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    Hello everyone,

    In the past year or so, I been feeling not like myself,  i use to believe in the law of attraction but I’m suddenly feel like I can’t get rid of negative thoughts and as much as I try to better this I simply cannot plus, close family have told me a lot that you can not simply “attract” things to your life, whether I like or not it influenced in me taking me to believe that the law of attraction is bs. Also believed in Buddhist teachings which also really help my life for the better for a few years but suddenly struggled to live by them (didn’t apply 100% but the most i could). As much as I try I cannot seem to apply them into my life again, in a way lost my “Faith” per say. There are some serious blockages in me that I can’t get rid of.  Hopefully someone could give me some advice .

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi Jennifer,

    Your situation is quite complex and its hard to know what the deeper issue is without understanding more.  Could you detail more about your thoughts and the issues you perceive.

    I would however like to add something general.  I’m not sure if this applies to you.  But I will take a guess.

    As its not clear if your issue are of a spiritual or human, I would tend to start on the human side first.

    I’d like to ask if you feel purpose or meaning in your life?

    If you don’t, one way to do this is to take on responsibility (if you are already taking on immense responsibility, then this advice wouldn’t apply).  Its sounds very general and its meant to be.  If you find yourself without clear direction or motivation, it may help to find ways to take some or more responsibility.  Whether it be for yourself, family, friends, or community.

    By taking on responsibility, purpose and meaning will rise.






    Hi Jennifer,

    Its important to understand that the Law of attraction (really a combination of all 7 Hermetic Principles i.e. Law of Vibration, Correspondence, Rhythm, Cause and Effect…. or in Jungian terms perhaps synchronicity)…  isn’t a matter of positive thinking or act of will. Its more of a doing by not doing, a allowing, an engagement with life that is fluid and agile, intentional yet not forced.

    The issue I have with how the Law of attraction, ‘the secret’, is presented is that it comes off as something you should just be able to do, which is kind of true but only after you do the work. We work for that which no work is required.

    For example, some people unconsciously don’t believe the deserve love. These people will tend to attract relationship in which they will constantly test this unconscious belief. Subconsciously they will be looking to prove that they don’t deserve love, attracting partners that will treat them badly, while hoping that just maybe they do, perhaps attracting partners that will do the work. You can imagine that such a relationship will be difficult and if the partners are not up to the challenge of working together to healing the past (belief that one is unlovable usually rooted in the past) it will most likely end reinforcing the belief. Repeat.  (Often the pain of the ending of a relationship will push a person into doing the work – turn inwards vice outwards for healing)

    The Law of attraction requires one to be authentic which requires becoming conscious of ones fears and dealing with them in healthy ways. Primary IMO, by taking responsibility and creating healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries will attract others with healthy boundaries.

    One works to trust Life ‘as it is’ so we can engage with life ‘as it is’, intentional without force, calm intention, and doors will open. You may attract wealth which could be money or perhaps better yet enoughness. The wealth of being authentically content with ones Self.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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