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    The past few days I’ve been feeling very down. I feel drained mentally and physically and don’t know why. I sit here wondering if it is normal to feel this way or if there is something wrong with me? It’s like I can’t even concentrate when people are talking to me, I can’t listen and comprehend what they’re saying. I find this mood to be cyclical with me every month for a couple of days. I workout to try to lift my mood, don’t take any meds, just don’t like the way I feel. I know it’s temporary and it will pass, but I’m worried I seem moody and that I affect others negatively when in this mood.

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    Yup… I had this problem… even till a point where I literally said to the other person “I’m sorry …. _____ I have crazy mood swings”, and the other person would look at me very confused, like… wtheck… do I even know you that well personally?….. n he didn’t respond or take it seriously (thank God)……At that moment I realized that I just had a mental breakdown. In my opinion he looked very tired and depressed after I’ve said that and I started feeling even worse. The thing is, the mood swings happens to everyone, and it’s inevitable bc we are all alike. Try thinking this way, I believe everyone deals with it but they just try not to let it show it. Because I want to show them that I’m tough enough to not let it show. Btw one book I’ve read said that even though you may seem like you’re about to have an emotional outbreak or crises and think that the world is coming to an end, the other party may just look at you and the reaction they present is nothing or cynical because in reality nothing is really happening!!!.. and you just look bored. So try to get your thought away from negatives and keep transitioning your thoughts to something else when you’re dealing with those excessively low mood swings. It’s all up to you mentally. I know it’s not easy, and it may not work sometimes when oh boy those crazy mood swings… but even with your really bad mood swings it’s not as bad as you think. Those same people that may take up that so called crazy mood and walk away would be in the very same shoes passing his or her mood swings to other people at a different time and location thinking same thing you just been through. And the thing is when I see other people go through a crazy mood swing, I don’t criticize or want them to just disappear from this earth or anything so why should they? we’re all alike… like one and we live to forgive and to learn to grow 🙂


    Greetings Sassypants ~~~
    No, it is never normal to fall into an abyss or be caught up in the undertow of dark powerful forces that will only serve to rob YOU of YOUR true potential and joy for life. Unfortunately this condition can be quite the illusion for what it truly is, I at one time did find a degree of comfort there because I had just about given up on any hope of being rescued. In fact I had reached the lowest level of ‘DOWN’ where the only way I could look was ‘UP’. No one was there to lower a rope to pull me out; in the depths of my own self-dug hole of misery a hero would not appear out of no where. The person who had gotten me into this quagmire was the only ONE who would come to my rescue and that was ME.
    As Hee, has pointed out it all begins with our thought process which will ultimately guide the actions we will choose to take. Our thoughts are the fibers that determine who we as individuals will become and the choices that we will make.
    Feelings the way YOU do does not in any way make YOU a pioneer, which is excellent news and should give YOU hope in its self because these same people are no longer victims but are now victorious. Asking for help is a sign of true strenght and I admire you for taking that positive step. As in anything worth doing it takes small steps going FORWARD and looking onto the next level of success, because DEEP DOWN inside YOU know YOU can do it.
    Take care of yourself and walk onward in peace.


    The worst thing that you can do is add guilt to your pain., it’s like adding pepper to a wound. You shouldn’t feel bad for feeling the way you do. I get the whole concerned about what people think, when i felt down I had similar thoughts but after counselling and speaking to people I realised the right people will accept your authentic feelings a.k.a the way you really feel and try and support that plus think outside of your head. I f your friend felt the way you did, wouldn’t you wanna support her? You wouldn’t be harsh on her, so don’t be harsh on yourself. You being real with yourself also might be a good thing to others cuz ppl who feel similar/ have bad experiences will be likely to speak about them to you so it helps them open up and express their feelings outloud (especially, if they haven’t). The sooner you accept it (which is hard process but very likely if you allow things to go step by step) you can find out why you feel how you do and begin the recoverry process (which is another process but step by step does it). I think you should speak to a therapist if you can, maybe there is something triggering you to feel like this that you haven’t dealt with properly thus just becoming a constant pattern unless it’s always been this way but don’t hurt your head tryna figure out what it is if you don’t know or how to deal with it on your own if you do know. I would say speak to a therapist and whilst talking you’ll make more sense of your actions through it. It’s not easy at first but if you might if find it very usefull cuz I bet you in your head ‘everything is everywhere’ but they have techniques to help you break things down to help get to the root but bear in mind in counselling, you can’t be fixed by the therapist, they help you to understand yourself so you can help yourself or with legal torubles maybe if they are/ or even get you to go to the doctors if they think that’s suitable. . B.t.w you don’t have to be positive all the time, it’s all right to have negative feelings but it’s not good for them to consume us. It doesn’t make you a bad person if they do but it helps to accept your feelings then try and tackle it (all a process) also whilst counselling my counsellor taught me about being rational/ rational behavioural therapy which helped, try and watch clips about it. In a nutshell it’s about finding rational ways to deal with things. Keep holding on, you’re doing great. Goodluck with things :-).

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