Do you believe that fear is real? Or just an illusion that FEELS real?

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    Sabrina Bolin

    All of my Spiritual training, especially with the teachers of The Course in Miracles, share that fear is nothing but an illusion.
    But what my little mind loves to chew on is how REAL this illusion can feel – in fact, all of the illusion feels real (the seemingly “good” and “bad”), and I believe that “buying into the illusion” to some extent is part of the fun of playing in our physical experience as spiritual beings!
    So is there something to be said for honoring fear in our lives? Or should it be transformed to love as swiftly as it’s recognized?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    Joseph Bernard, PhD

    Fear is a product of your thoughts. Fear is not real unless there is a bus heading for you in the crosswalk. Then move quickly. Same with fear in other place in life, move quickly away from the thoughts that are creating fear within you.

    The other strong fear antidote is love. An open heart always trumps fear.

    Tess Marshall

    Hi Sabrina,

    I love ACIM and have studied it for 25 years. I’m still a student;) I know what you mean about playing in the illusion like the sunset and all of the beauty in nature. That’s an example of the illusion I like to be in;) Personally I’ve never had any fun playing in fear. I always get in trouble.

    I do think fear should be honored to the degree of admitting I’m in fear and embracing that part of my fearful self…but that’s about it.

    I agree with Joseph…watch out for the bus!

    David Hamilton

    I agree with Joe – that “rational” or wired in fear is there for a reason, to protect us. I would also call that a “simple fear” there’s no story attached to it, not fuel to perpetuate the illusion. I would call that a real, legitimate fear (for the most part).

    But as we all know, most of our fears that stop us are more complex, in the sense they have a story attached to them that keeps them going. Social conditioning has a great deal to do with these fears. Many times most of the work to be done in overcoming fear is in the undoing of these stories and beliefs, rather than putting new ones in place.


    FEAR is False Emotions Appearing Real

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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