her in a makeshift oxygen tent using an oxygen tank and covering which helped her labored breathing.

    She wouldn’t eat or drink and as she asked GOD for a quick death if she wasn’t going to make it.  She passed approximately 10 minutes later in my friend’s arms.  She was truly Blessed.

    As you know I am the lady in the shoe with all of my fur babies.  Three are sick and it is a full-time job nursing and doctoring them and giving medicine twice daily.  Loving and talking to them more then usual which I didn’t feel was possible.

    All of my babies are my family and I will do everything within my power to help them to get well and reassure them they are loved.

    It is amazing how all of the positive vibes I am giving them now have turned into bigger snugglers than I thought they could be.

    Has the smoke, fire, and winds calmed down for you?  I have been praying for you they do.

    Are you Smiling?  I hope so~

    Have a Beautiful Day.

    Your Friend,

    Shookie 🙂



    Hello Anita,

    In no way shape or form did you cause any anxiety.  I feel I should have been focusing more on my babies & myself than being upset about the situation that has been going on with my ex because they are more important to me and I was not giving them what they needed as much.

    I have noticed even though they are still sick they sense mom is happier.  I have been loving and playing with them more in a different way and they are responding in a different way.  They are on top of the bed instead of under the bed or sleeping in the living room.

    You have helped me so much & I would like you to know how much I respect you for helping me and so many others.

    I have a friend that lives 3 hours away & he used to be a therapist who is no longer and he would tell me how stressful and boring it was sometimes is why he stopped.

    You are a gift from GOD to so many and never forget that.

    Have a lovely evening & sleep well, my friend.

    Will look forward to the next read.


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