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    I don’t really describe myself as a poet but I do occasionally write certain words that just swim around in my mind. I haven’t really considered sharing any of my writings with the world before so here goes!

    There once was a boy who could hear colours.
    Because he had always grown up with this ability, he didn’t think twice about it and just assumed everybody else was able to hear colours as well.
    Some songs he perceived as being purple songs.
    Others yellow or orange.
    The stronger the sounds resonated within him, the more vibrant and vivid the colours.
    He felt particularly drawn to slow, ambient music with unusual sounds,
    Echoed distorted melodies
    And layered tunes.
    For him, this was a sensory firework display in his kaleidoscope mind.
    Other songs made him hear shapes, faces,
    And faraway places.
    Diamonds and crystals
    Disembodied spirits, staying afloat on ethereal watercolours of blue and green.
    Castles and palaces made of ice which float on clouds.
    Storms of mind-weather, with saturated
    Splashes of olive and cerulean enveloped by and behind mud and smoke.
    Forests in autumn with the sunset shining through leaves of reds and greens.
    Mud swamps of dirty yellows and sunlight streaks
    Illuminating through the branches of towering layers of trees.
    Every sound and tune is an adventure to be had,
    A story to be told.
    Through his minds ear, an astral projection
    Into the realm of the imagination.


    Dear Joe:

    Beautiful! I heard music as I read your poem silently. You just came up with it? Either way, it is amazing, fascinating!

    I see skill and talent and a coming together of colors, shapes, images, sounds.

    Wow- and all in that brain of yours!

    Lots of traveling in that short distance between your ears!

    Your poem and your paintings and illustrations all come together as one beautiful production of art/ human expression!




    This was something I scrawled in my sketchbook this morning. I’ve been reading about the neurological condition known as synaesthesia, which I found out about a few weeks ago. I’m interested by this all of a sudden because I have realised that most people can’t hear colours, but I think I might have been hearing colours all my life and I didn’t really think much about it. As far as I can remember, every time I hear music, especially certain types of music, I just perceive that particular song or tune as “being a purple song” or “being a yellow song” and this brings about lots of strong vivid colours and imagery in my mind. I had always assumed everybody did this – I was telling my mom about this last night and she just stared at me as if to say “what are you going on about?”

    It sounds really mad, but it’s just always been normal for me. I’ve only read so much about this interesting phenomena. I’m not saying for certain I have this characteristic – it could be something else entirely. Maybe my mind just established neural links between certain colours and tunes as I grew up, I don’t know. I’m no scientist. I still find it fascinating!

    But maybe this is why I’ve always found certain types of music to be really inspiring when I paint.

    What are your thoughts on this Anita?



    Dear Joe:

    I thought about writing it to you in my first post on this thread: that you got to be listening to music when you paint! But it skipped my mind then.

    Only this morning, quite amazing, Joe: you are very creative and your imagery flows so nicely, like music. There was a whole melody to your poem.

    As far as hearing colors: it is definitely neural connections. Everything is neural connections. It is a connection you have that others (including your mother, hence she didn’t understand) does not have. I suppose it is a …gift of sorts, a gift in that only a few people have it, have these neural connections between colors and music, like you do.

    “Other songs made him hear shapes, faces,
    And faraway places.
    Diamonds and crystals
    Disembodied spirits, staying afloat on ethereal watercolours of blue and green..”

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!



    Great stuff!


    You should describe yourself as a poet! Loved it.

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