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    I met this guy back in July, where it seemed like against all odds our paths met and we clicked instantly. We left for 4 months traveling and we talked every days. When he came back we were amazing. Of course we had our fights but I thought things would work out. I have been going through some things recently and became a little more clingy and stressed. Last week he ended things saying that he felt too much pressure. It really hurt me. I had been posting some of my writings on instagram and I posted a particular angry one and he unfollowed me – but he has still been watching my instagram stories even afterwards. I love him. I don’t want to loose him but I am so confused as what to do right now. Or how to feel …




    I am sorry you are confused and hurting.  It sounds like you two never really had a long term relationship with each other.  How long were you together in person?

    It is tough when you felt a connection with someone and when you go through a rough patch he steps away.  I find that a good sign because it is best to know now rather than later.  I see this as a good test on how committed and steadfast someone is (whether a lover or a friend or a family member) for you when you are going through bad/rough times.

    I know of several friends who got cancer and find that those people who they thought were close and deep friends run away from them.

    You can love this guy from afar.  You cannot lose someone if you never really had him in the first place.  And you have no control over whether or not you have him anyway.  Move on.




    Hi Jasmine,

    If he left just because of a little stress, it’s better you found this out now rather than years from now. View it as a blessing! You need someone strong enough to handle everyday life, not some wilting violet personality.



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