feeling a bit lost & finally having feelings about losing contact with my mom

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    Kelsey Neighbors

    I believe life is a never ending cycle of ups and downs. Once I accepted that things got a lot easier.

    Another really simple but meaningful lesson was that I must FEEL. I should never suppress an emotion, and letting my feelings out will make me feel better. It has worked and I feel lucky to know this.

    I have recently cut all ties with my mother due to her un-loving response to her husbands sexual abuse towards me. Some days are easy, happy, and full of laughter…while other days are difficult, sad, and I feel lost.

    I feel like I am plateauing, taking some steps back, and not growing anymore. Last night I called my ex that I havent talked to in a long time in search of some closure or acceptance, he threatened to talk to security if I contact him again…

    I have also been sleeping with someone new, he is kind and sweet and always texts me asking about my day… I feel happy about this situation but I am not sure if it will be healthy for me while I am going through this.

    I am having a rough day ,I woke up and my dryer stopped working, then the bus drove past me, I fell in a huge pile of snow and spent the morning very cold and cried a lot… mainly thinking about my mother.

    Advice? Thoughts?



    Dear kdizzle:

    Any idea why the ex threatened to call security when you called him for answers/ closure? I would imagine threatening that will be reasonable if you threatened him, or if he told you in the past to never call him and you called anyway… why this kind of reaction, any ideas at all?

    I didn’t expect your no-contact with your mother to be an easy, linear process. It is impossible for it to be either. There will be plateauing and regressing- these are parts of the journey.

    I forgot, if I read it before, but did you cut contact with her in person, on the phone, email? How did you word it to her and what was her response?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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