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    Dear Nanda:

    Congratulations for moving and for moving far away from your parents’ house. Keep learning about the world outside the home where you grew up, and learning about yourself!

    You wrote that your mother keeps calling you every night, I suggest to you the following: it is okay to change your number, to tell her not to call you anymore. (You owe her nothing at all).

    I am glad you posted this very encouraging update and please do post again anytime you would like.




    Hello, it’s Nanda’s roommate and friend talking here, he borrowed my pc to access this website about a month ago. I have a sad news, he passed away two days ago, after visited his hometown. He always told me about his struggles with his depression and his family, and I rode him to his therapist once. I really surprised that his depression literally took away his life. I know that I’m using his account without his authority, I just wanna tell everyone who gave him advice that he’s in peace now.



    Hi Nanda’s roommate and friend.

    I’m so sorry for your news, I hope you are coping ok, that’s a terrible shock, especially after it seemed he had managed to escape. Wish we could have done more to help. Take care.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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