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    Frank Ra

    Have you already tried brainwaves entrainment to facilitate blissful sleeping? I noticed that, with meditation and/or some short BWE sessions, the quality of my sleep improves.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Lori Deschene

    I actually haven’t heard of brainwaves entertainment before, but I’m intrigued! Are there any links you’d recommend I check out?

    Joshua Denney

    I’ve used some apps that do stuff like that. I’ve had decent results in the past with them.

    I can honestly say that one of my best sleeps ever was after a long night of web design work a few years back. A 5-HTP and some beta/alpha/whitenoise waves or whatever the heck they’re called streaming through headphones. A seriously amazing sleep!

    Tyler Tervooren

    I don’t do it at home, but I have a meditation app on my iphone I use any time I’m traveling and sleeping in a noisy place like an airport or hostile. It really does help!

    Now that you mention it, I might start using it at home.


    I really love the banzailabs.com app I have on my phone. In addition to sleep, they have day time options for things like creativity, energy, etc., which are cool if you’re ever feeling the need.


    PS – Forgot to mention that you have to use headphones (instead of the speaker) to get the optimum results.

    Canadian Eagle

    Dreaming is such a wonderful part of living

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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