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    The Ruminant

    I’ve been meaning to start a certain type of business for a while now, which would vaguely speaking be about offering a rather technical product. The customers can vary between very technologically savvy to those who really aren’t technical at all. I’m noticing that the one thing that really holds me back with this, and any other business idea that I’ve had, is the fear of dealing with these people when offering support / customer service.

    There is a reason why people hate doing technical support, myself included. There’s not only the technological aspect to it, where you need to troubleshoot really fast all kinds of unforeseeable things that may or may not be solvable by you. There’s also the often rather grumpy person at the other end who is angry because of various reasons, and you need to be able to work with them to get things sorted.

    There are those who are annoyed because they want things to work right now, and they don’t. The reason for not working may, and often is, their own laziness in reading manuals or they’ve done something to break things, and then completely deny doing so, whilst expecting you to fix things.

    Then there are those who do not understand anything about anything, and they acknowledge this, but in the same time get really frustrated with things and aren’t receptive to any information, because they have decided that they simply do not understand anything. So you need to calm them down and try to teach things as you go along.

    Then there are those who are clearly more knowledgeable than you are, and get annoyed because you don’t understand what they are asking.

    All of these people have in common that it’s also their ego on the line. They don’t want to look stupid, or they want to feel superior, or they simply do not even consider that other people might have to work hard to solve things because they didn’t want to focus on what they are doing when setting things up.

    All of it is really stressful and one of the reasons why I stopped working with clients directly. People can be really mean and unreasonable when it comes to dealing with technology, and they don’t really consider that there is a person with feelings offering them support.

    However, I don’t think I have any other choice than to learn how to deal with this if I really want to move along with any of my plans. There is no way I could hire another person to do the support for me in the beginning stages. Besides, I think that I should learn how to do it and not just cowardly try to go around it. Besides, this is kind of a “getting back on the horse” type of situation for me. Facing my fear.

    In the past couple of days I’ve thought about selfless service. To me it’s about helping and showing care in a way that doesn’t actually come from me, but rather through me. I’m simply the vessel for these acts. So I was wondering if I could try to deliver knowledge in a same way? Supporting people in a way where I’ll offer what I know, but do not get my ego involved in any way? Then it wouldn’t be two egos clashing, which might make things easier.

    Any ideas or advice on how to deal with this fear?


    Thanks The Ruminant @theruminant

    What a great thought you have had. Go for it 🙂 You will do well.

    I will share my perspective here and see if it resonates with you.

    You can start any business whenever you feel like once you have done your homework and weighed down your pros and cons clearly and rationally. Now coming back to people. You will find people in any job, yeah ? Some tasks require more dealings with people and some require less. However, you can’t avoid people (mean, critical, selfish, nice, happy, considerate, etc) in any job.

    To avoid ego clashing when 2 people come together is quite easy. I like your thought of seeing yourself as the vessel for the light or divine grace to pass through to others. If every action of yours is done with an intention to bring good to people in some form or other, real success won’t be too behind.

    When we judge ourselves, we project our judgments onto others as we start seeing some bits of us in others that we do not like OR on the other hand, subconsciously, we want people to behave in a way that we see as appropriate based on our conditioning. If we don’t like something or something doesn’t agree with us, it triggers off a chemical upheaval in our brain followed by a sub optimal chain of reactions. However, if you are only the vessel for knowledge to pass through and not the DOER yourself, you will find that your judgement of self will slowly wither away. And wah lah, other people will stop bugging you with their personalities, grievances, hurts as you do not see them as an annoyance anymore. You are able to maintain your inner peace and quiet and as such have less reactions and less drainage of good energy.

    I deal with a lot of not so happy or grateful people in my day to day work. This used to bother me for years and cause me a lot of anguish but now, I can proudly say that it ain’t so bad. Situation is still the same but I have changed for the better.

    I am able to maintain my inner peace even in the most irritating situation. I just take a deep breathe in and visualise the light doing its work through me and get on with the job. When I am just merely a vessel and not the source of knowledge itself, where is the ego clashing ? With less judging and more creating, I have managed to change the type of people I attract in my life as well. The moment they come into my aura or surrounds, they turn from devils into sweet little angels ha ha ha ha ha. If some difficult personality still manages to come through, they usually calm down when they don’t get a reaction from me (both at verbal and body language level). I am able to see them in a different light and don’t get excited by their complaints, grievances or dramas. I just focus on my good work and get rid of the energy debris that I have collected from others by doing meditation as and when required daily. It is like how we take showers for keeping ourselves fresh and clean physically, meditation keeps ME the soul clean by getting rid of negative energy garbage collected with every encounter. It is not people per say who are driving us crazy but the energy they bring with them, which affects our well being and brings out the worst in us. If we know how to deal with this, fears won’t seem as bad and ego clashing will become a secondary issue.

    Hope this helps and that someone else can provide you with a solid practical advice rather than my usual spiritual spill lol


    The Ruminant

    Thank you, Jasmine 🙂 I will ruminate on your words!

    In my potential situation, I wouldn’t be able to be physically present with the people, which brings it’s own challenges. Not necessarily better or worse, but just different.

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