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    Omar Elbaga

    So many of us walk around thinking we have to have some sort of specific purpose in order to exist. Without a purpose we sometimes feel lost, but there is beauty in the discovery process.
    We, as humans, are not computer robots where we only have one function. We can perform many different functions. We just need to do what resonates with us on the inside.
    For that we need to identify our values.
    I beg you to write down what you believe in before discovering you purpose.

    Frank Ra

    So true Omar! Values are the inspiration, and our purposes how we manifest it in this life.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Ani Alexander

    Sometimes your purpose finds you instead…

    Like me becoming a writer after fighting it back for about 20 years 🙂

    Frank Ra

    Eheh. The roots have to come to the surface, one way (by conscious choice) or by the other (necessity)


    Molly McCord

    I’ve discovered that my purpose in Human Terms changes as I grow and evolve, while my purpose in Spiritual Terms is to be my full Self without holding back anything about my journey, talents or desires. Connecting with everyday joys – gardening, the sun, chocolate, exercise, a good book – is how I find my center regularly, and then I move forward from there. I like change, so this approach works well for me! 🙂



    I believe that once you find your spiritual self, your purpose becomes apparent. What happened to me as soon as I started living from my soul-self, was that I discovered I had all kinds of amazing creative abilities I had no idea existed inside me.  As a result, I believe my purpose is just to express who I am, in every way possible!

    Love and peace,


    Sheila McCann

    Yes.  It is what is left when you remove all the other junk : )


    I discovered my purpose when I stopped being someone I’m not because that’s what other people wanted me to be, not what I wanted to be.

    I discovered my love of wildlife photography.  In the past, I would’ve been ashamed and embarrased to say that as I was worried about what other people thought.


    Kathy Kruger

    I feel fairly confused at the moment as I understand spiritually that my purpose is to creatively manifest the universe through me – let universal power, or God, flow through my loving and creative actions. But then linking that understanding to a sense of purpose that is shaped into work/career/business and the reconciling some sort of core ‘meant to be’ purpose with a multitude of other important purposes in life ie being a mother, wife, friend, is much harder. Sometimes I wonder whether to keep on seeking, keep on changing and ‘flowing’ is really the only purpose?


    Great topic! I think sometimes seeking or waiting for purpose is too much pressure we put on ourselves. Instead, we should perhaps find our personal values and voice as individuals. Find our true self, with all the good and bad, learn to accept and love ourselves. Once we’ve done that we know ourselves, then we can try new things and see what truly moves us and makes us to feel alive.  I guess I see finding purpose as a journey. I got three rules I try to follow, stay true to my myself, follow my heart and shut down the noise from the world.


    I’m new to self discovery and all of this “spiritual” work so my old shoes no longer fit (the pre-spritiual version of me) and I haven’t found a pair that do. EVERYTHING is changing, my friends don’t understand and don’t like the new “non self-destructive” me and it’s just awkward hanging out with them now, my job isn’t even remotely fulfilling anymore, and I have no idea what I want out of life or where I’m headed. I’d be more than happy with a minor dose of purpose/direction at this point.

    Danielle Lynn

    I think sometimes people get so caught up in finding or exploring their purpose they forget to live in the now.

    I know – I’m often guilty of that!

    I find the more I stay open and receptive, a clear path always guides me to where I’m supposed to go.  And then I can spend more time enjoying the process. 🙂

    Onder Hassan

    Discovering your purpose is very possible and believe that we’re all here to fulfill it and to provide value to the world.

    We’re all unique for a reason and are here to find out what that uniqueness is and to eventually share it with the world. It’s perhaps what makes life so interesting to live since every day is a new personal discovery. But only if we focus on making it so.


    Onder…your post is quite profound! Share with me…tell me what you do to focus on making every day a new personal discovery…I could benefit from your wisdom!


    Actually, I just found your website and I’m really excited about exploring it! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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