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    I’m posting here to find out if anyone else struggles with worry as much as I do? If so, what have you done that helps, any tips?

    I’m highly sensitive, but I’ve noticed even more so lately. I literally feel overwhelmed by everything the minute I leave my home. Life is too short to live it like this. I need to to somehow learn to master my emotions.



    Dear Cheryl:

    I am wondering if you still work at the same place you worked August 2017? If so, you are at the same job for 9.5 years at this point and four years ago “The office dynamics have changed” and you attributed that to your anxiety, two years ago.



    Hi Cheryl,

    I learned that worrying was pointless.  I learned the “STOP” technique.  Every time a worry pops into your head, say STOP.  I learned that you can control your thoughts.  I learned to let go of any thoughts that weren’t nurturing me.  I learned awareness which is basically living in the moment (mindfulness).  I learned relaxation techniques.  I learned to write my concerns down on paper and give them over to the powers that be.



    There is a condition called “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” which means you feel anxious and overwhelmed all the time.  Even the smallest everyday chores seem like a mountain.  Vigorous exercise and time outdoors in the sunlight really helps calm anxiety.  Even with this, my case was bad enough that I had to add an anxiety medication.  I would discuss this with your doctor to see the best options.  Good luck!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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