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    The reason I did not post this in the “Spiritual” section is because emotional mastery is essential for an effective approach into authentic nonpsychological (spiritual) endeavor. The aspect of “mastery” beyond religious or philosophical conjecture is based neither on thought, belief nor clarification of terms. It is experience alone. The nature of perception is simply beyond words.

    Abstraction of physical and spiritual experience is a practical means of stripping away the idea of one’s psychological purpose effecting a sintered absolute identity comprising relative continuity, to arrive at a voidness of pervasive resonant potential.

    It has been revealed universally by all authentic teaching the world over that the true void contains no void. Personally seeing potential is a matter of course in everyday ordinary situations. Transcendent activity is natural. Becoming accustomed to experiencing and consciously partaking of one’s innate nonpsychological capacity is arrived at incrementally. This is not a reference to sudden enlightenment, which is an independent spontaneous event of its own accord thoroughly transcending the person. Mind is inconceivable, yet knowledge of such potential is unattributable in and of itself. Such unattributability is itself the hallmark and signpost of true awareness by gradual selfless experience. Human potential is wholly nonoriginated. Just this is the integral voidness of pure awareness. Few are those who arrive at fulfillment of the fundamental nature of human being.


    Presence of independent means and natural urgency guide one’s healthy and effective gratification of intent in the course of situational evolution.

    Serving the integrity of one’s subtle potential underlies the timing and rate of advance and withdrawal in mutual exchanges of personality dynamics.

    The consensual repose of dominance toward the submissive is the device employed by independent means and natural urgency to effect the balance of one’s intent in meeting the measure of power inherent in creative cycles.

    Thus, in harmonizing integral mutual situational potential, dominance is expressed in accord with submissive intent by adaptivity to the creative.

    Situational dynamics of advance and withdrawal influencing the timing and rates of exchange defining the situation decide the balance of potency and decline throughout the natural cycle of its transformative exigencies.

    It is possible by mutual accord in reality that the submissive exacts its transcendence if virtuously exerted dominance absorbs their factors of potential.

    For those acquainted with practices and practicalities of abstracted strains of BDSM, a mode of enlightening alchemic permutation may become apparent relative to self-refining integration, by virtue of their elemental paring and their ultimate mutual dissolution in terms of effective cumulative realizations over a long process of transformation.

    Developing unified potential through discipline and restraint to parry insistence-affliction without complying nor compelling, open intent isolates errant psychological habituation to self-reifying resistance (insular insistence) denying inherent potential of inconceivable liberation from the source of dependent views (real potential trapped as psychological momentum: karma).


    It is paradoxical that I juxtapose the abstract of one’s potential for nonpsychological liberation with the (creative) source of karmic delusion without mentioning the person, insomuch as the person is already the creative source of dependent views. It’s just as well, because reality, or Suchness, and subtle spiritual adaption accord selflessly. In terms of transcendent wisdom, the source expressions of dependent views and the potential for enlightening liberation are not different. Absolutists say both are empty, whereas I say both are nonoriginated. Why? Unified selfless aware undifferentiated nonorigination isn’t empty of enlightening potential. This is the meaning of “true emptiness is void of emptiness.”

    Unless alternative routines of intercourse for subordinate energies, in lieu of enlightening function, are established, dependent views (relative to self and other) transmogrify, in terms of ego’s habituated insistence modalities.

    When subjects establish situationally erstwhile partners (even in death), the potential arises in which the psychologically detached dom/domme can thrive. The classic intervention by a professional dom for a client is when there is awareness of deleterious habituation to issues of situational power dominance and a recognition of benefit to be found in power transference for the purpose of temporarily interrupting such habit-consciousness where such enlightening intervention is in reference to effectively evolved TYPE A mentalities, not those perpetually reifying infantile codependent habituation to anal entitlement issues; whereby overarching ego-projected insistence-modes exact manipulation of attention, foils, and signifiers, in order to control indirectly through hostage dominants].


    Tell em’

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