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    What’s the best way to handle being taken out of someone’s newsfeed? Basically, when they stop following you? I believe this has happened because they no longer like any of my posts but I see them liking other people’s posts. I don’t post excessively – maybe once a day. The things that I post are not controversial. These are people that I know well and in some instances they are family. I think I would be happier if they defriended me – better than being ignored. For the record, I do have lots of friends who don’t ignore me. I just can’t figure out how I turned off the few that I did. Anyone else experiencing this? What did you do about it?

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    In my opinion, the best way to deal with that is to wish them well on their journey, no matter where they go or don’t go, do or don’t do. May their day be bright, whether or not they like or ignore or hate what we say. Why let their actions bruise our own heart?

    With warmth,


    I wrote whole posts here on FB drama ~ Basically my message to you is you can’t escape.

    The best you can do is make them “Acquaintances” so you don’t see every move of theirs, either. Out of sight, out of mind. The good news is that if you or they do something Epic, it WILL show up on everyone’s NewsFeed. Then Likes all around!

    I only Follow my kids and a handful of other people because otherwise scrolling through my Feed becomes a part time job. It doesn’t help that FB litters your Feed with ads. I’m sure (and know!) I’ve offended people, like my FB Lists fiasco a year ago. I also got Blocked/Hid/whatever FB wizardry from one clinically UnBalanced Friend who thought I didn’t Like or Comment on her Wall enough. Now that’s passive aggressive. Merely UnFollowing, Hiding or Acquantancing is practicing practical Sanity. FB in general is just all too much.

    I’m actually waiting to be accepted to Ello so I can start over, and meanwhile keep my FB account open as a foil. But see? Now I’m talking crazy again. Oh, FB!!


    Thanks Matt and Inky

    Howdy @islandgirl Lorraine

    I am sorry that this has happened to you. Please know that this incident is not about you or your character or what you have done wrong or right etc. This action, if you choose to call it a passive aggressive behaviour, is a reflection of who that person is.

    People do all sorts of weird things due to their own experiences, wiring of their mind and emotional states. If you were to try and understand each of those, you would go nuts. The best way forward is to accept each person as they are and leave it at that. You move ahead knowing that you have learnt a valuable lesson – “I will not let other people’s actions determine my state of being or happiness; I am who I am and I am working on getting better each day in my own ways (Full Stop)”.

    Please know that every person on this planet is as unique as it gets. There is only one Lorraine on this planet and vice versa for others. Everyone has their own journey or path to follow. The only common thing between each of one is us that we can choose to help each other out on the journey or we can make this journey as difficult as possible for self and others. Choice is truly in your hands.

    Best wishes and may you emerge stronger and more loving / kind from this incident.

    You are worth it 🙂



    Thanks, all. I’ve always been a straight shooter so passive aggressive behavior really throws me off. But, I hear what you are all saying and I agree. I think I know deep down that it really isn’t about me in most instances but being human I do get bruised by this kind of behavior. Anyway, I will take your advice and send them love and pray for their journey as well as my own. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. You are all very wise.

    Rose Tattoo

    I’ve unfollowed people when I just don’t find their posts interesting, just to clean up my feed. It’s not even necessarily passive aggressive. I’d say let it go. Pick your battles, and this doesn’t seem like one worth fighting.

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