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    Long story short, I was wondering if traumatic events can led to wanting to change your life? I’m not talking about switching from soda to water or maybe occasionally eating salads, but major life changing. Like changing what defines me, how I want to live the rest of my life, etc.

    My background for this question is long and spands over the course of 4 years but I’ll wrap up everything in a few bullet points in time order.

    4 years ago:

    – broke up with abusive ex

    – was stalked and harassed till restraining order was filed

    3 years ago:

    – mom gets breast cancer

    – get accused of being a pedophile, because I volunteer at a summer camp and I dont have a kid ( was 20 at the time)

    – got kicked out of college due to dealing with mom and court issues

    Last years :

    – random illness leaves me in hospital for  weeks at a time

    – lost job because I’m too sick to work

    This year :

    – another illness attack

    – doctors finally figure out what’s wrong with me – Autoimmune Encephalitis (white blood cells attack brain)

    – on the 15th I was raped by the guy I was meeting for a first date


    All of these events just feel like huge weights on my soul and I’m tried of it. I’m tried of letting all these bad things hurt and affect me. I want to change, but now I’m second guessing if this is the trauma speaking or is my soul and spirit finally done with pain/anger? So I ask, can trauma led to life changes?


    I hope this all makes sense. Thank you for at least reading my post. I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny day.


    Dear Alexandria:

    “So I ask, can trauma lead to life changes?”

    The traumas you mentioned include a recent rape and having been diagnosed with Autoimmune Encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain caused by your own white blood cells attacking your own brain. Wikipedia states that symptoms may include fever, confusion, vomiting, and complications may include seizures, hallucinations and memory problems, “altered level of consciousness, lethargy, or personality change”. Clearly, the answer to your question is: yes, this is a life changing diagnosis.

    It reads in Wikipedia: “Treatment generally takes place in hospital. Some people require artificial respiration… rehabilitation may be required”.  I do hope that you receive the best available treatment and care and that you heal and recover from this illness. May the rest of the year and the approaching new year be a healthier and better year for you!





    Hi Alexandria,

    I do believe that trauma can change you, for some it’s for the better and others it can be for the worst. Some people tend to use what it is that they went through to help others by letting them know they are not along. They also use what they’ve been through to make them stronger and may start blogs, social media pages or community activities to up lift others, also may turn to a religion or spirituality to help them heal from what it is they’ve gone through and see another perspective of the trauma. Some tend to allow what they’ve been through to deter them from their goals and aspirations and turn towards substances to help them cope and others engage in lustful activities to get them through.

    Either way it does changes you, it all depends on what you want for yourself and your life. It’s okay to feel down, sad and at times hopeless. However it’s not about how many times you fail it’s all about how you decide to get up. I pray that your situation and mental health from those pass traumas gets better and that you become a stronger individual that inspire many people with your story.

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    Trauma can change your life physically/mentally/emotionally! Get a professional help! There are many books out there to help you but none of them will help if you don’t follow what they preach. Sometimes to get 1-2-3 books is enough, don’t do endless research. Work with what you have/ be consistent with whatever steps you take.  Live in present moment, past can’t be changed and future may not come. Now is important. Xx god bless

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