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    It been almost 2 years now that I’ve seen angel numbers. In my watch, cellphones, car plate nos, everywhere. I wonder if you also seen them? Do you really think that the angels were really approaching to me? Or has a message?

    Adam P

    Hi there Veronica,

    When it comes to angels or spiritual messages, I do believe that there is some presence and that there could be some form of contact, but for the most part the responsibility lies on your shoulders. One great mistake in life is over relying on superstition to help guide your life. Think of it more as a post it note that somebody left on your computer or desk to help remind you of a task or chore that needs to be completed. I’m pretty sure that nobody sits at their desk and overthinks or concentrates heavily on that post it note. They either accomplish the task or leave it there. As well, energy is a key factor or contributor when it comes to receiving spiritual messages. Remember all those numbers that you have emotional attachment to are stored deep down in your subconscious. (I,e: People who play lotto numbers)
    Take for example my situation, more specifically my username. The reason why I have the “85” in my username is due to the fact that my grandfather passed away at that age and he was a person who I thought would continue to “be there” for me. But unfortunately he had to physically pass away. But the energy is still there and that’s why 85 is sentimental to me, and it motivates me to improve myself and others. while for example other numbers such as 75 or 84 mean nothing to me.
    One exercise I would suggest would be a meditation activity where you sit in silence and clear your mind of all emotional attachments to numbers, signs, etc. (I should do it as well) When your mind is clear then you begin to experience the feeling of living life without the emotional attachment and understand that they are just numbers or objects. This way of thinking though requires continuous practice and strong discipline.
    Thank You and Take Care

    Nina Sakura

    Dear Veronica

    Such things are self fulfilling prophesies – I suggest you rely on your own inner judgement rather than consider the external entities whose existence is questionable. There is an inherent bias in the importance we attach to perceived “signs”. The real “angels” though are the good people in the world who help you when you need it the most. This is subjective though again on what is defined by help but they are like angels when they give us help and guidance.

    I dunno about the number plate messengers.



    I will deeply consider all your advices. Thank you so much.


    Yes It is good message for you that angel want to say you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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