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    Hello Sir/Mam, Please read my complete email. I covered each and every aspect of my life. Strongly I need your help… You are the last hope…

    I am a good vocal singer, mimicry artist, a good actor, orator and cook. I got all the above talents but i am unable to decide which to take as career and which to continue as hobby. I think all multi talented persons face this type of problem. And another confusion is i have well settled family business. My grand father started stone industry in 1975. And now my father is looking after that business since 40 years. Now my father is 65 years of old and i am the only son from whom they are expecting to continue the business. Actually i dont have interest in family business but even though i told him that i will try to create interest in business but the problem is there is no scope for my talents in that village where our business is situated… Please help me to come out of this confusion. I did B.com in 2009 and since then i am doing nothing due to this career confusion… my dad also left to advice me anything. he is just ignoring me. my cousins also not talking to me. all members in our family are making fun of me. Please help me. i m feeling to commit suicide. i m very much depressed… If I would have been in Pune, Mumbai or any big city then I would have become famous multi talented artist. At least I would have got good friends, girlfriend, female friends, and a memorable school and college life… The city where I completed my whole education has worst background, worst friends and unwanted memories… Today at the age of 27, I am lost, confused and alone… You are the last hope. Please help me…


    Dear anand1989:

    You have a few talents, multi talented. You wished you lived in a big city and become famous for one or more of these talents. Or at least have friends and a girlfriend, attend college there.

    Instead, you are expected to take over a family business in a village. You have no interest in that business, nor do you want to live in that village. Your father ignores you, other family members make fun of you-

    I would like to better understand your situation, so I have a few questions:

    1) You wrote that your father doesn’t advise you and is ignoring you. If he is interested in you taking over the family business, how is it that he is ignoring you? Isn’t he trying to teach you the family business?

    Did you ask him for advice, what did you ask and how did he respond?

    2) You wrote that your cousins are not talking to you. Why aren’t they talking to you?

    3) You wrote that all members of your family are making fun of you. What specifically are they making fun about you?

    4) You wrote that if you lived in a big city you would become a famous multi talent artist- how do you think it could happen, you becoming famous? How fast would it take you to become famous?

    5) Why is it, do you think, that you don’t have friends or a girlfriend although you desire those?



    Dear anand1989,

    In order to provide you a response can you tell –

    Which village are you referring to in your post where your business is situated?
    Which city it is where you completed your whole education?

    Until then – Take care,

    Bethany Rosselit

    Hi anand1989,

    First, please find some help for your suicidal thoughts. If mental health services are not available where you live, you can write to the Samaritans http://samaritan.org or use the Lifeline Online Chat http://chat.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/GetHelp/LifelineChat.aspx.

    It sounds like the other posters can help you create a plan and find some direction. So don’t be afraid to do that. I changed direction completely when I was 35, and it was the best choice I ever made. Here is an article I wrote for Tiny Buddha about it: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/forget-should-and-live-the-life-you-want-to-live/

    Hang in there, and keep us posted!



    Hi anand 1989,

    I want to reiterate the above advice concerning suicidal thoughts. You need to talk to a live person who’s trained about it.

    What I would do is tell your dad that you are going to pursue your talents in the city for a while. And that in the summer you’ll move back so he can teach you the business. You could run his business and you might love every minute of it. Who knows?? At the very least you’ll know what it takes to run it if you do sell the business in the future or give it to one of your mocking cousins.

    And in art you don’t know what will be the most successful thing you’ll do. There’s an artist who got famous for painting a blue dog. Now he spends the rest of his time, talent and energy painting the same blue dog. Everyone wants the blue dog and he’s all “I don’t get it”.



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