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    I read in a book recently that a woman who found out her husband was cheating on her because she found a keychain that belonged to her neighbor, She reconciled with her husband, but still had feelings of resentment. For therapy,she took the keychain outside and drove over it mutliple times until it was out of her system.

    I’ve heard of the letter burning suggestion before, but for people need something more than that, I thought we could share creative ways of accepting reality, getting over the past, or forgiving people.

    My one friend flies a kite at the beach and that is her way of praying.

    I was thinking of writing things on balloons and then popping them.

    What are some visual/kinesthetic ways do you let go?


    I’m really hopping someone posts some suggestions because I would like to know myself.


    Can’t say I’ve had much success with visual/kinesthetic ways of letting go. To me it sounds a bit like finding a modern scapegoat. The key chain, paper, and balloon didn’t do anything, why should they receive the brunt of our anger and frustration.

    Writing is a good outlet to get emotions out, but I don’t think you need to burn the paper in any ritualistic fashion. Just getting them out there, recognizing that they’re there, becoming aware is a good first step.

    Meditation works best and connecting with your values and principles. Although you may have been hurt and are angry, you know truly deep down inside at the core of your being you want others to experience love and happiness and wish them well despite any trespasses they’ve made against you. With that acknowledgement comes letting go and the inner peace that you seek.


    The way that has always worked for me, is remembering that there is a world that exists beyond me and there are people going through much worse.
    Volunteer, help people, pray…


    I am still looking for ways to get out this situation. For the time being I have accepted that whatever has happen is result of my fault and this pain is punishment to it. This is my redemption

    Rose Tattoo

    In the past I’ve found some relief by repeating “I let you go with love” to the person, in my head. It helps me get out of the “you wronged me” or “I hurt” mindset and reminds me that we’re all connected and true love means I want that person to be happy, even if it’s not with me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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