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    Its a positive step, the anti-depressants have kicked in and I feel able to return to work tomorrow after 7 weeks of sick leave. My boyfriends dad is at deaths door but I am coping better with the grief and supporting my boyfriend better. I possibly wouldn’t have returned to the same workplace if I hadn’t heard that I’d been offered a promotional position in a team I used to work for. My line manager has emailed me asking whether I will return to work in the afternoon as she is on a course.
    I’ve emailed back saying no, this isn’t good for me as I will be worked up all morning thinking about my return. So I am returning to work at 9-9.30am and I hope to work for 3 to 4 hours but I’ll see when I get there. Can anti-depressants give you more confidence in your ability to make decisions? In the past I would of just done as she suggested so as not to upset my employers but now I don’t care, I’ve also told her I do not want to discuss my breakdown with anyone from work, she wants me to meet her in the onsite restaurant for a coffee, I am leaving this team in hopefully less than 2 weeks so what is the point of me reliving all the sorrow I have been feeling. I just want to get back to work tasks and a regular work regime/routine.
    My current job is a contributing factor to my breakdown, I started it 7 months ago and there was never much work to do, I asked for other work and it wasn’t available, it felt like a none-job. Part of my reason for a phased hours return to work is I expect that there isn’t any work to do and there is no way I am prepared to be sat at my desk wasting my time in a job I will soon be leaving. Part of me wants to tell my line manager how crap I think the job is and how I think my post should not be filled as there isn’t enough work to do? This is the correct thing to do when I am wearing my business mind but surely this will cause negative feelings and I just cant be bothered with any more of those..
    This week I haven’t heard anything more from my new employers, it’s probably cause its half term and my new line manager is off work. I am paranoid thinking my current line manager has spoken to my new line manager saying she doesn’t think a promotional job will be good for my mental health. I am worried about this a bit too but I am returning to a team I used to work for and I loved and I know I will be busy and looked after.
    Do anti-depressants make your decision making better?
    I would of been told if my job offer had been rescinded?
    I really don’t like going to work but it’s something I have to do as I have bills to pay, does anyone out there actually enjoy going to work? Am I really stuck in a uninspiring career?
    Any feedback, personal experiences etc will be appreciated. Thanks


    The only way the questions will be answered is when you go in and see.

    DH says sometimes “Why do you think they call it Work? If people enjoyed it, it would be called something else”.

    If you’re in a place that sucks the soul out of you (BEEN THERE!), you can put some soul back in.

    Bring a book, wear headphones (and listen to podcasts), feng shui the office, do random little nice things for everyone everyday, use this time to master meditation, do chair yoga, bring a notebook to work on the Great American Novel, manifest more work to do that you want to do, look for other job offers.

    Good Luck!


    Your job does not define you – but it pays the bills. Who you are is more about your hobbies, character, beliefs, and self truth.

    ADs – decision making – might be tough for a bit but a distraction may be helpful for you considering what you have been dealing with.

    Your mind and heart will heal. Try not to project or control the outcome of things – we have no way of knowing what life holds for us. We just do our best and try not to steer the bull so much.

    You will know when you have had enough and what to do when the time comes. Don’t make quick permanent decisions right now until you have some solid healing underway. Let things settle as long as it takes and cut yourself some slack.

    Take it one day at a time.

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