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    Hello there..

    so I just recently moved to china for school and I am having some internet related problems..

    1.since Google is banned here I can’t access my Gmail account..i have some important emails in there so is there a way for me to access it?
    I have heard of VPN but can it work for my Gmail too..?.
    plus I don’t know much about the VPN so how do i download it or even buy it online…. there any online shopping store that I can use in English?
    i have used eBay and even alibaba but the minute i state that i am in china,everything changes and becomes in Chinese…
    is there any other stores that you can use in English while in china???

    any help will really be appreciated..
    thank you


    Dear Glet:

    Is this why i didn’t hear from you? I am technically deficient so I can’t help but wish you the best. If you need any input from me we can communicate on this website.


    Dear Anita

    I hope you are fine
    oh yes this is why..up to now I still can’t access my email…well how can I send you a private message on this site?


    hey glet
    I used to live in japan but it sounds way stricter where you are..
    no google on the net? amazing!!


    Dear Glet:

    I did hear by the way that googling is not legal in some countries, too bad. If you click above on Members (or Activity, I forgot) and then type in my name in the box you get I think a “public message” box- I got messages there in the past. Take care!


    Hey, Bill, new guy, didn’t really want to say much but I’ve used a VPN and yes you can get Google with it is my understanding from using one and a computer class. Basically every computer has an IP address, when you log into a VPN you log into someone else’s server under there ip address that they can bounce from server to server in different countries that sometimes you get to pic or it’ll do it St random. Kind of like looking into a server and working from home, Just do a search for vpn ratings pc or Mobil which ever you need pic one that looks good and easy to use and it should walk you threw it. I have an older phone so it showered mine down but I can turn it on and off when I want. Long explanation I know but got excited when I knew an answer 😃


    Hi Glet, I dunno if this will help you, but try to use a program called Cyberghost. It’s supereasy to use and it changes your IP allowing you to access sites otherwise banned. It’s paid, but it offers very basic vpn for free.

    Let me know if it helps.


    Hi Glet

    Yes, you are right you need a VPN service to access many of the services in China. I don’t know why they block many services that is available to the rest of the world.

    Windscribe a new VPN provider is offering their service free upto 10GB per month, hope its enough for you to browse many Google services and a Netflix movie.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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