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    There’s some things on my mind lately.

    I have good friends but…
    I feel excluded sometimes.
    I feel as though I’m not good enough— that’s why they’re going to other people.
    I feel as though they’d rather be with someone else.
    I feel disconnected from them sometimes.

    And I know it’s not intentional and it’s not their fault, it’s not them it’s me– and I don’t know what to do.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you (:


    Hi cathi,

    Sounds like you don’t have much confidence in yourself. I used to think those same thoughts too. But don’t forget every one has a different level of connection with other people. You may be closer to one friend than another. If you’re ever feeling lonely, call up a friend and ask to hang out. I don’t always hang out with a group of friends, sometimes it’s fun-er and feeling a deeper connection with a friend when it is one-to-one.

    Hope that helps.



    There’s a great site called The Friendship Blog that I go to sometimes (when a friend is being maddening). It’s brilliant, and it has forums, too. They have sections on Making Friends, Keeping Friends, etc.

    When I’m feeling the way you are I remember that I’m not for everyone! LOL!

    Also, consider your age. So as your twenties progress, you could also feel left out because everyone is getting matched up, moving, working. In your thirties you make friends through your kids. Forties, you have a handful of keepers LOL. Then your friends die and you have to make friends of ALL ages.

    So cut yourself some slack. Call up your friends and make dates to get together. And keep in mind that some people are just clueless. But remember ~ you picked them!

    Billy Blue

    Hi Cathy, Don’t worry too much :). Everybody goes through these feelings every now and then but you know something it never last forever. All you need to do is be happy and be available to your existing or potentially new friends. Meanwhile you need to raise your energy levels, don’t dwell too much of negative feelings. Do something which you like or pick a new hobby like learning new language or painting. This will make you change your perspective about life in general and bring you up emotionally. I was going through similar kind of nightmare around 2 years back and then i got an idea, i have created one video to keep me focused. Here is the link @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNI-8GZP-SU&list=UUyiCAD8yllsN_c7UyG4lU_Q

    Wish soon you will be back on track and enjoying your life.

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