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    Robito the Buddha

    Thanks for your detailed reply Will. Quite honestly I seem to have hit a nerve with you looking at your detailed reply on why I have glossed over some deeper meanings. Is the fundamental reason why we give compassion so important? Actually, I think the opposite. I think that it is not important if you are doing it for a Higher Power or for your own morals, or because you think that we are all connected and one ‘god’. That is exactly the point where people start fighting over who is right and who is wrong. The reason does not matter at all; it is only the doing that matters, and that is where most people of all religions and non religion fail.

    My summary of all spiritual teachings may seem oversimplified to you because, well, it cannot be any more simple. Why make it complicated? It is very simple! Love you, love others and live in the moment 100%

    Whether for your version of god or mine, or just for you, we would all be rewarded if we actually did so. The world would be a much happier place if we all stopped intellectualising who is doing what why, and actually just started really loving thy neighbour as thy self – the one commandment from Jesus that summarised everything in the bible!

    If you read my website you can read why I have called it ‘How to be a Buddha’. I am not deceiving anyone. I explain very clearly that a buddha is an enlightened person and anyone can be a buddha because everyone is a buddha already. A buddha lies within us all right now. It is not really a journey. It is a choice. We just need to choose to be a buddha and stop trying or doing it half heartedly. I am following the teachings of spirituality, not one person, based on this very simple and important message:

    If we really want to be a buddhe, and get access to ‘god’ (whoever or whatever god may be) through heaven on earth or in the form of an afterlife, or whatever; it does not matter who has the right version (I doubt any of us do!). But the teachings are the same – we need to devote our lives 100% absolutely to giving compassion aka love all the time!

    That is a sacrifice that most are not willing to make. Being a truly spiritual person is a sacrifice because you literally give your life to loving all things unconditionally. Then you can be a saint, a buddha, a Jesus, a god, an enlightened person. Then you ‘may’ get the actual answer to the questions you seem to be asking which is what are the actual reasons for things that happen and what should we really believe. Because then, according to all spiritual teachings, you would be fully awakened to the truth.

    If being a saint/buddha/god/jesus/enlightened person is too much of a sacrifice or not, well, that is a question only you can answer for you. I am attempting to be as much of one as I can and it is certainly an awakening experience and I recommend everyone try to be more compassionate and live more in the moment. It is a very worthwhile project that awakens me more every day!



    Sacrifice is more like self mortification, such as turning away from your needs for the needs of others. Is that compassion to you? A journey you’re describing isn’t about sacrifice, in my opinion.

    Consider: What is compassion to you? What does that mean exactly? What does being compassionate actually do? What does it look like?

    With warmth,

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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