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    to be honest it’s not very thought related but if i do think abt it …


    it might have something to do with the fact that i’ve been alone for a long period in time ,

    let’s say the past 3 years ,  i can imagine i just have gotten used again to more social interaction and

    i changed , so maybe now i am able to pick up vibes better or translate them anyway.

    And i do think i can point the energy, but sometimes it’s me …

    Im having some minor adjusting problems i guess, wich is not strange considering what i’ve been through but thats another story, for another time…


    Dear Anita,


    thx for your reply,


    i still got it, let’s hope i don’t drift away and am able took keep the elevayor down.

    The answer abt. maintaining this state is really helpfull.

    Abt. the uncomfortable feeling when being with other people in my own home, i guess

    it has more to do with the energy they bring along . . .




    Thanx for your reply Helcat,


    some of the things you mention definitly resonate with me,

    developing boundaries, graditude, relaxation, coping.

    Still working on challenging avoidant behaviours, half way there i guess (:-) )

    also being Alone in the comfort of my own house is important to me.

    I notice when people are around i often feel uncomfortable,

    used to think that was me but as i have been growing i now think i pick up some

    vibes of others , wich make feel that way.

    So this for sure also played a role in my state yesterday, still in it by the way(!)





    Dear Lea


    Why is the Why so important?


    i’ve had some lifechanching events past 5 – 6 years,  i still don’t feel comfortable around people ( i am a man btw).

    And exactly as you describe, even in the comfort of your own home watching tv with someone for example.

    The best advise i can give you i guess is to listen to your (gut) feeling and if it doesn’t feel good to be around people, then don’t (when possible)

    It takes some time (in my case anyway) but in the end you learn more abt yourself.

    I am enjoying being alone even more as i already did, trust me it can be addictive.

    I guess you are a sensitive person and maybe somehow you are kindda overloaded and need to be alone?

    Or with the right persons, i know you say abt coworkes and boss and parents it never was like that before but its also possible you have changed somehow.

    Maybe you see or feel things differently now as before , like a clearer vision or different perspective.


    Many people experience some kind of awakening these days , we are living  in special days


    You can never be wrong when it comes to feelings, you just feel the way you do, regardless what is the cause.

    When it comes to what ‘happened’, you will never know , since you weren’t there, who can you trust on telling the thruth and does it really matter?

    The fact you both work together doesn’t make things easier.

    2 things i can say for sure abt a relationship are: trust and accepting eachother the way you are , these are very (if not most) important.

    The fact you felt hurt and foolish says a lot about your feelings about her, now find out how she really feels about you, wich you best do to look at actions / behaviour, not words.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)